Hey guys! A wonderful reader has just tipped me off that she’s been trying to leave a comment all weekend and my blog hasn’t allowed her to leave it. I thought it was really weird that there have been no comments this weekend when usually there is a lot of chatter amongst yourselves wether or not I have new content. I have been working on my blog all weekend behind the scenes and I think I did something to disable comments somehow (silly moster avatars instead of mystery man avatars), but I think I’ve now fixed it. Would you mind helping me out by leaving a comment (anything at all) in the comments of this post? I really appreciate your help on this. If you have any issues at all leaving comments, please let me know by emailing me, or via carrier pigeon.


**Thanks for your help! It looks like comments are running smoothly again. Since this has turned into a discussion post I just wanted to mention the Lululemon Reviews Group on Facebook has several male members and I was really excited to see them sharing fit suggestions with each other today. I love that!! I love that the group is such a great resource for fit recommendations and very honest reviews. If your significant others, or brothers or male friends are also into Lululemon and would like to join the group, let them know it’s there!

  1. I just re-added the monster avatar so if anyone is still inclined to leave a comment to test, that is appreciated. I don’t think the avatar was the issue, it was probably another thing I have removed.

  2. Hi LLM! Though I would leave a question as my test! Did you go down a size in the Going Places Hooded Jacket? Have you washed it? Any trouble with fading/pilling as in the comments?

    1. Hi Thanks!! Yes I did go down one size. Actually, my friend convinced me I needed to because I was lukewarm with how the jacket looked on me in my size, in my size down I was very happy with it. I’ve worn it tons and washed it and haven’t had any pilling or fading so far.

  3. I was wondering why there were no comments over the weekend either! Oh by the way, R&D discount program is now called “the Sweat Collective” and 25% off in store and online (but only for full-priced items). I love your blog!

    1. Thanks <3 I really missed the conversation. I should have known something was wrong.
      I was reading about the new R&D program. Was the old R&D also for markdown items?

    2. I’m trying to purchase online, is there a promo code you have to use, or how do you go about getting the discount?

  4. bandier is 15% cash back this week for ebates birthday 🙂
    so is sweaty betty… not sure about others (those were the ones i checked)

    1. Ooh that’s exciting! I’m supposed to be getting a Sweaty Beaty item in the mail soon (c/o Sweaty Betty) so I’m really looking forward to finally getting to try it out and do a fit review. I wish all these brands shipped to Canada and in CAD.

    1. Thanks! I though they where so cute and really help differentiate profiles in conversation. You have the option of creating a personalized avatar but most people don’t want to bother.

  5. I’m getting ads pop up when I open one of you blogs. Really not a fan of that :(. But I do love you blogs 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback! That will be temporary. I’ll have that up for a month or two and then remove that feature. I find them annoying too.

  6. Just wondering if you noticed the time a post is made gets 4-5 hours added to actual time of posting. Not a big deal and I never said anything before thinking you had multiple issues to deal with right now.

    1. I first noticed the time difference when you came out with the new changes to your blog a couple of weeks ago.

  7. I left a comment over the weekend, too–I was admiring your Sorel sandals and wondering if I needed a new pair of sandals. Since then, I ordered a pair. Love your blog!

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