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Athleta Upload!!! Sherpa Fleece

Athleta Upload!!! Sherpa Fleece

I just placed my first Athleta order and I’m super excited! I noticed that Athleta has the sherpa fleece lined jackets that I used to love from Lululemon, only they are calling it ‘fur lined’ or ‘plush liner’. I’m going to my US post office box next week anyways to pick up my husbands Christmas gift so I thought now would be the perfect time to place an Athleta order to try it out for a review. I ordered the Cozy Karma Asym Hoodie in Grey Heathered Color block because that one seems to be fully lined with sherpa fur fleece but I’m not actually sure it is. I was really interested in the Cozy Karma Pullover in the purple but I can’t tell if it’s all fleece lined or just the cowel neck. The Luxe Stronger Hoodie states that the hood is fur lined. If any of you have seen these in person or tried them on, I’d love to know your thoughts. The ebates for athleta right now is 4%  fyi!

Cozy Karma Asym Hoodie

Luxe Stronger Hoodie

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  • I've ordered several Athleta pieces in the last few months and I have to say I love them. I started small and now I'm starting to feel more comfortable with their quality. They've definilty received more of my money than lulu as of late!?!

  • OMG I love the colours and designs, not boxy and boring like everything at LLL these days. Oh how I wish Athleta would come to Canada. I might have to make a trip to Arizona this winter just to shop there.

  • I have the lux hoodie in oatmeal and its amazing. Super comfy and warm. There's a hidden cinch in the hood and it feels like a quality piece. Highly recommend.

  • I have the pullover and it feels like wearing a hug. It's amazing. And I just ordered a bunch of stuff from this cozy karma line over the black Friday weekend, they had 20 percent off. Still waiting for that order to be shipped. And athlete has some nice reflective stuff for not a jacked up price. Really liking athlete lately.

  • I have the Luxe Stronger Hoodie in black. I love it. It's very warm and soft on the inside. It is lined with super soft faux fur. I'm debating if I should also pick it up in the Oatmeal with the gold zipper. I'm usually a size XS in Lulu but in Athleta I get the size XXS.

  • I just bought two chaturanga pants- both textured. The blue and gray. Very comprehensive, feels great. First time buyer of their pants. Got the 20% off too. Have been getting a lot of use out of the beautiful, good quality pants!

  • I'm crying inside. Why don't we have Athleta here in Canada? I would buy all these fur lined beauties – I live in an old house that's cold in the winter time, so I wear only sherpa lined tops and warm, lined bottoms. If I go to the States, I only go to semi-tropical places, so I doubt they would carry these items. (More sobbing…)

  • Wow, are they pricey! I wasn't expecting that. $150 for a sweatshirt is a lot.

    Somehow, I'm still not liking Athleta. I think I just have a little different aesthetic and when they price items like that, I'm not likely to be converted.

    • Yeah that's what I was thinking too. If Lulu made a similar top it would be that much or more, probably more like $175 with the crazy prices they have lately! Athleta always has sales (just had one 20% off everything) and almost everything I have ever lusted after has gone on sale.

    • Exactly my thoughts. The first mile jacket was $228 and it hurt, but then I looked at the athleta sprinter jacket and that looks remarkably similar and it's $198. Athleta is pricey but they treat me well and have tons of deals and great CS.

  • How does their sizing compare to Lulu? I've always wanted to place an order, but after the shipping and exchange in worried about buying the wrong size. I'm usually a 10 in Lulu, sometimes 8, sometimes 12.

    • For bottoms, in my experience a small 10 or a TTS 8 is a medium in Athleta. If you're more of a TTS 10, you might find you're a bit between sizes.

      For tops, if you wear a 6/8 at Lulu, you'd be a small in some tops and maybe a medium in others. Read reviews and make your best guess. I end up with smalls most of the time at Athleta, but I have a small cup size (a/b). If you're more of an 8/10 in tops or have a larger chest, I think a medium would work most of the time.

    • You are just my size. You will be frustrated that you are exactly between sizes. If they are numbered sizes, a 10 will work. But with medium and larges you will have to decide on the fit. Good luck.

    • +1

      If I'm buying pants for working out (relay capris + be free knickers) I buy M. If I'm buying lazy/casual pants (chats usually) I buy L.

  • we should start a petition to get athleta in Canada. I mean it shouldn't be that hard for thrm I imagine. we have gap and banana here. let's get athleta too!

  • I have the cozy karma hoodie and I LOVE it. I have 2 fitness jobs and I basically live in it! It's already paid for itself in under a month.

  • Lately it's been like Athleta has been listening to the Lulu community's rants and trying to meet some of our demands 🙂

    • While Athleta is owned by the same parent company as Gap, BR, and Old Navy, Athleta is a stand alone. Meaning, they let Athleta do their own design, marketing etc aside from the other stores. So no, you won't find Athleta in a Gap store. Athleta has their own stores and operate separate from the other 3

    • As the prior poster mentioned, you can't get Athleta at Gap stores, but you can find Gap Fit there. It has a bit of a different style from Athleta, but I prefer it. Price and quality are both a step down from Lulu, but I really like some of their pieces.

  • They have separate stores! For example, there is an Athleta store in Boston (where I live). Also you are such an enabler! haha. I wasn't going to order that Luxe oatmeal hoodie but then seeing your post had to go online and get it. I had to order a size large which might be too large, but i heard that the shoulders run a bit tight. I hope it fits though 🙂 I hope your order works out for you!

  • I am loving Athleta. They get about half of my workout & athleisure dollars now… the rest goes to Nike and Bandier/Carbon38.
    I used to be like 99% Lulu, and now Lulu is almost 0%! It would be awesome if you would do more posts about Athleta… looks like from the comments a lot of people would really find it useful!

  • I received my Athlete Cozy Karma hoodie in Colorblock today. I am usually 6 in Lulu and bought a Small in this hoodie. Some extra room but not enough to size down. It is extremely soft sherpa on the inside but not really thick sherpa. The Lulu Post Chaturanga Pullover from a couple of years ago and the Embrace Hoodie Luscious with Sherpa from last season seem to have thicker sherpa in my opinion. The Athlete hoodie is nice and Iwill probably keep because it serves more of a cozy inside the house purpose for me vs the others which I use for outside.

  • Was just travelling in Boston from Canada and visited my first Athleta – SO much better than lulu these days…
    Funny – lulu has mediocre offerings and so much attitude from the eds. I found Athleta just super friendly and helpful and full of clothes that I would actually buy.
    What is telling – I haven't spent more than $200 at Lulu since the summer. I spent over $300 in 30 minutes at Athleta and would go back if I were able….
    Sad because I used to love Lulu and sad because Canada does not have Athleta….

  • Lululemon, athlete has 20 percent off now until Dec 12. You can call customer service and they will adjust the price on your order.

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