1. These ladies look ridiculous! The proportions are so bad! Cropped clothes also end up looking dated very, very quickly. Too trendy – and they don't even do the trend well.

  2. Horrible, horrible looking all of it. Wow not the Lulu I love or what it used to be. Disgraceful really. Time to move on.

  3. There is really something wrong with the design of the Everyday Getaway Jacket. The front has the look of having your arms lifted above her shoulders but they aren't. It looks like the front of the jacket is a size 2 and the back a size 8. Not to mention the colour, alright for cooler months but for Spring, no thanks. Come on LLL give us some spring fun colours for jackets and tops.

  4. The print is pretty, just unfortunate length! Who thought this would be a good idea? I keep wanting to pull them down. With that cropped top is just terrible. The last photo that poor woman, that jacket is just awful. What a complete and total disappointment lulu has been for the past year. Tired of prices hikes and less fabric 🙁

  5. To find the positive, I do like the scalloped edge around the zipper and in the top picture I like the Deep Rouge color, although I wouldn't buy it in a bra. If it looks that deep and rich in real life, I'll buy a LS Swiftly. That's the shade I was hoping for from that one that was on WMTM in the Fall, but that one looked orangey in real life.

  6. Wow these clothing pieces look terrible! I agree these women look like they're wearing kids clothes! These ladies look great but the clothes are a huge hell no.

    1. Sorry to do this LLM, but, @ Anon 7:04PM (Of course you would be anonymous). Obviously, the comments above are opinions, however, since you seem to lack the exact definition of the above comments, see below:

      1.deliberately hurtful in one's remarks; spiteful.
      2.relating to cats; catlike.

      a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
      the beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing.

      an estimation of the quality or worth of someone or something.

    2. I don't edit or moderate the comments. Lululemon can stick it to them buy selling out the jacket (or whatever item is being dogged in the comments).

      My opinion? the models look lovely and as always, the educators in store photos have always had huge conversion rates for lululemon sales.

    3. Another opinion of mine, for what it's worth, I think the cropped 1/2 zips are silly. Is it a cold weather running item? Is it meant to be worn outdoors in the cold? is it for serious runners? Why is it made of a warm material, but then cropped? It will appeal to a small segment of shoppers, but it won't appeal across all their outdoor running customers.

      I think their Wunder Under/High Time consolidation with shorter inseams is a big mistake.

    4. I can't stand when all the Lulu educators try to pretend to be real customers. We know you are fake, everyone knows Lulu sucks now. Bigtime. I'm thankful I have tons of old Lulu, I just didn't realize the company would tank this badly, wish I would have bought more. Shameful.

  7. Ah the comment police lady; everyone please keep your opinions strictly positive, we are apparently living in the Soviet Union where there is no first amendment

    1. Lol! And yes to GiselaP! Exactly the difference. The comments are opinions. Don't have to agree with them if you don't want to and can type your own opinion but to call the catty is a little much.

      Let's face it, Lululemon has fallen very, very far from the brand they used to be. And it's just really sad

  8. These comments have NOTHING to do with the models. We all give major kudos to these ladies. The issue is with Lulu's "designs", clear cost-cutting, and pricing. Anyone who has been a customer of Lululemon for years could reasonably take issue with their recent turn. Nothing catty about that.

  9. No need to explain ourselves die hard fans understand how legit all these comments are.
    Of course they are only directed at how truly obnoxious all theses designs are.
    Feel sorry for the beautiful girls that have to model them

  10. For me…being shorter and short torso…I find crop tops are a good length. Most of the time the tops are way too long on me and I have to have them hemmed. I like them for spring or cool summer nights….and for after class to have something to throw on on top of my tank top.

  11. I agree. If you have been buying LLL for a long time, it's difficult not to feel saddened (or oddly a little angered) by the decline in LLL. Because of our shared passion for the brand that once was, these designs (in glum colors) seem like a slap in the face.

    BTW, I am a short woman, but even I cannot get behind these very cropped pieces. My 2 main problems with LLL: lack of color and boxy silhouettes. LLL used to make me look better (and as un-PC as it is to admit, by that I mean, slimmer) and thus feel more more confident. LLL flattered me. Now, well, the less said the better.

    I still buy swiftlies and defines upon occasion if the color is right, but that is it. (I used to make a purchase almost every week. I know that is shameful, but I am being honest here.) Oh, and I did like the Shakti/sherpa mitten-scarf set.

  12. LLL should follow their own directions: always wash your LLL clothing with cold water, on delicate cycle. and please never machine dry. or else you end up with clothes like the models above.

  13. The crop half-zip would actually be a good length on me as I'm a) short and b) got a Kim Kardashian booty and anything long tends to cling around the hips. I love my crop sweatshirts as I know they'll fit. Although I would not wear them in cold weather, and for people who don't have bottom-based issues like me I can see they would seem rather useless.

  14. I was reminiscing about the old lulu days of ruffles and cuteness and fitted designs when I pulled out some things that I haven't worn in a while. What happened…. These are awful. Crop top boxy sweat shirts? SURE I want my arms and shoulders to be warm, but my belly, who cares! And dark red definitely screams "spring"! .. uh yeah. Not to mention that I want to look sexy in the spring summer and boxy is the new sexy apparently. Did you hear? haha…..
    The new designs are hideous. The only thing I'm buying now are Align tights because they are comfy and not really looking for ruffles on my everyday tights. The rest though, nope

  15. If I may add my two cents, I have been buying lululemon for 8 years, yes the designs changed but core items (high times, wunder unders, cool racerbacks, etc) just can't be beat! After gaining 50 lbs with 3 pregnancies in a row, I felt like nothing I put on looked half way decent, nothing, until I pulled out my lulus. As silly as it may be the they gave me confidence to go back to the gym. Nothing compares, I purchased athleta, zella, gap etc and they just exaggerated that hanging post baby belly. The ladies in the photos look gorgeous! I will be sticking around and keep hoping for different designs to come out while still purchasing core/basic items!

  16. Lisalisa don't worry you'll get your body back, just work hard and be patient. It took me a good 4 years post babies to fit into my pre baby jeans but I finally got there. Now I am working on getting my 6 pack back….I think I may have to settle for a 2 pack though 🙂

  17. Truly awful. God awful. Atrocious designs. And OH, How exciting, we are all happy because they finally give us a Navy Swiftly? Mind-boggling the way this company operates and treats their customers. Done with this company for good.

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