Dark Olive Align Pant, Sole Training Short Sleeve, Sole Training Crop

Sole Training Short Sleeve, Sole Training Crop

I would normally really like this Daisy Dust print but we’ve just seen so many variations of this speckled print over the past five months which have all ended up on WMTM that I just can’t get excited over it. 

 Align Pant



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  1. Shirts that length just make me look ridiculous and honestly, the fit doesn't even look that good here or on the site, either. Looks like a cheap t-shirt you buy while traveling and wash for the first time only to have it shrink about 4 inches in length while maintaining its awkward width.

  2. I love all these SHORT tops and jackets – NOT!!!! effing ridiculous. If I want to buy short tops, I will go to Forever21 and buy them for $9

  3. Hate, hate, hate the new styles.

    I went into Lululemon today with and intent to perhaps purchase something and walked out empty handed so disappointed !!

  4. The hem of this shirt hits at such an awkward length. It isn't that cropped and not fitted and makes this shirt look like it really did shrink in the wash. I miss the feminine silhouette of the new tops coming out.

    1. I'm going to try and have a review up tonight – but I can't guarantee it. My daughter had big dental surgery on Thursday and I underestimated the recovery period. If you are looking at the dress I mentioned, I've since tried on both teh black and the purple and the black is an absolute keeper. The purple is pretty but really washes me out and shows wrinkles like a MOFO. It's not sheer though, but any kind of lines around the bra (aka, rolls) will show much more than in the black. Black is awesome though and I recommend you get it.

  5. Thanks! I hope your daughters recovery goes well and is speedy. You are awesome. Thanks for this info. I likely will have the same issue with the lighter colour so will go with black. I was just curious if it accentuates the hips and butt area. I am fuller there and typically pleats don't look great on me.

    1. Nope! It's not voluminous pleats and because the waist sits higher I find it gives me a longer leg look. It's actually not very pleaty, it's more subtle drapes and gathers. I'll try and get a picture up tonight but if I can't I'll take a snap shot and can email it to you later.

    2. Oh that's good to know! Is it fairly true to size? I'm about to order and realized I forgot to ask that. I am typically a medium 8-10 in most pants and dresses.

  6. Ive been LOVING the new layout & blog content lately but every since the layout switch the photo's take FOREVER to load (on pc & laptop), i know I cant be alone here. any suggestions?

    1. They take longer to load, but not "forever". That's an exaggeration, unless you have shitty dial up. It takes maybe 5 seconds to load. I can't believe some people are this impatient.

    2. The pictures take a long time for my laptop to load as well. Usually I open the article, then go to another page because it takes at least 1-2 minutes for the pictures to load. The pictures don't load at all on my iPad or my iPhone. This is reminiscent of your photos from a few years ago where the picture loading took longer as well.

      But, the new blog look is really nice. Streamlined and clean.

    3. It takes at least 2 mins to download for me too. I do the same as anon 12:31 to kill time while it loads. I have DSL bc I live in the boonies so I'm sure that figures in. I do love your new blog though so I keep coming back!

    4. Im so sorry for the irritation. It's because the photos are larger format. I wanted the pictures to be higher quality and larger so you can view the product detail better but the sacrifice of that is slower load time. I'll talk to the developer to see if there is anything I can do about that – but I suspect it means lesser quality photos. Or maybe simply removing the around the web widget on the bottom and the slider post at the top.

    5. It also takes about 2 minutes for the pictures to load for me too. I wouldn't mind a bit smaller size pictures personally. Right now they are so big I can't see a whole picture and once and have to scroll to see it. A bit smaller wouldn't bother me at all and might load faster.

    6. I'm another one where it takes several minutes to load. I wouldn't mind smaller pictures and/or lesser quality. I don't notice the difference as far as seeing details on the products.

  7. What a ridiculous length for those new tops. I'm only 5.5, but with a long torso, and I look like I've outgrown the garments. My whole figure looks distorted with this new length and I suspect cost cutting, since these tops are not really cropped, just sporting an awkward length. My best tops are ones that cover my hips, and if I can't have them, I won't buy them.
    P.S. speedy recovery for your daughter!

  8. I would think the problem lies in the wi fi speed set on their modems. I just recently upgraded my speed to a 15 and there is a remarkable difference but a higher monthly internet cost but it's worth it.

    1. If only it was that easy. We have the fastest that they offer and can't upgrade the speed because where we live it's not offered at a higher speed than what we have. We've checked every single place that we can switch too (cable, satellite) that is allowed in our city and it's not doable 🙁

  9. The pictures load very slowly for me too, the postings keep quickly changing on my screen, and they don't show up in chronological order. The page frequently uploads, saying there was an error. We have the fastest internet connection Bell can offer.

    1. I'm going to look into this tonight and remove a bunch of page heavy features to speed up the load time. Let me know tomorrow if you've noticed improvements on load time. I took some out late yesterday but I think I need to remove the image heavy widgets.

    2. The only other option is to switch to WordPress and I would really hate to do that. WordPress is super hackable and three blogs I follow that use WordPress have been hacked in the past two weeks. That would be a nightmare for me since I am not a web developer and couldn't repair it on my own.

  10. **Guys, I've removed several features including the 'around the web' feature at the bottom of my blog. From my end it looks like that change has sped up load time a lot but it's hard to tell since my computer has my blog cached and it generally loads fast for me. Can you let me know if you've noticed an improvement in speed time? Thanks! I really hope I've made it a more pleasant stop for you.**

    1. I noticed a change late last night in load time (I made the OP on this, apologies if it caused headache!) but i notice a big improvement in load time. THANK YOU! 🙂

    2. That's awesome!! No it was no trouble at all. None of the flashy features are worth it if they make it inhospitable to readers.

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