I had to run to the store today to return that too big Low Key Tank, I decided to look for the other purpley items I’ve been loving from the upload. Sadly, my store didn’t have the Black Grape Pace Rivals in yet but they did have the Sole Training LS, which I love paired with the magnum shorts on the product photo. I wish the short sleeve also came in Black Grape. The Black Currant is nice too but I gravitated more to the Black Grape color. 

Some of you where wondering about the new version of the On The Fly Pants which are *woven. The woven OTF pants are made of what feels like thin swift and it’s lighter, breezier and a bit more matte version while the original is made of luxtreme and has a slight sheen to it. I think the new version will be great for summer. 

Keep an eye on price adjustments online. If you made a purchase on Tuesday for the Low Key Tank, the price has been reduced. You can call Lululemon and have them give you a refund for the difference. I believe a few other items have been price adjusted – Scuba Hoodie IV, Love Crew Neck Tee

Sole Training Long Sleeve Black Grape 

I really liked this top. I was sort of blah about it in the original colors but in the right color I actually really like the design features on this with the ruffled hem, and the nice thin breathable UV fabric. I can see wearing this a ton as a To/From and warmup item for Crossfit, but I can also see myself wearing this casually with jeans or with leggings. Another thing I liked is that this thin fabric doesn’t contour to the body, it floats away at the front and back. This is perfect to hide any role -polly bits I have. My only knock against it is that it’s short – but then again, that really suits this design. 

Sole Training Long Sleeve Black Grape

Sole Training Short Sleeve Black Currant

I got the long sleeve version of this but was tempted by this one too. What won me over is that I preferred black grape. I think I’m probably going to eventually get this one too because I’m really loving short sleeve tees with crew necks for olympic lifting (chest over bar cleavage issues) in technical fabrics, but maybe I want to wait and see if it comes in black grape or another fun color. Deep Forest would be perfect!

Sole Training Short Sleeve Black Currant

  1. Thanks for these fit reviews. I like both colours and both tops on you. I am a purple fanatic of all shades and as much as I love Black Grape I am looking forward to having Black Current in my wardrobe. I am trying to build up my uv protection s/s tops and hope to see more styles this summer that have a few more inches in length.

  2. The low key tank and the Cortes box tee have both been reduced in price online! I just got an email with tanks going do $38?!?! So I checked and sure enough! I ordered them yesterday for $58 and $64 respectively and today they are $44 and $48! I called GEC and they are refunding me the difference!

  3. you convinced me to buy the long sleeve. Looks so cute on you! UV tops that don't cling are a necessity here in sunny CA, because I loath wearing sunscreen.

  4. I recently purchased the On the Fly pant ($108) and am interested in the On The Fly *woven now that you mentioned the difference in fabric. But they are $128… really? I will wait to see if they get a price adjustment.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the price drop for pima cotton products. I phoned GEC today and was able to get the price adjustment on the Love Tee Crew.

  6. Hi Cristina — These tops are on WMTM today, and I’m considering purchasing. However, I wanted to check with you as to how they fit. I’m using a 6 on top (bras, swiftlies), and sometimes a 4 (some tanks). However, I bought the white Sole Training LS when it first came out, but felt it wasn’t quite loose enough to look good. Did you go TTS on this? Thanks

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