1. Not surprised there is no picture of the jacket from the front zipped up and no wonder she has to grip the neck to keep her neck warm. Such a impractical design for such an expensive jacket.

  2. The bat wings arms on the Gear Up LS kill it for me. As it is, it's a bit of a tough sell since it's basically just a plain t-shirt. Yes, it's Rulu, but it's not flattering and has no technical details, so I would have a hard time justifying the cost in the first place, but those bat wings kill it for sure. Besides being unflattering, they're incredible impractical. If you run in it, you may get chafing and if you put a sweater or jacket over it, the sleeves will get pulled up by the more fitted arm holes on the outside layer. Awkward and uncomfortable.

    Jacket is a disaster.

    Don't some of these mistakes seem awfully amateurish? Like high school design students have run amok. Professional designers shouldn't make such messes, and when you think of all the money the company has to sink into producing so many pieces, it's horrifying to think of the waste.

  3. I actually like batwing style on that shirt. I'm tired of all the same fitted tops ala-Swiftly. I'm waiting for a cute loose off-shoulder long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve made of either light Luon or Nulu or silversrnt fabric to wear to the gym on top of my Power Y. I think it'll be great for warming up. I don't know any every piece of my clothing to be skin tight. It's boring

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