A sneaky upload on the Lululemon Canada and US website of two new Rulu  Vinyasa Scarves, Heathered Black Grape and Tonka Striped Heathered Slate. Hasn’t it been ages since Lululemon released a pretty rulu vinyasa? I bet you both of these are especially soft Rulu.

heathered grape vinyasa Black Grape Vinyasa Scarf
tonka striped heathered slate vinyasa scarftonka stripe heathered slate vinyasa scarf

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    1. Hi! I’m so sorry I didn’t respond. My inbox got swamped and yours got lost in there. Thanks so much! I didn’t get in to SW so I’m not getting the shorts myself, but I’m going to try and get a ticket.

      1. Oh that’s too bad. It’s good you’re local. You can snag a bib last minute. There are always injuries and things that come up and people can’t make it. Hope you get a spot!

        1. I have a couple of friends that won’t be able to make it so I do have some leads for bibs – I just have to decide if I’m actually going to run. If I’m not I don’t want to take the place of someone who will.

            1. Send us a picture if you get a chance! I bet you this years will be special. they’ve been so top secret about it.

  1. I don’t think I can resist the tonka stripe…. slowly growing my vinny collection and there hasn’t been much to pick from recently

    1. Of the two I suspect the tonka is going to be the softest one. That would be my pick even though I love Black Grape.

  2. OT- pics of the new Seawheeze shorts are popping up online! I like them- but there are a lot of strong opinions both ways!

  3. did they go back to placing the contrasting ribbon on the outside?? that would be fantastic!! woohoo

    LLM< do have to go to SW. I love reading your reviews each year. you must go, lol!!

  4. Looks like a sneak peak of dark forest align crops with the Tonka stripe vanyasa . Hopefully those come in a full length as well !

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