Amazing reader ‘Mrs. O’ has shared with us some fit reviews with the help of her awesome husband taking photos for us. Huge thank you to the both of them!!  

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Mrs. O’s review:

Again, this was another item I knew I would hate.  The fit of this pullover was worse than the tee.  The proportions and sizing are off.  I sized up to a size 6 and it still didn’t fit right; it pulled at the shoulders, was too tight in the arms (armholes were cut small) and it was too tight across the chest.  The strangest thing is the seam at the top of the arms.  It almost seems like they initially designed it as a short sleeved, cropped hoodie and then on second thought decided to add long sleeves.  I have no idea why they would add the side slits.  The tag says the slit design is for ease of layering and movement.  All it serves to do is make the pullover billow out in the front and lay awkward.  I like cropped things but this is the weirdest crop pullover.  It doesn’t fit or act like a true pullover should.  You would think if this is a cropped pullover, it would be more of a relaxed fit, cropped hoodie.  Not!

Cut Above Pullover


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  1. Thanks for the fit review! I don't mind the drop shoulder or whatever it's called. I have a knit sweater from Aritzia with the same drop and I love it. But those slits?! I'm not sure I understand the purpose of them going so high up. Do they reach your armpits? I would have actually liked this crop pullover in maybe 2 sizes up for a proper oversized fit. But not with those slits.

  2. So bad. This would be little more on me than an expensive boob covering given the length, and I can't really see this being flattering on anyone. The slits on the side literally made me laugh out loud. Why do I need long sleeves and a hood when half my torso is hanging out – on purpose, because that's how the item was designed?! It's like it's trying way too hard to be sexy and design-y while just coming across dorky and ill-fitting (like most LLL pieces these days).

  3. I agree it looks good on her! I could see where they really missed the mark on design and appreciate Miss O's candid reviews on all the items she's tried on so far. I hope to see them coming more!!

  4. Wow, this is pretty hilarious. I'm not sure what the demographic of the site is, but at 20 yrs old, I have been waiting for lululemon to make this style and am happy to have a cute light sweater to throw on to wear to the gym and I know a ton of people who are loving this style too! For people saying your torso is exposed – not so sure about you, but I normally wear a shirt under my sweaters! I'll be buying in multiple colours. Thanks for the fit review! I think it looks great on you at least 🙂

  5. I'm pleasantly surprised that many of you thought this looked good on me. Thanks! My fit review was my first instinct about the cropped hoodie. I love cropped sweaters and the like but the slits just make me feel self-conscious. I tried wearing my white tank under it but because it was a loose fitting tank, it just looked weird. If you paired it with a tight tank like, CRB, CRB II, Swiftly tank/ss, it wouldn't look that bad. (I actually wear things like that a lot). A loose tank and the side slits wouldn't do justice for anyone because from the side, it would look like you had a belly.

    Anon 12:35pm, I'm glad this style speaks to your sensibilities. I don't dislike the style, just the execution.

    Mrs. O

    1. I got that exact color cropped hoodie. I love mine. Mine fits me similar to yours. And yes I wear crb I or II with mine and looks nice. I either wear stove pipe jeans or lulu Herringbone tights or wu crop and love !
      I think that top looks great one you. I'm 34DD and bust is tight but doesn't look bad at all. Thanks for the photos.

  6. I like cropped pullovers/hoodies but I'm not sure why this has such enormous side slits… doesn't this really defeat the purpose of having something on top of your other clothes to keep the heat in?? Weird.

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