Sephora VIB Sale 2017

The Sephora VIB and VIB rouge sale is coming up this week! If you are a VIB Rouge the sale starts a bit earlier  on 4/18 – 4/24 and if you are VIB the sale starts 4/20 and goes to 4/24. You need to use the code ROUGESPRING and that gets you 15% off online and in store, or VIBSPRING if you are the first tier  VIB member, also for 15%. Sephora only runs this sale twice per year, once in the spring and once before Christmas. I use this as an opportunity to stock up higher end brands that never go on sale, that are my regular rotation items. If budget allows I splurge on something new I want to try, but generally my priorities are to restock up on pricey favourites.

1. Sunday Riley 2. Estee Lauder 3. Erborian 4. Bobbi Brown 5. Laura Mercier

6. Becca 7. Bobbi Brown 8. Bobbi Brown 9. Yves Saint Laurent 10. Tart

I really love both the foundations I have here. I use my Estee Lauder Double Wear for very dressy occasions, and I use my Bobbi Brown foundation stick daily. I would call them both medium coverage but the bobbi brown packaging just lends itself to quick on the go application. I would say my favourite makeup category is complexion products. 

My go too under eye concealer (and I’ve tried a lot) is the bobby brown in baked bisque. It’s the perfect peach to counteract dark circles, and it doesn’t have any shimmer in it. The texture is really nice if your skin is dry or aged. The eyeliner is great too but I do use a variety of different liners – pen, gel, gel pencil, pencil. This one seems easiest to use with a good flat edged brush – I’m not sure I need to restock it at this point.  An obsession of mine is the YSL lip oil. It is the most wonderful texture and leaves the prettiest translucent color, and stain. This is my go too daily when I don’t feel like doing a proper lipstick. I have it in both cherry and rose and my rose is running low so I definitely want to get that one. 

Sunday Riley Good Genes recently came out in a 100 point perk sample so I got to try it, and I really liked it. I’m a huge fan of lactic acid. This is a very gentle but very effective exfoliant. I love that it brightens my skin and retexturizes, and allows my subsequent skin care to absorb much better. 

New to me in this list is the Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil. I love a cleansing balm and I’ve used a few different ones this past year – Clinique Take The Day Off, The Body Shop Chamomile, Beautycounter – all have been fantastic. I really love this texture of cleanser and from what I remember from checking this one out in Toronto, the Erborian one smells fantastic. I am running very low on my Body Shop balm so I definitely need to repurchase a cleanser, so although this is a new product to try I think I’m going to get it. 

Do you have a shopping list going for the Sephora sale? Let me know in the comments what you use and love from Sephora. I’m always very curious about what other peoples beauty product selections look like. This is a working list for me that I’ll be playing around with for the coming week. I definitely can’t get it all so I have to be very choosy about what does make it into my shopping basket on Tuesday night. 

  1. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Serum is my all time favorite skincare product. I also love Sunday Riley Luna oil, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Becca highlighters.

    1. I don't like makeup melt take the day off balm either. I have a big jar or it and it just doesn't get my makeup off that well. Leaves my skin feeling nice but average results for me.

    2. Sorry this comment was for below. On another note I have the drunken elephant C Firma in my cart! Have been researching this product. I just bought a bunch of Arbonne stuff but I really feel like I should be using more vit C.

    3. Sorry not sure what's going on with my comments. I meant to post this below. I wanted to say also that I have the drunken elephant C Firma in my cart! Been researching this brand but I just bought a bunch of Arbonne stuff but I really feel like I should be using more vit C.

    4. Drunk Elephant stuff makes me break out – acne all over where I used it. Was glad I just had a sample to try and didn't buy a big thing of it. I have several friends (and my daughter) who have said the same thing happens to them with the Drunk Elephant products so it's not just me.

    1. It's a very, very light clean smell. I generally do not like any fragrance in my lotions, or make up for that matter, and this one is so faint that I hardly notice it. The color of the body butter is indigo and it goes on indigo until you rub it in. This way you can tell where you put it on. It doesn't take much rubbing for the indigo to turn clear. It completely absorbs into the skin and is not greasy (nor does it leave any residue). Your skin just feels silky.

      I just love it!

      Mrs. O

  2. I want to try some drunk elephant stuff and Farmacy makeup melt so I am curious about your erborian cleanser when you try it. I did not care for the clinique makeup melt. I want to try the shape tape concealer but can't find it so I will try the tarte CC undereye corrector. Also curious about those bobbi brown gel lipsticks.

    1. What didn't you like about the clinique melt? I think the erborian is very similar except it's much more solid to start with, and then it turns to oil vs an oily cream.

    2. I recently tried the shape tape and found it really thick…I don't think I chose the right shade so my daughter gladly took it. The applicator is huge and dispenses a ton of product. The cleansing balm goes on like a lotion and then melts into a liquid as you spread it around your face. It comes with a little dispensing scoop and a little goes a long way so long as your teen age daughter doesn't get at it. Lol. It smells soooooo good and fresh.

  3. I've been wanting to get cover fx enhacing drops in blossom and rose gold ( love highlighters) Marc jacobs thin liner gel liner in grey ( Cinder-Ella) and bite beauty prismatic gloss in either pink or. Oyster and a bite beauty lip pencil in pink nude.

    You should try bite beauty you like lipstuff!

    1. I love Bite Beauty! I use Fig, and in the multi stick I use Papaya or Mascarpone. I sampled the prismatic because I love the look of them but they where all really harshly holographic on me except for the pink one which is definitely on my list – that one I can wear alone for day.

  4. I just discovered Drunk Elephant and have already bought their Day and Night Serums. I see they have just realized travel sizes on the Canadian Sephora, so I am going to stock up. Super impressed with the brand – noticed improvements within a couple uses.

  5. thank you for posting this! i AM SUPER intimidated by makeup in general and only started really wearing it in the past year because i was panning on doing my own wedding makeup (which was back in october) but now I really like putting on makeup as a part of my daily routine.

    I'm definitely going to try out a few new things from this post. How did you find all of this great stuff? trial and error? I used youtube as my primary makeup research resource, lol!

    also, do you use a bronzer for contouring? i love contouring and i just use the benefit hoola bronzer but im just not really sure if theres something better out there that i need to know about.

    1. I like Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. Depending on how much you use, it goes on sheer to visible. It's a matte finish so it blends well with blush. My makeup artist recommended it to me. I also use it on my eyes for a little contour at the crease line.

      Mrs. O

  6. I am spending most of my money on skincare – Sunday Riley Good genes, Luna oil, Juno oil….Ren hydrobooster cream and oil. I tried a sample of this and absolutely loved it. I also want to try out the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum and the Kat Von D Contour palette. UGH so much stuff, but stuff i will absolutely use. 🙂

  7. I use the erborian cleansing balm and love the smell. I also think it works great. I also really like the erborian cc cream. It goes on colorless and adapts to your skin tone. It's so easy. Seems
    like I should be trying the drunline…I also used to use the Bobbi brown corrector but could never get on board with the two step correct then conceal…I have switched to the tarte cc concealer and I feel likes it's a good combo of the two and a little more moisturizing. Sephora has gotten more of my money since lulu has been getting less.

    1. Oh I haven't been using the two steps, I just use the bisque colour and then take my foundation over it.

      The erborian cc foundation interests me a lot. I'll have to check that out. I've realized that CC foundations that include sunscreen are the best coverage for my Rosales.

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