1. Why is everything so dark??? It’s almost June. It’s a gorgeous color but I don’t want such dark holiday color tones in summertime. I’m guess UK upload means we’ll get it soon. Makes me glad I ordered the viridian green Essential Tank.

    1. I know! I almost got excited about it being a teal but really it’s another navy with a touch of green.

  2. Love the new Jaded colour, but the Twist And Train Tank & Bra look more like lingerie rather than working clothes. The combination of the jaded and seascape colours is beautiful. I hope the new Breeze By Long Sleeve II will be uploaded this week. Saw one on the model wearing aero blue speed shorts. This girl sold me so many items lol.

  3. That dark teal is beautiful, but so not a typical summer color. I do think the new tank and bra have potential. The bra reminds me of one I bought at Victoria’s Secret recently (for much, much cheaper).

  4. I’m sorry, what website is releasing these? a lingerie brand?? is that lace I am seeing on workout clothes?? LLL, please make up your mind.

    1. It’s not the first time they’ve used lace accents. They’ve done it before to very good effect. I find the bra to be really beautiful, although maybe more appropriate for yoga than anything high impact. For months people have been whining about wanting feminine details like lululemon used to have, and now that they actually make some stuff that isn’t masculine, boxy and ugly, people still complain. Maybe some people just like complaining.

  5. Im wwondering if that seafoam crb will match the green tones in the eariel drift speed shorts. I wish it didnt have a grey cast to it but maybe it will tone down my brighter bottoms.

  6. Yawn…another blue. Can’t even see how those crops differ from the train times except for the mesh. Has anyone played around on the newly designed lulu app? Things just are not loading for me. Super super slow. Has anyone tried the train times in the wafs ice grey? Reviews say they run small. Since my only other choices are black or navy I thought I’d try it. Lol. FYI. Loving the modal pieces. The trapeze tank and Jericho short sleeve. Very soft. Washing well and just feel good on. Not plasticy or weird.

    1. I don’t like the new app. Makes everything extra fussy and takes forever to load or sometimes won’t even load.

  7. Just FYI, the pants featured in the photos of the white twist and turn tank is gorgeous. I know it’s another white but at least is has a nice print on it. I saw it in store in London and it’s featured in the Train Times 7/8 pants. I’ve been resisting buying it since I only recently bought a pair of invigorates the wee space battleship nimbus and can’t justify another pair of white pants. But it is definitely a gorgeous colour if any UK peeps here thinking about it!

  8. I love that light blue on the CRB II. Only problem is it’s that darn CRB II! So unflattering on me that I vowed I wouldn’t be suckered into buying one no matter how pretty the color. If they would bring back the original CRB design I’d be all over that.

    1. Same here!
      There are several CRBs that I would have purchased recently had they have been the original.
      CRB ii? Not a one. Ever.

  9. I like the Jaded colour and the new blue crib looks so good with it. I am loving all the darker colours and how well they have matching lighter tones to go with them. That being said most of these colours are not summer colours. Where were these gorgeous colours last Fall instead of all the navy? The new Twist and Train Tank is just another style I will not wear, no surprise.

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