Two fit reviews in a week!! Unfortunately my store had no new product today but they did have a healthy markdown rack, and a  random online return which was the Rain Is Calling Jacket. Since I was returning the Hot Like Agni Crops I took the opportunity to get you guys some photos in store lighting. 

The Rain Is Calling

I really liked the way this jacket looked on with the black contrasted zippers on the stark white. If I was in the market for a new run jacket, this would be top of my list from the current offerings. I don’t like the steep $198 price tag on it and I really don’t feel that’s the correct price for a rain shell style jacket. Stylistically it’s really nice though, and a streamlined fit compared to yesterday’s Everyday Getaway Jacket. This jacket fit TTS, but I don’t think i’d layer anything thicker than a RULU long sleeve underneath.

Hot Like Agni Crops

There was a lot I liked about these crops but ultimately I felt the mesh pattern was ‘too much skin’ for me. I think if you are less curvy the sheer portions would appear slightly more opaque on you, but on me, they where pretty obvious and the exposure was throughout the entire pant. The material is very soft and silky and I could tell these would be very cool for a sweaty workout. I’m worried though that this silky burnout luxtreme is very delicate and would snag easily. The seam across the top thighs didn’t bother me so much because of the feel but because I’m longer in the hip area, that seam sits a lot higher on me and right underneath my butt.  I ended up exchanging these for the Featherlight Tight which where on sale for $69. My local store (Coquitlam Lululemon) had a lot of WMTM inventory in – check the store inventory feature online if you are looking for a sizes.


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  1. Oh wow! The crops are really sheer, thanks for posting as you can't tell from the stock photos at all! Could we see the featherlight tights on you as well??? Pretty please!:)

  2. Oh wow! The crops are really sheer, thanks for posting as you can't tell from the stock photos at all! Could we see the featherlight tights on you as well??? Pretty please!:)

    1. I'll try to get pictures tonight when I wear them to the gym. I may post them in the lululemon reviews group though – are you in the group yet?

  3. OT, but I discovered today at the gym that my Fast and Free Tights *are* sheer. Bend test at home seemed fine, but I didn't even have to bend to see the outline of my black underwear in the brighter lights of my gym. I really like the pattern (Fairisle), so I'll keep them for now and will try with nude underwear. I bought them for running and don't plan to do a lot of deep bends while wearing them, but I may still wind up returning them because I don't want to feel self conscious every time I wear them. Disappointing, for sure.

    1. I hear you! I'm getting pretty tired of all the pants I buy being sheer!!�� I just returned a pair of the black stirrup pants (which I coveted since the USA got them last year). Barely bend over and sheer! I wear size 6 bc of 26" waist, but I have size 40" hips. Yes I know that puts me in a size 10, but then all my pants fall down! I know I'm not alone with this problem and it's getting embarrassing returning sheer pants over and over! And the "are you sure you know your size??" Yes I've been wearing the same size for over 10 years of lulu shopping!! Grrr! I've recently even switched some of my purchases to Ivivva, size 14 in tops/bottoms and it's 50/50 there too. But, even more embarrassing bc it's a children's store. I am loving the moon gem galaxy print tights and they aren't sheer! Lastly, I
      am jealous of those who purchased the wup crops and high times blooming pixie print that didn't get sheer ones… Mine both are, but print placement isn't horrible… So I may keep them??? Isn't sad when you try to talk yourself into keeping sheer clothes? Can't they just make them opaque like they used to? Ie. Those stirrup tights I mentioned above, I purchased two in 6 in the herringbone print and they are not sheer. I don't usually have body image issues but this is not helping!
      Sorry! Rant over! Thanks LLM for sharing your pics! I won't even bother trying them on!

    2. Thank you for voicing your experience!! I am a size 2 in LLL and a 0 in regular clothing and I have found some LLL tights/bottoms sheer on me! Like with any minor squat and it's clearly not opaque. You're not alone and it has nothing to do with you! It's the poor quality!

  4. Got the featherlight last week too on WMTM – LOVE it. Love the highwaist, the fabric and the fit. I cant believe how see through the Agni crops are. The stock photos make it barely even seem like there is a "burnout"/"mesh" factor. Your photos are always a savior. I was interested, but now, no thanks to Agni

  5. The hot for Angi crops are only sheer on the leg part not the bum. At least that's what I found. Mine are actually less sheer than I expected! I hate mesh and I mean hate but I kind of love the hot like Angi.

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