1. Has anyone see the bomber jacket in dark chrome in store? Does it look as shiny as the stock photo? As someone else mentioned, the reverse side in the front appears to have two tones in the stock photo so naturally I am wondering if it is the case IRL. I ordered my tts, not size up for define/tight jackets. Hopefully it will look good.

  2. Those dark olive Run Times shall be mine as well. It's been ages since I have bought a pair because I haven't liked any of the prints or colours. I can't get over how many jacket/hoodie/pullover lines they have brought out since last Fall and how they all look so similar to one another in style and colours and this Wind Down Jacket is no different.

  3. Wow winter fall colours…I'm not an olive person so my wallet is safe with these browny red shades and olive. My wallet needs a break so that's ok….2 weeks in a row or more and nothing on past wmtm. I'm holding out for price drop on some items…Stores aren't budging either

  4. My $20 Old Navy Puffer jacket and $12 Puffer vest look 100x better than the Just Enough Puff line. I am truly over Lulu. Too bad, I have GC's that I could spend but there's literally nothing worth buying.

    1. Yeah right like you can compare Lulu and ON. There's a reason why their stuff is so cheap. I personally can't imagine how somebody who used to shop at lulu can switch to ON. Unless their financial situation changed I guess?

    2. Pump the brakes there, Anon 10:18. At the end of the day, LLL is still a mall brand, and many of its recent product offerings have come to reflect that in terms of quality and style. If I want boring, generic, poorly made clothes, you're damn right I'm not going to pay $128 for the privilege. I don't shop at ON, but I'm not going to pretend LLL is some amazingly high quality, non-sweatshop produced utopia when many of their products have prices that reflect a half inch wide logo and little else.

    3. Well said, anon 12:32 PM. I was reading through the comments and after reading that glad to see someone said what needed to be said!

    4. Agreed, anon 12:32 pm. Thank you for speaking up. Also shopping at Lululemon and Old Navy aren't mutually exclusive. I shop at both. I also find workout clothes at a number of other stores like Athleta, Nordstrom, Oiselle, Target, etc. No need to insult someone who chooses to be inclusive. And suggesting that one would only shop at Old Navy due to a change in financial situation is such a leap. I make six figures and still look for good deals.

  5. Reveal racerback would have been mine if it didnt have the sheer panel all the way down the backside which makes it look trashy…in my opinion…something I'm allowed to have according to the constitution of the US which is the country I reside in, etc, etc, no apologies, etc, etc

  6. So — the Just Enough Puff jacket looks suspiciously like the zip-in insulated liner for my (almost 30 year old – ack) leather jacket from university. No collar, no cuffs, the waist looks unfinished from the front… I can't imagine wearing that as a stand-alone piece.

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