Run With It Jacket, Anew Short

Run With It Jacket, Anew Short

  1. I really love the look of this shell and would love it even more if it came in Quicksand, Black Currant or Black Grape. Picture No. 5 clearly shows what some reviewers have been saying about these shorts, that the back leg flares out too much and shows the butt. It is too bad they made the sides of these shorts so much higher than the actual 4″ inseam, kind of ruins it for people who want the longer inseam.

    1. CT, I tried these shorts on and the side is cut so high, I felt naked in them from the side. Not sure why they would cut it so high when it’s a 4″ length short. Although you can’t notice it in these pictures, when you stand straight the curve at the sides from the front and side is very steep and defeats the 4″ length.

      1. My last sentence makes no sense because I changed my thought midway. What I meant to say was when looking from the front, you can see the curve to the side slits so it defeats the 4 inch length. It’s not apparent in these store pictures that you can also see the side slits from the front.

      2. Yes, the side cut is so high it showed butt cheek peeks from almost all angles on me. Too bad because I loved the overall length.

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