I hope you don’t mind but I’m not going to send the email alert for the upload because I’m off to my kids Christmas concert, but also this upload is pitiful. The landing page has changed but I’m struggling to see what new product was added. I think sizes that have ‘sold out’ have been added in recent items but I don’t really see anything new. I know the Variagated Wunder Under Pants Hi Rise have been restocked because they weren’t online yesterday when I checked for them. If anything new gets added this afternoon, I will send out the email alert. 

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**Apple Pay promotion seems to be back on. If you spend $150 and check out on Apple Pay you will get a $25 gift card emailed to you. 

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Lightly Jacket


Ready To Rulu Pant (US)


Run Times Short


  1. Wow if the Lightly Jacket is replacing the Define Jacket it will be another case of revamping a design to make it cheaper as the Lightly Jacket lacks cuffins and the seaming is not as nice and it's the same price as the Define. Another example of new designs lacking detail and interesting style is the Rain Is Calling Jacket that is very basic in design and has absolutely no detail worth mentioning and in Canada is priced at $198. Compare this jacket to the Runaway Jacket from 2 years ago, brought back late last year and popped up again this year and is now on WMTM at $99. and is by far superior in style and detail and is the exact same material.

    As for new product drop, ho hum bug! Have fun LLM at your Christmas Concert.

    1. I'm worried that LLL won't add new colours/prints for the Define jackets anymore. The jacket has a 4.5 rating on the website, which is extremely high if you compare it with the rest of their gear… Why do they enjoy getting rid of the classics?!

    2. Totally agree with you, anon @ 2:35. Doesn't it seem obvious? You set a certain target – say, 4.2, and any product that stays above it will never be touched. They ought to be tracking their own fake reviews to know what the untampered number is. For sure, fake reviews not written by the company will never be positive, so if a product is able to clear the threshold, it's gold. Never, ever replace it. Don't tweak it, either. Just leave it and watch the cash roll in.

    1. 12% or thereabouts. Varies depends on the item. Ebay takes their cut, Paypal take their cut as well. You will also pay fees on shipping you charge so many times you make more money offering free shipping. If you google ebay fees calculator you can get a rough idea of what you will net.

      Also, to price your item right, search for it then on the left hand side click "completed". Items in green are what sold, black went unsold. Price, size and condition need to be looked at because some colors/sizes go for higher amounts than other.

  2. The All Day Tote and All Day Tote Mini both have a new Astro Blue color added. Back in the 80's my parents had a luggage set that was baby blue and these totally look like they could join that luggage set!

    1. Says who, Anonymous 7:12 PM? If you don't like them, fine, but keep it to yourself, especially if you have nothing better to say than "fug".

    2. Well, count me in as another who doesn't like these tights. I can think of a lot of words to use to describe why I don't like them, but I'll keep them to myself because I'm sure they've been used many times here in the comments section of the blog in previous posts. However, I will say, as I haven't seen it mentioned before(all the comments I've seen are about not liking them based on appearance), that these tights aren't really functional, at least not for me, even if I did like the look of them, as they have WAY too many annoying seams and can imagine it irritating for yoga especially(or anything else that requires a lot of bending and/or putting any weight on knees/fronts of legs,etc), which is weird since WUP are designed for yoga. As for opinions, to each their own of course, but everyone has a right to say what they like whether someone else agrees with it or not.

    3. Well said @8:26.

      We didn't know this was a "safe space" for people not wanting to hear the truth about tech mesh. Sorry to cause any undue anxiety.

    1. I like them way better, they're softer and less stiff feeling than the thicker cotton fleece but definitely not as warm. Maybe not as fitted/ "flattering" but I like them better for layering. I just feel like I can move better in the terry version and wear more in warmer weather. 🙂

    2. I love my Terry Scuba III. Super soft and comfortable. I like my sweatshirts to fit looser because, well, it's a sweatshirt so I don't size down in the III's like a lot of people do. I personally didn't want it tight. It's not as warm as the non-terry version (although my first release scuba III terry version is pretty thick and warm. They've gotten less thick over time). It's my favorite. I grab it pretty much almost daily.

  3. Tried on the Lightly Jacket jacket today in store. Did. Not. Like It. 🙁 Educators also told me the define is pretty much out.

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