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Sneak Peek|Australia Upload

Sneak Peek|Australia Upload

Sole Training Tank Illuminight 

Illuminight Swiftly Tech Racerback

Body Con Tank Poseidon

Pace Rival Crop Daisy Dust Illuminight

Sole Training 7/8 Tight

Invigorate Tight Shine Bright ($329 AUD)

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Alarming Cool Racerback

Light Lava Sculpt Tank II

Embodiment Tank


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  • I'm happy because this will hopefully wind down my addiction. Thete are so many other things I should invest my money in. Really do I need 80 pairs of tights…lol. 50 crbs…lol I only wear it to workout…I like variety in my wardrobe…jeans and high heels…business attire for office and sexy clothes…lol. I hope my addiction ends with all the drab overpriced stuff

    • I completely agree! This makes me happy as we are going to be hip deep in home renos this year and have decided to take the kids (3) to Cuba for a fam vacation. Most of my closet is Lulu as I have been buying for several years, it is my work wear too and that's how I justified it but now I can't anymore. Boring clothes, nothing I have to have, and so many others things that need my attention and money too. I think Ia going to pick up the midnight blue swiftly LS, and maybe one more pair of street to studio pants if they are released in that chrome colour but I thinks that's it for me. Really disappointing to see how a great company has regressed but I also know it's in my best interest to curb Lulu spending. I am grateful they are making it much easier for me!

    • Oooh I would love Street To Studios in chrome.

      Lucky!! Travel and home renos are way, way better than Lulu purchases. Good for you!!

  • I like some of the colors but none of the styles. Alarming CRB I didn't even sell well and now they've brought it back in a CRB II…

  • Anyone have a good recommendation for a run skirt? I have some Pace Setters and a Pace Rival, but none of the Lulu skirts in the last few years has worked for me at all. I have little faith that Lee is going to come up with a killer skirt. He's an ass. Moving on… So, for those of you who work out in skirts, any suggestions? I'm on the tall side, so something that's available in a little longer length (15" is great) would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • I really like the light lava color! Not loving all these tights with too much see through mesh, especially when its in a different color than the tights! Drives me nuts!

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