Nothing for me today, although I do like the Illuminght Swiftly Racerback that the US got. I would have been interested in the Ulluminight Sole Training Tank if the back had not been mesh and if it wasn’t $64. I had an item on my wish list at Aritzia so since the upload was a bust for me I ordered it to try on. It’s the Assonance Dress. I got a similar style dress last summer and I wore it a ton so I’m hopeful this one is just as versatile and flattering. 

Did you order anything today? it’s weird because I really like Poseidon and Illuminight but they just don’t feel spring enough for me – and after our horrible snowy winter I am in dire need of spring revival colors.

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies! Treat yourselves today! 

Poseidon Align Pant

Define Jacket

Speed Shorts

Going Places Hooded Jacket

Sole Training Crop

Sole Training 7/8 Tight

Sole Training Long Sleeve

Sole Training Tank

Get Low Scoop Tank

Go Lightly Belt Bag

Cool Racerback II

Pace Rival Crops

Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise

Power Y Illuminight

Swiftly Tech Racerback Illuminight

Lost In Pace Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Dark Olive

Swiftly Tech SS Crew

Inspire Tight Midnight Navy

8% today!


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  1. That is officially the most boring upload I have seen. I'm so over mesh and high waisted tights. The only thing I have bought in months was the bomber jacket which I ended up returning due to quality. Ugh, lulu the love is gone this Valentine's day 🙁

  2. Yikes. Only the Sole Training crop in the Poseidon colour is nice here.

    What activity is the Scoop Tank designed for? It looks like it would just fall down by my ears if I got upside down at all (yoga). I'm all about showing strong back muscles, but I don't get that one at all.

    1. I bought it on wmtm about 2 months ago and use it for weight lifting and spin class. Works great , helps to stay cool during vigorous activities

    1. I will! Did you get the one from last year made out of that reposo knit? I really loved that dress but I hope this one is lighter in weight but just as flattering.

    2. The dress just arrived! I won't be able to do fit review photos until at least Friday but you definitely need this dress. I love it more than last years version. It's shorter (so mid shin on me vs. last years ankle length) and lighter weight then last years dress. I definitely want it in another color.

    3. It's viscous/rayon so the same as the valmere tee. I have a few tops in this as well as from h&m and you have to be careful about shrinkage and warped drying so I wash in a garment bag in the machine (cold water) and I lay it flat to dry and reshape a bit.

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing @anon 1:58pm! Blablahblah. No bright colors, more shapeless garments and unnecessary mesh, more black&white tights that aren't much different than the hundred others on the website. Geez I just don't get it.

  4. Pretty much the same upload that Australia got, which is really messed up, since they're heading into Fall. These colors aren't Spring or Fall, they're just grim. Glad I have a lot of old stock.

    Looked at Alo, Werkshop, and teeki online last week, and it was like a scene from Pleasantville, where you go from the black and white world into the technicolor world. Mind blowing. There is life after Lulu, and it's filled with color and joy.

    1. I love Werkshop's "Roses" crop, (also "Dagger", "Dragon", "Dove", "Huck!" and "Mountain" crops, lol, I guess I really like a lot of them!), but shipping to Canada with duty, customs and taxes makes it really difficult, especially when I'm not at all familiar with their sizing, fit and material. 🙁 Really wish more of these companies would make it easier to purchase from Canada. Also, wish Athleta would open stores here, would also like to check their stuff out too.

    2. anon 3:08 here again. I should add, I still love Lulu's Luon Wunder Under crops and tights with regular waistbands in solid colours though! Just wish there were still lots of choices available like that(luon, regular waist, nice variety of solid colours) so many are now high rise waist and luxreme.

    3. @Anon 3:08, Have you tried Inknburn? I don't have any problem ordering their stuff to Canada. The exchange makes it pricey, but I don't get hit with any duty. The biggest problem is getting the designs you want, since they don't make a lot. (I'll also admit that I don't love every design, but the ones that I love, I love a lot!)

  5. Would have bought the Deep Rouge Define Jacket that the UK got if it had been uploaded, but still no. Can't take any more of the black, white, gray.

  6. Love the speeds in alluminight. Poseidon is one of my favourite colours and I'm on the fence about the coco define. I've never ever bought a define before. It doesn't have a hood. But I love coco pique. All sorts of goodies I may try.

    1. Is it the photo of the woman bending back in the grey tank and white bra? I think that's the Yogi Racerback IV in Heathered Medium Grey!

  7. Nothing for me in this upload. If they make Run Times and a s/s Swiftly in the Illuminight I would buy those. It gets so disheartening when there is finally a tank that doesn't have arm holes to the waist that I would buy but then the back is entirely see through so nope won't buy that. I would also like to buy a few more uv protection s/s tops but the Sole Training one looks way too short. As for the Lost In Pace l/s and s/s tops why such boring dark colours. Will LLL please give us some pretty spring/summer colours and put to bed the heathered olive, grey and black.

  8. I was hoping for solid Pace Rivals in Astro Blue and even more so for Power Y or CRB in Filtered Orange which seems to be very similar to Pupsicle. I'm liking Rose Blue and Illuminight, I think these are very spring like. I'm thinking about Get Low scoop tank in Carbon( or Chrome?) , I love that color. Have to restrain myself though since I had a big order last week. Got Bomber jacket( love!), Lost in Pace in blue ( I'm sure will get tons of wear out of it) and Speeds in Chrome.

  9. I LOVE the looks of the Inspire Tight in midnight navy! Definitely one of my favourite blues. The Energy Bra in midnight navy is definitely on my list and after hearing so many of the good things about the Swiftlies…. <3
    The Get Low Scoop Tank is a beauty as well imo.

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