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Non-Stop Bomber

Sorry for not having a ‘fit review’ post up this week. The early upload really threw me off, plus my store hasn’t received the new products yet (including the non stop bomber). I did get the two sizes of the Non Stop Bomber delivered today (my TTS, and a size up) and my TTS is definitely the size I want to keep. I like the look of the jacket on a lot. I’m not 100% sold on keeping it though because I’ve since seen two other bomber jackets I really like by other brands, one is a pink satin bomber jacket by Brunette The Label – based in Vancouver and you can even add lettering to the jacket ($165) and another one is a very similar satin olive color on sale at Aritzia for $68 (sorry, the only color on sale is an eggplant, olive is $138). Either way, I should probably try on a few different ones before settling on the Lululemon one. 

Hot Like Agni Tight

Carry The Day Bag

Lost In Pace Long Sleeve, Gear Up Crop

Am I right that these are the Gear Up Crops? I seem to remember these got uploaded but now are off the website, and the closest I could find where the Gear Up Crops.


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  1. Although I am not a big fan of bomber jackets, among the 3 you've noted, I think the LLL jacket is the most flattering (at least on the models pictured). The LLL jacket doesn't have unnecessary epaulets on the shoulders and doesn't poof out in the back above the bottom waistband (as on the pink one)…

  2. I ordered Bomber online in my tts 4, but went to the store to try to size down like somebody mentioned. I'm so torn now. They both look great and size 2 sleeves fit me better and pockets are not sticking out. I tied it in black bc they didn't have Dark Chrome that I ordered. I really liked black too, now debating if I should get it in black as well lol

  3. Y'all might want to check out Cotopaxi based in Utah. They have a bomber jacket in a couple of pretty colors. Don't know the shipping to Canada situation tho.

    1. Oy. I agree completely. It's so unflattering and with all the absolute love for it I've seen I'm starting to feel like I'm in an emperor has no clothes situation.

    2. Right? lol. I can't believe this blog and the LLL groups are dying over it. It's so ugly and unflattering. I can't even.

    3. Yep, count me in as another who doesn't get the love for this jacket. It is ugly and it looks cheap too (judging from the photos). I think once a couple people start oohing and aahing over something a lot of people get sucked in to the herd mentality and then the Lululemon FOMO starts to kick in as well.

    4. SO glad I'm not the only one! I this it's ugly. I don't like the bomber style in general. I also vowed not to repeat my high school clothing mistakes as an adult 😛

    5. I would not spend a cent on that jacket, not even on sale. I read in the comments that the left sleeve tends to fall off? I never had a garment do this to me, esp for $150 with tax.

  4. There are dozens to choose from on the Nordstrom site, in all price ranges. I ordered this one to try…in some photos it is cute and in others it is not. I think the mesh mess of pants are throwing the whole look off in these photos. I can't wait to get mine and try it on to see for myself.

  5. That top photo is very misleading it's no where near that light of a green! It's called dark olive for a reason it's dark. I tried it in that and the black and I would have kept the green if it was a nice savasana camo green like my Fo Drizzle jacket it's just an awkward shade. I'll keep the black

  6. I am kicking myself for not buying the bomb bomber jacket last year. Also was thinking of buying the wunder under ombre on wmtm, anyone know if it runs small and I should size up? Thanks in advance

  7. FYI – Anthropologie has some cute bombers that are 40% off today (Thursday 2/9) only. I just ordered a dark gray one that came to $52 with the discount! (I have no affiliation with Anthro, I just saw a cute one that is a fraction of the price of the Lulu ones with the discount).

    1. I'm a huge Anthro fan and I got the email this morning and checked out the bombers and was thinking how much cuter and detailed they were!

  8. Just received my bomber jacket in dark chrome in my tts size 4 (5'1", 110lb, 32C, 26, 34). I typically size up in swiftly, define, and other tight jackets since my shoulders are pretty well defined. Well, there is still plenty of room to spare! The sleeves are very roomy and long. The shiny side is very pretty but the matte side is a bit dull with the darker color in the pocket area. I may order size 2 to get a more fitted look but I am worried about the fit in the shoulder area.

    LLM, did you have fit issue with the sleeves?

    1. I just got mine too. I order my usual size 6 and the sleeve is a tad long but after rolling the cuff back it's perfect. I did however notice that the pocket placement is jacked up in the quilted side. The pocket is so far back it's feels weird to put your arm that far back and then when you take them out it makes them pooch out a bit. I don't think it's a deal break for me as I really really like this jacket. It looks so cute with jeans. I am leaning towards keeping the black over the chrome.

    2. I'm debating to either keep my tts or size down one. Both look good though . I ordered Chrome, but also liked black one. What made you to decide to keep black? I really like this jacket as well. It's simple and classy therefore won't go out of style

  9. I live in Canada and joined back when LLM brought it to my attention. A few weeks ago I read here that Lululemon was finally in so I joined it as well. I noticed when about to make my online order this week that Canada was 4% and the US was 8% so I ordered from not .ca Just a heads up for those Canadians who belong to both.

  10. I like the black because it is a little more understated and timeless. The chrome is very pretty but I just feel I'll get more use out don the black. I can be a little color phobic on things like this. I also am not nuts about the color contrast in the binding of the chrome. It is Also just the tinitest bit sheer on the swift side where I can see a faint line where the pockets are. I believe you can see that in the stock photo. I doubt anyone would notice in real life. I tried the jacket on for my husband and he loved it, especially the length. It is super cute.

  11. I tried this on today in store and found my size down fit the best, but I wish I could see the chrome colour in person, my store only had black and olive.

    OT- Lulumum, will you still be posting lifting posts?? Haven't seen one in a while and really enjoy them! 🙂

    1. Yes absolutely! I had to miss last Saturday's lifting class for a funeral but the plan is to do a post for each Saturday class. Tuesday classes are too busy.

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