Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2017

May 7, 2017

I think I forgot to post about this event for those of you in the US. Lululemon is having it’s first warehouse sale of the year in Dallas, Texas May 19-21. The location is Fair Park, Centennial Hall 1001 Washington St. Dallas, TX 75210. The hours are 8am-8pm, 8am-8pm and 8am-6pm. I went to the Vancouver lululemon warehouse sale in 2013. I don’t find the prices at the warehouse sales that far different from the online WMTM markdowns, but the difference is that there is a ton more inventory, and the prices drop on the last day. I did the Nordstrom Vancouver Warehouse sale this year (amazing!) and I hit it up over several days so I do have warehouse sale shopping tips for you.

Tips for Warehouse Sale Shopping

Let us know if you are going and if you attend, share your finds in the comments here. I’d love to know how the event is. Have fun!

Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2017

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10 responses to “Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2017”

  1. lulumum says:

    test comment.

  2. Lettycia says:

    I ready for this day

  3. gennie says:

    Hey all just know they are NOT dropping prices Sunday!

  4. Beth says:

    A complete waste of time! I’ll never go again. Selection was awful. The wait was painful. Communal dressing room, no thank you. Then wait in line again for goodness knows how long before checking out. I wanted to check it out, so I went, but I wasted my Friday afternoon! The good news, I save myself lots of money cuz their prices were a joke! I get better prices with my instructor discounts at competitors. The sale prices were even half off regular!

    • lulumum says:

      That is really unfortunate. I’m sorry you wasted time and energy for something not worth it, but glad you saved money. I’ve had both experiences and honestly the best warehouse sale I’ve ever been to was the Nordstrom one in Vancouver. $800 luxury items sold for $79, or luxury tee shirts priced at $200 sold for $12. If you knew what to look for it was an absolute gold mine.

  5. Beth says:

    My above comment should say the sale prices were NOT even half off. Sorry for the typo!

  6. HowDoesThatHappen says:

    It’s not even May 20 yet here…

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