The Lululemon Australia upload is finally up! I’m glad I didn’t stay up until midnight for nothing. A few things have caught my eye, but what I’m most excited about is Royal.

Karmic Cocoon Wrap

This is such a gorgeous knit sweater. I think we may have had this sweater in North America at one time, but not in a knit fabric like this. I’m thinking this is merino wool, but the website has a glitch and it’s not showing what the fabric is. This is Australia’s winter so we won’t be seeing this until at least August, going into our fall.

Lululemon Australia Karmic Cocoon Wrap

Karmic Cocoon Wrap

Sun Setter 7/8 Tight ‘Royal’

I am a blue fan and I haven’t loved lululemon’s most recent bland blues (1000 variations of navy), but this Royal color is very exciting. I’ve seen this shade of blue in some luxury handbags this season, and it’s so gorgeous. I’ve got the Sculpt II Tank in this color on my wish list, and definitely a Swiftly Tech LS.

Lululemon Sun Setter 7/8 Tight

Sun Setter Bra

Lululemon Sun Setter Bra

Wunder Under Tight ‘Mineral Deposit Lunar Eclipse Royal’

A new speckled, textural, jacquard looking print. I love the colors in this but I’m not sure I like the print. I’d have to see it in person to see if it will be flattering. I wonder if it’s a knit texture or smooth.

Wunder Under Mineral Deposit Lunar Eclipse Royal

Train Time 7/8 Tight

We did get the Train Times 7/8 Tight in North America last Tuesday but I’m not sure we got it in this Wee Are From Space print.

Lululemon Train Time 7/8 Tight

Ebb To Street Tank ‘Deep Forest’

Since I’ve not been buying Cool Racerbacks anymore after being replaced by the CRB II, I’ve been more open to wearing other tank styles. I have an old Ebb To Street Tank in cornflower blue that I really like so I may pick this tank up.

Lululemon Ebb To Street Tank Deep Forest

Train Times Tank

I was really excited about this tank, especially since it comes in Deep Forest, but why does the back have to be so much shorter than the front?

Lululemon Train Time Tank

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  1. It looks like we are not going to get anymore Quicksand items:( This blue doesn’t do anything to me. Taking a break from spending this week

  2. I am loving the new royal blue and will buy the s/s Swiftly if it comes out this week. Would love a technical running jacket in a nice spring colour but I won’t hold my breath, really disappointed in their spring jackets so far. Also not a fan of their heathered luon tops and tanks. I find the fabric feels really cheap and I refuse to buy heathered anything right now as I am so sick of it. I am loving that the Swiftlies right now are solid colours and so I bought the black current and dark forrest and will continue to add a few more solids since it’s been awhile since I have bought any.

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