Fleece Be True Jacket, Physically Fit Tight


Fit Physique Tight, Fit Physique Tank


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  1. Everything looks so generic and just like stuff from every other mass produced athletic wear company… Will it ever end!? I'm miss the old Lululemon. I've been feeling like I'm wasting my time checking in and hoping, and all the good vibes I used to feel surrounding all things Lululemon are being replaced with bad ones 🙁

  2. Sorry, OT but hoping y'all can help me on coming to a decision about the WU pants "iridescent multi black". I've never ask the community for help with this kind of thing so please forgive me for the intrusion! I'm new to "nulux" which is surprisingly smoothing on my chunky, imperfect thighs (will be wearing butt covering attire 😉 and they're oh so comfortable. Can't go smaller due the pattern over stretching. My hesitancy in keeping these is the price and the bad reviews, specifically "slippage" – which sadly, I have with many leggings. I don't plan to be doing any high impact exercising in these. If any of you can weigh in, much appreciated 🙂 And: what is the current return policy? For all in, these leggings are mine already 😛 Thank you!

    1. I got the very first run, mixed marble print and I LOVE them! They stay put on me. Not sheer, feel amazing. Imho people leave bad review mostly because of the price

    2. Like Lulumum, I love the iridescent multi black print enough to ignore the slippage issue. I wore mine to a TRX workout a few days ago. You can definitely see the white backing when the material is stretched. For reference, I'm a size 4. The fabric was never sheer enough to see my underwear, just the white backing. This was most noticeable when doing lunges and was only noticeable in the thigh area. I loved the feeling of the nulux on. Very silky and soft. But I kept having to adjust the waistband (rolled over during certain exercises) and pull up the pants. I thought the price was fair, especially after paying $150 for the Tight Stuff Tight.

    3. I foresee slippage issues. If you look at the pictures of the WUPs, though the top of the garment is high, the seam for the waistband is pretty low. This isn't too attractive, but it also means that since it sits so low on your hip, slippage is more likely. Also, of course, the WUPs, unlike the Fast and Free – the other Nulux pant, don't have a drawstring waist, so there's no possibility of tightening the waist if slippage does prove to be an issue.

      Have you walked around the house in the pair you own? I'm not saying you should wear them for actual exercise, but one of the reviews says that if you take 20 steps, they'll slip. If they're really that bad, a simple stroll through the house should establish that. Returns with tags are allowed through Jan. 8. Good luck!

  3. If I was going to have to wear "butt covering attire" with a pair of pants (and especially pants that cost as much as these do) just to make them wearable in public, then I would probably pass.

  4. I do have issues with slippage on my for high intensity workouts. We where doing broad jumps for warmup and each jump caused them to slip lower and lower. That being said, I love the print so much so I'm going to tolerate the slippage but I wouldn't otherwise.

    The high times in the print where actually a lot worse for me and I exchanged them (after first wear) for the wu's which are slightly better.

    1. They are called Wunder Under Pants are they not? And they are meant for yoga, pilates, barre, gym, etc, are they not? IMHO, doing any of these activities with a top long and loose enough to cover your butt up enough to hide any sheerness issues doesn't make sense, but of course, like you say, to each their own.

    2. anon 10:43, not sure who you are speaking to, but if it's me, anon 7:59, I don't understand the point of your comment. Not that this matters much anyway, but just to clarify, I never said anywhere that wunder under pants, or leggings, or whatever you choose to call them, can't be worn for casual wear or whatever else one chooses to wear them for, dress them up for all I care. Just saying that they are actually called wunder under "pants" (yeah, yeah, I know, like I said before, pants or leggings – same thing whatever you want to call them) and that LLL is *supposed* to be first and foremost a yoga/athletic wear company and that is what they are supposed to be designed for (not that I think they can't be worn for anything else, I wear mine for casual too). I don't know about you, but I know that doing any of those activities in tops long and loose enough to cover up your butt just doesn't work for me and I don't see many other people wearing tops like that for those activities either. It would get in the way of movements, flip up, and just be annoying, and expose your bum during movements anyway. For casual wear, whatever, I don't judge, if you think it's unattractive to wear them without a bum covering top then that's fine, but I see a lot more people wearing them who don't cover their butt up than those who do. Anyway, my main point is if the pants are *that* sheer to be an issue then I wouldn't buy them, even if I had every intention on wearing them only for casual wear with a bum covering top (and making sure to never bend over in front of anyone unless the top is really super long and can stay down when bending). Overall I just don't agree with rewarding the company for that kind of thing, at these prices I expect a lot more. They have zero incentive to change anything if everyone just keeps on buying with their blinders on.

    3. I get what you're saying and I understand the need for leggings or tights to be worn for athletic endeavors and I agree you can't wear a long floppy top. There are tops like swiftly that are long enough to cover your butt and not floppy but whatever is in your comfort zone. However, when women wear tights or leggings with short tops in public for casual wear it looks really inappropriate. Sorry.

    4. Hi anon 1:43, thanks for replying! That makes sense and I agree. I personally don't like all the flimsy tanks and tops or cropped tops or wearing just a bra either, I wouldn't even wear those for any kind of activity (yikes! not for me). I do love Swiftly tops though and wear them all the time! Sorry for any misunderstanding, just super frustrated with Lululemon these days and am quick to give my two cents, nothing personal meant towards you. 🙂

    5. I think that if you wear leggings for sporty endeavours, it's ok to wear any length of top you might find appropriate and/or comfortable, providing you are not wearing see-through pants with short tops or just a bra.
      For casual wear though, I would never think of wearing any top that's not hip length at least. I mostly wear tunics with leggings, it's much better for the body proportions too.

    6. @anon 1:43, I completely agree with your not appropriate remark for casual wear, ( not referring to actually working out) my 16 year old has a very hip, happening little body and it drives me INSANE when she wears leggings with shorter tops that don't cover or even partially cover her butt. Arrgh!! ( Although lately she has been better, my blunt comments to the reality of what her peers will perceive her to be may be finally paying off)

  5. The Fleece Be True jacket is so short! I'm pretty average torso length and it was shorter on me than on the pics here. Even on the hanger it looked short but thought I'd try it anyway. Nope. When I wear a jacket I want it longer, not shorter!

  6. The Fleece Be True jacket is really shapeless.

    Lululemon really missed a trick. With that kind of detailing on the front, it should have been more form fitting to give it a 'Moto' look.

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