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I know the bomber jacket style has been very polarizing on the blog ever since the Non-Stop Bomber Jacket dropped last week. I discovered I really love the bomber jacket style, but in particular I like the flight version, not the varsity version, and I don’t care for embroidery. I was surprised when the Lululemon one arrived at how light weight it is, and very disappointed in the reviews that have popped up online. Honestly it feels pretty flimsy stacked up against a same style from another brand, at the same price point. 

Today I decided to try on a few that had caught my eye at Aritzia that where the same price (I tried on a few at a higher price point – $177 and $390) but I really gravitated to this Whitby Bomber, in this cedar rose color called Foulard. As you can see, I tried to quench the lust for this color with the purchase of the matching tee shirt (Valmere T-Shirt). I’ve tried this jacket on 5 times in the past few weeks and have decided to return the Lululemon Non Stop Bomber in favour of this one.  

Whitby Bomber  Size L

Black, Size L

I really was torn between the black and Foulard. The black is really beautiful, elegant and edgy and will go with everything, but the rose color makes me happy and feels like a really nice contrast between a masculine jacket style and an ultra feminine color. 

This was another style at Aritzia that I also really liked, This is the Gilman Bomber priced at $174 and it also comes in a pretty soft pink called Venetian. My local store only had this Taupe color. The inside is lined with jersey and it’s significantly lighter weight than the Whitby Bomber, but also less structured. I opted out of this one because it was more expensive. 

After purchasing the Whitby Bomber I decided to stop in at lululemon to get some fit comparison shots. I really dislike the way the Non Stop Bomber Jacket pockets are on the side of the jacket. This creates a bit of a horizontal poof at the waist. The other bomber jacket styles I tried on all have the pockets either on the front, or closer to the front and angled. I like that the jacket is light and perfect for warmer weather, but as I said above it also feels really delicate and flimsy. I don’t care for the reversed side in the matte textured swift. 

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Another thing to note here is that the SA at Aritzia convinced me to go with the medium vs. my regular size L. The M felt comfortable but it’s definitely more cropped. I erred on her suggestion because I’m losing weight (like actively working on it) so I don’t want to have an oversized bomber jacket in 3 months time. I am slightly worried though that I should have stuck with my regular size. I am 100% happy with the color though, and who knows, in a few months time I may break down and buy the black one too!

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  • The cropped style of the bomber jacket doesn't suit your body shape. You would look AMAZING in a three quarter jacket that cinches you in at your waist – thus drawing your eye to the slimmest part of your body. To everyone out there, please don't buy "trends". Buy classic and timeless and you will always look and feel as special as you deserve 🙂

  • Speaking as a pear-shaped woman, I have to agree with the above comment. Bombers basically puff out around the waist and detract from the best feature that we have while emphasizing the worst. It's the kind of thing that only looks good on the very slim, in my opinion, so that the the puffiness around the torso is balanced by slender legs. I'm a strong believer in dressing for the body type that you have, and like the above commenter, being very judicious when buying into trends. (And with regards to the style she mentioned, one example would be a trench coat, or even just a more fitted jacket with an A-line bottom.)

  • To me, bomber jacket shape looks VERY good on you / your body. Red whitby in size L looks fantastic on you! And in my opinion, L looks better than M. LLL jacket is okay but aritzia one has an edge over the LLL one. Side note: I bought 2 bomber jackets last year from Kit and Ace (kemble bomber and jordan jacket), it was hard to get them out of my system until I actually purchased them. I realize that Kit and Ace bombers have less of a traditional take on the bomber shape but at least I don't have to run and get the LLL one, LOL!

    • LLM, I agree with the above comments I think the Rose one in size large is fabulous in you. The colour is as flattering on you as the green shades. Really like the style of that one even though I am not generally a bomber jacket fan. It does have an edgy style that makes it unique and in my opinion minimizes the bomber look. Love the zippers and pockets too. I did really well this winter season at Aritzia for sweaters, I'll have to give this one a try in that gorgeous red shade. I am colour hungry right now. Perfect for grey days.

    • I've really loved my Kit and Ace tops I got about 3 years ago. They've washed well and held up. Except for one item I got from their boxing day sale for dirt cheap but that was an anomaly. My Noosa tees are my favourite casual/put together tee shirt.

  • I think the rose and black look cute on you a lot better than the lulu one. The lulu one looks shapeless and bulky. I'm not a big fan of them in general myself but if you like it that's what matters.

    As far as pear shaped you are looking a lot trimmer! The weights must be working!!

    • Lulumum, you have to remember that when building muscles (and with the kinds of workouts you do I'm sure you are!) the scales won't be moving as quickly! You are looking great! Keep up the good work!

  • I like the black or rose one in L on you. Although I do sort of agree with the above comments. I don't think the bomber jacket flatters many shapes. I am hourglass and while I like the trend, it just doesn't work on me. I feel like it cuts the body lines too much.

  • I Personally think the bomber jacket looks really really nice on you, i guess not all pear shaped bodies disagree with the bomber jacket lol . My opinion is if you decide on the aritzia i do agree with the previous post the larger size looks better then the medium. That said the green lululemon looks so comfortable and easy to wear, looks great on you as well , good luck 🙂

  • I love the last pic…jacket looks awesome. I think you are lucky to have an hourglass shape and jacket seems to balance everything off really well. Now I'm not an hourglass shape but work so hard to try and get bigger quads and booty…show off what you got..nice trim firm body!

  • LLM, agree with others. Aritzia bomber in large looks better. Not liking the LLL version at all. Personally I will skip this trend. Where I live it's either warm or really cold so will have no use for a cropped jacket.

  • I like simplicity and colors of Lulu version better. I noticed tendency here that ppl will be bashing styles and clothes that don't work for THEIR body. There's nothing wrong with this jacket, it's cute and perfect for the spring imo. If it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it's a fug

    • I agree with you. The lululemon jacket was perfectly lovely for me when it arrived, and I've loved it in store photos. It just wasn't perfect for me.

  • the smaller rose artizia one looks a tad snug and too cropped on you (prefer the larger size). however if youre actively losing weight this will probably change 😉

    that said, i got the lulu bomber in black and absolutely love it. i know it's a love or hate type thing – im 5'7 and a size 6 in LLL. it may help that i err on the slender/tall side.

    • Yah I agree… Thats what I wonder though about the medium. Is it a proportional issue, or a size issue. Will it still fit a touch too cropped even as a lose weight? the sleeve length is fine and the shoulder seam sits at the right spot, it's mostly the length.

  • My favorite is the rose jacket size M with the rose T-shirt; I like that whole look, not a fan of it with dark shirt underneath, I think it needs to be paired with lighter shirts if you want a contrasting color

    • Yes I really like it with rose quartz underneath, or white, beige or pale grey. Works with the darker colors but love it with the lighter softer colors.

  • Wearing the matching shirt under it or perhaps white is best, I like the looks of the Aritzia but I got the Lulu black one as it looks nice paired with a simple tank and jeans.

  • Well I think you picked the right color and size, personally. That rose color is unique and really suits you. As for the fit, It's meant to fit cropped and fitted. Although I don't see the back view in the large, from the front I think you lose the shape because it's a little too loose in the waist. And I think wearing the longer tee underneath is a great way to still give the illusion of length. I think you got it all right. Thank u for these comparisons-super helpful!

    • I agree with anon 7:27. Honestly did not expect to see so many people that didn't like the bomber on you. I think that of all the bombers, the one you bought looks best. I also like the bomber style and don't agree that it needs to be worn on someone who has "slender legs." I think perhaps a bomber would accentuate large shoulders, but otherwise I think it's generally a cool jacket that looks good on many people. Not all jackets need to be form fitting/hourglass shaped like the defines, etc. That being said, I don't like how the lululemon bomber puffs out where the pockets are- seems like an oversight on their part, and I also read reviews of the entire arm (!!!) falling off the jacket! So I think you made the right choice.

      Also I think you are looking great and very fit. Keep up the good work! We're all rooting for you to achieve your goals!

    • Omg finally somebody said this!!! Thank you! I second that, not every jacket has to be skin-tight like Define. It would of been super boring if all the jackets been like that. Variety is the spice of life .

  • Lulumum,
    You look great, your hair, and your well-toned physique. Love the Aritzia rose-colored bomber best on you — the rose color is so unique, uplifting, & pretty. Love your pics of your daughters with you- so cute & adorable — just like mini-versions of you. Your pics made my day and smile :o) Happy Valentine's Day to everyone :o)

    • Awwww this is the kind of comment I was expecting to see! I have no problem with feedback, especially the kind that all you ladies were giving above, I was just honestly surprised that so many people didn't like the bomber on Lulumum! Your pictures also made me smile and your kiddos are adorable! Love that you look like you're having a great time with your daughters.

  • I am 5"4, size 4 in Lulu everything except bras and I got size 2 Bomber. I like how it looks with Dropt pants and rag and bone booties

  • I think you picked a great color and size on the bomber! The details are sweet! You definitely rock the style well. It's a fun trendy look! Every lady needs a trendy piece to liven up a wardrobe! I liked it with your workout clothes too! The lulu jacket is a dud unfortunately..those pockets are so awful!

  • Thanks so much for the bunch of fit photos! 😀 I think the bomber looks great on you! 🙂 I like the black bomber the best cause it looks sharp. As for the feminine aspect maybe some jewelry or a fun lipstick color would play well!

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  • LLM, I agree with the few posters that liked the M Aritzia on you. Bomber jackets are supposed to be cropped. I think the L will be too big on you in a couple of months. You definitely look slimmer! Keep up the good work.

    I got the Lululemon bomber jacket in olive green. I sized down (size 4) instead of my usual 6 in jackets. The pockets lay better at the sized down size. I was worried the shoulders wouldn't fit (my main worry with Lululemon jackets) but it did.

    I just love the quilted side of the Lululemon bomber jacket. It reminds me of a bomber jacket I had in elementary school. The other side looks like a members only jacket to me so it's nostalgic.

    I really think it comes down to preference with bomber jackets. You might have to shell out for a black one. That looked great on you too!

  • We're a similar body shape and I think the bomber looks great on you. It defines your waist (I assume you're short like me, I am 5'3"-5'4" depending on which way the wind is blowing) and I need to wear cropped jackets and sweatshirts otherwise I lose all definition around the waist and look like a barrel. I think these are great choices on you.

  • Like many people have said I think that the bomber looks great on you! To me, bombers are flattering on a lot of shapes and the cropped nature of the jacket hits on the smallest part of your waist. I am pear shaped as well and I get a lot of compliments on my bomber jackets. You look great! Keep up the hard work! Also, thank you for incorporating reviews from other stores, I may have to head over to Aritzia today!

  • Personally I'm not really into the bomber jacket style but I think the rose bomber looks really good on you, super pretty colour too! Honestly, the others don't look as nice on you as the rose one does, the rose one looks to fit and suit you perfectly (hits you at the right spot to flatter your small waist with your slightly pear/more of an hourglass shape). Imo, the one from Lululemon looks cheap, looks more like it should be in the $50 or $75 max price range, while the rose one looks to be a quality piece, (judging the looks of quality on first impressions).

  • I think the bomber style looks great on you and my preference (since you asked :P) is the rose Aritzia one in size L. The colour and fit are both gorgeous on you!

  • Lulumum- may I ask where you get your jeans? We are a VERY similar shape, although I am 5'7" so slightly taller (I think). I have the HARDEST time finding jeans for my shape. I take a size 10 in Lulu bottoms (High Times, and WUs), but for the life of me, cannot find jeans. All the designer jeans I've tried at Nordstrom usually stop at a 31 or 32 and even then, I cannot pull them up over my thighs ugh!

    • Lulumum have you tried Guess curve x jeans? You might like them and plus The Bay always have them on sale.
      Btw the Rose bomber looks great on you��.

    • I am a jeans connoisseur because it is extremely hard to find good designer jeans for curvy sized 31/21's . I have long hips so I need a mid to higher rise, but also, my quads are big and I need a roomier upper thigh area. These ones are Hudson Jeans which I purchased at Costco last year for $69. I actually purchased a spare pare that I'm hoarding for when these wear down. Go for pencil cut vs. skinny, they are a bit more forgiving and flattering. Or you could go for a relaxed straight leg. They both have the same 'skinny' jean look but are more proportional for our thighs.

      I find Hudsons fit me best because the denim is sturdier and more durable (hate too much lycra or thin denim) and the rise is just right for me and my long hip bones. I take a 31 in Hudsons.
      I also like J Brand a lot but I size up to a 32 in them, and the legs are narrower and not all styles fit me. Page is a good fit too but unfortunately the denim is really thin and they last me less than 6 months. Joe's Jeans fit well too (honey cut) but the denim is fragile as well and I can't stand when denim starts to fuzz and pill.
      I've had great luck finding jeans at Nordstrom Rack, and at nordstrom during anniversary sales and my lucky finds at Costco. For some reason the jeans offered at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sales tend to fit a bit larger and stretchier for me.

      You are unfortunately going to have to try on a ton of different jeans before you find ones you love. When you do, if they are reasonably priced, buy two. Don't pay full price for designer jeans – I never pay more than $89 for them.

  • Lulumum, what size Valmere tshirt did you get? I'm very interested in this top. Is it bum covering? I'm 5'7" with a long torso/ swimmer's build (size 8 in LLL) and it is nearly impossible to find things that cover my bum. Thanks!

    • I got it in a large, but the medium fit fine too and was mostly butt covering. The large is completely butt covering and I have a very long torso. It does relax quite a bit around the shoulders and bust line so I probably should have gone with a medium.

      I love it. I want to get another color in it – maybe the grey.

  • I bought the Wilfred Poussin bomber, which is a dressier version with snap buttons. I chose of for its matte textured fabric, which is similar to the crepe side of the Lululemon Nonstop bomber.

  • I bought the black lulu bomber and I love it. It's been unseasonably warm here in MN and I have been wearing it daily. Not sure I'll
    Use the crepe side ever, but maybe as it warms up and I want to change the look. We don't have artiza here… the things lulumum mentions from there are always very cute. The bomber is a nice change for me. I typically go for wraps and longer style jackets. I am loving it with jeans and converse/adidas. Fun to mix it up and I think lulumum looks great in the bomber jackets.

  • Did you happen to try the TNA League bomber $85 at Aritzia? It looks similar to the LLL one with some colors on sale!

  • heya, i am trying to decide between getting the non-stop lulu bomber in 4 or 6. can you offer any advice? i guess my tts is a 4 since i am a size 4 in pants and bras, though have never tried on a jacket. i am about 5’3 and 110 lbs. i do like a loose fit and being able to wear a sweatshirt underneath which is why i was considering sizing up – but since i have now read many people size down i am a little confused. what would you recommend?

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