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Sole Training Tank, Sole Training Crop, Sole Training 7/8 Tight, Heathered Illuminight Scuba Hoodie IV, Sole Training Long Sleeve

Sole Training Tank, Sole Training Crop, Sole Training 7/8 Tight, Heathered Illuminight Scuba Hoodie IV, Sole Training Long Sleeve

Sole Training Tank and Sole Training Crops

It is such a shame this tank is mesh in the back because I love it otherwise. Although it does look like the armholes are a bit wide.

Heathered Illuminight Scuba Hoodie IV

Dark Chrome Speed Shorts, Sole Training Short Sleeve

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Sole Training Long Sleeve, Sole Training 7/8 Tight


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  • I can see why the tank has mesh or it'd be a boring boxy cut. I think the muscle tanks they offer cover the non-sheer tanks though they are Pima instead of the technical fabrics. Hopefully there's more to come that'll satisfy what we all want! 🙂
    I can't believe that scuba is a scuba! I only own the Scuba II and the hood keeps it shape, the body is structure and would never fold up like that! What has happened?!

    • I see so many people wearing really tight Speed Shorts!! How do they do it?! Must be so uncomfortable. Yikes! Honestly, not trying be a jerk, but they would look so much nicer and so much more flattering if they didn't wear them so tight.

    • the fit is way off. Speed shorts are way too tight on her. Why not stick with shorts that don't pucker like that on the butt? Booty shorts. OT, I bought the Everyday Getaway Jacket. I'm a size 4 and bought sz 4. I know many ladies hate this style. I really like it. I own too many long rain jackets and this is really perfect for spring rainy days. I'm 5'4". I bought the Olive color

    • Like the color of the speeds, but agree the fit is too tight. Can't imagine being able to run in those with no give in the thigh area. Chafe city.

    • She's a pretty and fit girl, but those speed shorts are entirely too tight on her. Just because you can squeeze into them doesn't mean they fit properly.

    • Speed shorts are really narrow and short in the leg so if you have very muscular quads (typical in Crossfit) this is how they will fit. This is the typical fit in a Crossfit gym amongst the elite level athletes, although there are some that have narrower legs too. I didn't even bat an eye at the fit here – they look like they fit great in the waist and butt.

  • I agree with you 3:07! All the tops shown here are so boxy and shapeless… and they look kind of short too, and this is coming from someone who is 5'2"… I'm one of the ones here who doesn't like all the mesh these days, so even if that tank wasn't so shapeless and boxy the mesh ruins it for me. and yes that Scuba is pathetic… it doesn't even look anything like a Scuba! It just looks like a generic basic cheap hoodie from anywhere. I miss the Scuba IIs so much. "What happened?!" is right!!

  • I agree with the two anons above. The scuba looks so odd now, fits weird at the waist and the materials looks cheap. I liked how the Scuba IIs looked sporty and that the fabric was thick and structured.

  • I'm sorry, but the Speed Shorts on that model look just horrible. She has such a beautiful athletic body, and if she wore those shorts in at least a size bigger, it would compliment her shape much better.

  • I tried on the Sole Training s/s and the Poseidon colour is beautiful but the top is just too short for me. When it comes to these higher prices for tops I have to really love it and know I will get a lot of wear out of it but the length is a deal breaker. I talked to an ed who said the reason for all the short tops was because of customer feedback wanting short tops to go with all the high waisted bottoms. As for the tank, it has two strikes against it being too short and the mesh back. Didn't they have a s/s top last year with the back entirely made of mesh that ended up on WMTM. I agree that the tank is quite plain and would be plainer without the mesh and that's where I think LLL is failing. Their only design element for tanks these days seems to be either a lot of mesh and large arm holes. It would be nice if they made some new tanks that I could actually wear outside that covered my bra but was still stylish.

  • They have added quite a few new items to WMTM. A couple of items I thought I would buy when marked down but now I don't have any desire to buy them. Looking forward to spring stuff not winter stuff. Enjoying some great walks in our unusually warm weather right now wearing my Trainer Track Pants, Swiftly l/s and Hustle Jacket.

    • The WMTM spread should be a wakeup call to LLL that people don't want all black, gray and white all the time, and they definitely don't want it when it falls apart after one wear. I'm struggling to find any item with a rating above ~3.2

    • Yeah, I thought I would pick up a Cadence Crusher Hoodie when they went to WMTM, but I was expecting the markdown to be a lot more. It's $89 marked down from $118. I was thinking I'd pay $59 for it. With these prices – and without any "vintage" pieces being added – even WMTM is a snore.

      Hate the new "tasteful" look. Does anyone else think it seems like a collab with Ann Taylor? All this muted stuff is fine for work, but I prefer something livelier when I exercise.

  • To comments re speed shorts. Lulumum is correct in her assessment. Speed shorts are the only shorts that work for me. I have muscular thighs. Because the cut is shorter in the front, they don't feel tight. When I was buying shorts the sales girl said that was the way it was supposed to fit for women who have muscular thighs. I tried one size and two sizes up. The legs didn't get much looser but then the waist was too big and the shorts bunched. I really think it depends on your body type. I personally think the shorts fit great on her. Not everyone has super skinny legs like the models on the site.

    • I have bigger thighs and bum for my size and wider hips and small waist from hourglass shape (bottoms that fit my thighs and bum are bigger in the waist area). But the Speed Shorts do not look like that on me. Mind you it's not the "crossfit" kind of thighs and butt I have though… a lot of cossfitters do seem to have bigger thighs from building a lot of muscle in the quads area but their butts and hips are more narrowly built so maybe that has something to do with it. As for photo above, it is more than the leg openings that are too small looking, the shorts just look too small overall. But like you say, depends on body types and everyone is built and shaped different and the shorts will look different on everyone in their correct size.

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