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Huddle Vest 

Oxygen Bra

Sun Runner Crops

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  1. What is with all the OLD stock being uploaded to WMTM…. the gingham dress is spring 2015 if I remember correct. What are they doing…

  2. I have noticed things have gone missing from the website. Like all the in the flow crops…..must be gearing up for Boxing Day. There is no way there was suddenly a run on all those with a 2 star rating.

  3. I've spent (maybe) $150 all season on lulu. Contrast that with a few winters ago when I would go gangbusters on all the textured pants, vinyasas, scubas and jackets. Contrary to those who are upset about this turnaround in Lulu design, I'm quite happy that there is nothing tempting me. It's saved me literally thousands of dollars.

  4. Does anyone know if Ivivva does a Boxing Day sale? I can't bring myself to pay full price for my 7 year old's clothes, but I have bought her a few things on sale.

    1. Usually it's a square purple sticker (with the new marked down price) over top of the regular price if it's been marked down. The round red LLL logo sticker is to hide the price if it's a gift. At least this is what I've noticed at the store I shop at.

    2. oh, and returned gifts with the sticker will still have that sticker on it. I bought something after Christmas last year that was a return and it still had the sticker on it and a purple sticker too since it was also marked down.

    3. Thanks everyone! Was given a gift that I already have and just wanted to confirm I could take to my store to exchange! You guys are the best!

    4. Red stickers are from regular stores, customer can ask the store staff to put a red sticker over price if they are purchasing as a gift.
      Markdowns use purple stickers, which show the reduced prices on the stickers. You must be able to return it even if there's a red sticker, as long as it's not a final sale item or past the return period. Usually you can only be able to get a gift card with a gift receipt.

  5. I don't like the look of the Huddle vest at all. It looks like she is wearing body armour the way they placed the thicker down part on the chest only. Nothing feminine looking about it at all.

    1. I love that it isn't boxy, at least the shape is feminine (or so it appears to be in the photos above), that's the positive, but like you say, the rest is weird looking, the way it looks like a bullet proof vest or something with the quilting placed only around the chest area. I don't like the difference in fabric appearance/colour at the front where it isn't quilted compared with where it's quilted either, yuck.

    2. It might be better in person. The Fleecy Keen had different fabrics in different areas and definitely didn't look like body armor.

      I'm also glad it doesn't look boxy. I'm wiling to go take a look at it if it makes it to the US shops.

    1. Exacty! And the Tech Mesh ones have "sold out" a few times (yep, a few times, lol) in every size and colour since they were uploaded on Sunday.

    2. The Tech Mesh pants are also available in all sizes at my store, but the Ombre ones were sold out very quickly, didn't even have a chance to try them on.

    3. They did sold out online. What happened was the wearhouse is able to get store inventories, which means they can "restock" after online inventory sold out. But I am not sure if they get the actual pants from the stores still have many left, or they just let the store ships pants out. I received couple items (ordered online) that I suspect they were shipped from actual stores.

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