So this post is a new thing for my blog that I’ve been working on for you guys (and of course for myself). I have been working on getting a good blog photography set-up so I could do better quality fit reviews for you for online orders, and also do OOTD posts. For those of you that are OG’s to this blog you know my old set up of standing in front of the only full size mirror in my home and using my cell phone. That just wasn’t cutting it anymore with my new blog layout that I invested in and so I’ve been stressing out a bit about how to get good selfies without using that crappy mirror. I’m also not a photographer so I’m trying to learn how to properly set up the camera for lighting. I promise you I won’t be doing any photo retouching other than brightening photos.  I’m not there yet as far as photo quality as you can tell, but I’m working on it. I have a few more tweaks and changes for my blog up my sleeve but those will roll out within the next few weeks and months. One of the changes I have planned is a feature that makes my photos load much quicker for you. I know that’s been a huge pain for you guys – it’s just a really involved and complicated back end adjustment. 

So what do you guys think? If you have any critiques for me or suggestions, I’d love to hear it. 

Wunder Under Hi-Rise Crop Arrow Jacquard, Midnight Navy Swiftly Tech LS

My ootd today is for the holiday WOD which includes some lifting, so I have to bring my lifting shoes. I love my nike metcons but I’ve found they dig in just underneath the lateral malleolus on my foot with certain lifts. 

Lululemon try ons of the Arrow Jacquard Wunder Under Crops and the Going Places Hooded Jacket

Going Places Hooded Jacket

I sized down in the Going Places Hooded Jacket on my friends recommendation. I loved this jacket when it first uploaded but when I purchased it in my TTS I just didn’t like how boxy it was on me. I returned it, then went to repurchase it a few weeks later because I was so torn on it and my friend told me I needed to try the size down first. Voila! Sizing down solved the boxy fit issues I was having with this jacket and I love it so much more now. I think it’s the perfect to/from jacket for the gym because it’s light weight, and you can throw it on after a workout when you start to get very cold and it really keeps you warm without overheating you.

  1. Nice set up and lighting! My comment would be that the camera seems like it might be a bit high. Gives the feeling that we are looking down on you. It also seems a bit tilted but I'm not sure if that's just the way that the corner looks? Anyways great lighting and set up otherwise. You look great in those pants. I'm not a fan of the double rounded hem of the jacket but the length and color are nice.

    1. Thanks! I did tilt the camera down and have it set up at my husbands approximate height. We played around with picture taking this weekend and I liked the photos he took – they where lengthening. Lol! I'll be using my tripod setup in a variety of angles and in different places so I'll be sure to get some straight on as well – for informative purposes. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Great set up! I like the photos and the idea of doing online purchase fit reviews. I also like to see how other people pair things up. I like the black grape (or black cherry?) tank, navy swiftly ls and arrow jacquard WUCs as an outfit. I sized down in the Going Places Hoodie and it solved the boxyness issue for me. BTW, you look great.

    Mrs. O

  3. Love the jacket!! I just ordered one this weekend and sized down. I saw it on someone and it looked so much better than the pics. Seeing your pic makes me glad I ordered it. Hope I sized down enough.

  4. Great outfit LLM. Looks very flattering on you. I forgot about that jacket….. I just moved to the UK from Florida and it's still pretty dang cold over here so I need something like that for to/from crossfit.

  5. Have you washed your jacket yet? I've yet to purchase because the negative reviews are complaining about fading after the first wash.

  6. The outfit looks great on you. I bought the jacket in two sizes and returned it as it was still too cold here to wear it. Now that we are warming up I may have to reconsider.

  7. These pictures are really good and your OOTD is very nice. The Black Cherry with Midnight Navy goes very well together and the jacket works nicely to complete the look. I have to say I was not a fan of this jacket but it does look good on you. I am looking forward to seeing what other changes/tweaks you have in store for us, thanks LLM.

  8. The lighting is great..colours seem more true to life. Thx for doing this. You look great btw. I appreciate the reviews. And i appreciate its hard smiling for selfies lol. I have a hard time doing it. Thanks for all the perspectives..front back and side. Heres hoping for some surprise new prints tomorrow. Ps i pulled tags off my arrow wuc for body pump…wore with indian ocean swiftly…it was chilly here in ontario

  9. Thanks for the try on review! You look amazing!! I agree I wish I the camera were lower. 🙂 I'm so proud of you and all the improvements you've made on your blog!

  10. Love these photos! You convinced me to try this jacket again. Lucked out and scored one for $54 last week! I got my TTS 6… it nice a roomy in the heathered navy. I originally purchased and returned the light grey as it was too tight across the chest in a size down. I highly recommend this if you can still find one.
    You look beautiful with or without smiling. Everyone will always have an opinion ?

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