1. I like it too. I've been eyeing blush coloured bombers for a while now – if this comes in a blush pink color I'll for sure pull the trigger. I may consider the green though.

  1. I like the bomber as well – but I'm curious about the price point – It's not distinctive, and I bet I can find a similar one somewhere else for less… Looking at if more closely – it looks like it likely won't work for the broader-shouldered among us – it's a tight (close to the neck) shoulder seam, and these pics look like both women are maxing the shoulders out already…

  2. By the way, what is with those tight Fresh Tracks II pants? I thought those pants were supposed to be like loose joggers? The pockets are all squished up inside…

  3. The jacket is a cute piece!! It does feel a little trendy to me (so I worry about long term ownership), but I'd consider it in a really fun color!

    I'm actually looking forward to the Tuesday drop. 🙂

    1. I talked to GEC this afternoon. It's not in their system at all yet so she had to ask one of the designers – it's in once US store so far, but it hasn't been 'dropped' yet into all stores.

  4. Ha, ha, I won't buy a bomber this Spring, since I lived in them in my college days, uh, nearly 30 years ago. Hmm. Not laughing now. Sad now.

    They are cute, but at least right now, I'm not seeing anything to make the Lulu version distinctive. If I – 47 year old soccer mom – know they're on trend, they're going to be EVERYWHERE. You all might want to shop around a little.

  5. LOL anon 5:26, I was in high school when you were in college and I remember wearing my boyfriends bomber jacket with his name embroidered on the front…talk about sad

  6. You can find bombers anywhere. What I personally don't like about this one is the shiny satin finish. But I get why people are attracted to it-at least it stands out amongst the recent bland Lulu gear.

  7. From the look of the green bomber pictures the inside colour looks to be the same as the outside but the only difference could be that the inside does not have the stitching. I would be cautious with buying the Chrome colour because the neck on this style has a tendency to get dirty and it would show up easily on this colour. The bomber trend has been out for awhile now and is on it's way out.

  8. Target has a jacket that looks almost identical… and there are color options. No, it won't have the LLL logo, but the quality prob isn't much different. And Target's version is $29, just saying.

    1. Exactly! Lulu's quality these days isn't worth the high price more often than not (if not for everything!). Especially for the more "trendy" stuff I don't see any point in paying more for it just because it's a certain brand name. Trends are usually pretty short lived and if you're someone who follows the trends you're most likely also someone who wouldn't want to be caught wearing it once it's over. I still love my LLL staples and pay the high price for them but really don't believe it is actually worth the prices these days, but all my favourite LLL staples are the more classic timeless pieces, I don't care for the trendy stuff.

  9. I just got the Lululemon Bomber jacket. very cute. So far in my store in NY, I saw black and the olive color. I got the Olive color which is very nice. I like the quilted side better. It runs TTS. I'm a size 4 and got 4.

  10. I tried on the bomber a few days ago at my local Portland store. It reverses to the same color but the material is different – it felt almost like the old school party crepe paper streamers. It's cute on. I think it's a generous TTS…I could size down but it was right in the chest. Only saw green and black colors

  11. I think it's cute but I'm not shelling out for this piece cause it's not as timeless and I've been seeing bomber jackets in lots of other stores for much less and just as cute. I'm glad people like it though!

  12. For those of you who have seen/tried the bomber…what are your thoughts on quality? Also is it cropped as short as everything else has been lately? Also, did you go with your swiftly/tank size or scuba/define size??? TIA

  13. Is the bomber jacket thicker because of the quilting or is that a design feature that doesn't add bulk? Also anyone know the length?

  14. Jacket sits right at my hip. I got green in TTS. And black as well. Super cute and functional pieces in my opinion. My arms are bigger and I usually do a size 8 in ls swiftly.
    I'm actually surprised it's 128 and not 148…. pleasently surprised at that ��

  15. I saw bomber today at my store , but didn't buy it. They had black and olive colors . I think it's pretty classic style. I'm going to wait for Dark Chrome. That color is to die for

  16. I bought the bomber yesterday in El Segundo, CA. The bomber was flying off the shelf as fast as the store was restocking it. Several sales clerks purchased it while I was in the store. It is tts. I wear a size 6 in the define jacket and got a size 6 (I have broad shoulders).

    Agree with other commenter, first side is like crepe paper and reverse side is a satin finish.

    The bomber is warm and super soft, especially the cuffs. The quality is very, very nice. I don't think a Target bomber will compare in quality.

    The bottom of the jacket sits at your natural waist. It is a cropped jacket.

    The sales clerks speculated that the grey/silver color will be the same color as the everyday get away jacket in grey. The crepe side in grey, the satin side like the lining color of the get away jacket.

    I have a feeling the bomber will sell out quickly.

    1. NYC STORES. Runs TTS however can size up if you want it a little longer on the waist and arms. I'm a 2 and got 4. 2 fits perfectly but I wanted it a tiny bit roomier.

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