I don’t know if this is it for the upload today or if there will be another proper upload later tonight. If this is it, this is very light compared with previous December double uploads. Because it’s just these three items I didn’t send the email alert that there was an upload. Let me know if you wish I had and I i’ll be sure to do it next week. If there is another upload tonight, I will be sure to send out the email heads up. 

It’s Fleecing Cold Jacket


It’s Fleecing Cold Pullover


It’s Fleecing Cold Zip Up


The Rain Is Calling Jacket


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    1. They are taking stuff out of WMTM then uploading them later. I noticed the scuba III's they took off and then are uploading one color at a time and changing which color. They keep taking the Yin Time bag off and then reloading it back. WMTM will be slim as far as new uploads like in years past probably because of the bigger Boxing Day upload.

    2. I've noticed they are doing this too – it's strange! Not only on WMTM but on regular uploads as well. Why do they do this!? Is it to make us think that items are selling out and create FOMO so that we will pull the trigger and buy before our size/desired item goes too… or if we do miss out on it and then later see it reappear that we will then snap it up without hesitation!? I don't know the reasoning for this but it's annoying, and while I must admit I have fallen for this a time or two in the past, it has zero effect on me now other than knowing that it is annoying because it seems so sneaky. It just adds the to resentful feeling I've been getting of the company these days – I know that seems silly but just saying…

    3. Forgot to add, that yes, in this case, recently, it is most likely because of boxing day – perhaps to have more stuff available for boxing day?

    4. Didn't they also recently hook up at least some of the stores to WMTM? I thought I read about people ordering online and then receiving items that had been shipped from stores. If so, they may sell out from the online source and then when a store adds its inventory to the system, the item reappears.

    5. No, online store inventory isn't hooked up to WMTM but if there is stock in stores they'll fill a WMTM order with that instead of cancelling the order now.

      I think they are trying to create that FOMO of the past where things would sell out and people would clamor for that item. But that was the old days when they didn't make a ton of each piece, where uploads weren't boring and the pieces were not only very technical but the style and fit were very flattering and the colors were amazing. The days when we'd wait up for upload and keep refreshing and scrambling to get the items we wanted. Unfortunately those days are gone and instead of going back to what worked it seems like they are doing everything but.

    6. They only started taking large amount of items off WMTM after that article came out about how their customers just aren't that into them anymore. The article talked about the large amount of clothing on WMTM and that most of their tanks were not being sold at full price and were all landing on WMTM. In Canada we went from over 170 items down to around 140 after that article came out. The numbers fell significantly off WMTM in the US as well.

  1. I think on the US side there was also a rain coat and I *think* some shorts and another black and white "static" type print for the Outrun LS, but honestly, it's just a sea of gray and black and it all looks the same and it all is so lacking in any kind of personality that I can't even tell what's new anymore.

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