1. Ot but boy did cda wmtm sucks. I've been waiting for some tights and they put on a few jackets…lol they are holding firm on their prices. And I'm getting tired of paying full price .lol this because I have 60 pair of tights…don't really need anymore but on md I might buy more

    1. they just keep rotating same items week after week. and prices stay the same. I noticed a few items that are in there for over 4 months at the same price that no one is buying

    2. Yes!! I thought the same today. There's always some hope when the number goes up, but then I scroll down and realize it just the same 10 items popping in and out. The dress on there (US side) has been $39 for at least 6 months if not longer. I bought it in August at the outlet and I remember looking on the website to price check WMTM before buying. Why not lower the price and move out some of this inventory?

  2. Look at how much the model has to fold up her sleeves and it's not surprising there are no pictures of this jacket from the front when zipped, the design is a disaster and the colour looks like mud.

  3. Even the items at my local US store stay the same for weeks! I've seen them mark down extra a bra from $34 to $29 but that's it. 🙁

  4. I think they taught us all to wait for WMTM, so now they're trying to hold the line on pricing, but it won't work. Or, at least, it'll take quite a while.

    Right now, they have a lot of stock on their hands that people just don't want. If they mark it down enough, eventually someone will buy it, but they made a lot of overpriced junk over the last 4-5 months, so they're going to have to eat some big losses.

  5. I guess it will be a couple months before their year end is final…maybe then they will see a huge inventory liability and start marking down stuff. Some stores do random markdowns but it's time consuming to call around to see who has the item marked down. I have to say waiting is a good thing because when it does get marked down I am usually sick of the print by then. I did notice some new prints on their banners for pants….kinda looks like the stuff UK got but maybe without the hints of colour….one is a greys fern print…Looks interesting

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