I thought I’d give you guys an update on my Featherlight High Times Pant in the Iridescent print. I purchased one of each of the Featherlight print bottoms, two Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise and the High Times in the Iridescent Print. 

On Monday I wore my High Times for a crossfit workout that included sit-ups, medicine ball knee raises, thrusters and a few other movements and I spent the entire workout constantly pulling up my pants. When I say I spent the entire workout doing that, I mean after each and every movement I had to yank them up. I think it’s a combination of factors in these pants; the very silky material, a slightly looser fit, a lower mid rise. Sizing down in Nulux is not a possibility for me because I am curvy and the print becomes sheer. Because of my love of the print I was very reluctant to take them back but today I decided to wear my Plume print Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise to the gym for a workout to see if I had the same problem with them. Luckily the Wunder Under Pants where much better for me. They slipped slightly so I had to pull them up after every set of jump ropes (160 single unders) but I think thats a tolerable amount of slippage. Because these worked out better for me I took my High Times to my store and explained the issue to the lovely educator and she very nicely allowed me to exchange the pants for the Wunder Under Pant version of the same print. 

I thought I’d let you guys know this because I was so excited about this featherlight line that I brought you all along on my hype so hopefully if you got them too you tested them out a bit before ripping tags off. 

Featherlight High Times Pant Iridescent Multi Black


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  1. I bought the wunder under iridescent on Tuesday and even in the fitting room/ trying other clothes on with them I felt them falling down so I appreciate hearing that it's not just me. I'm a size 6 but I don't think I need to go down a size, it's just the material. I'm glad the return period is extended b/c I'm really torn on these. I love the print, but the nulux isn't as good as luxtreme IMO. I'm thinking if I keep them they'd be more of a casual weekend item and I wouldn't wear them to workout, which is disappointing.

  2. Good to know. Thank you!! On a side note I received Sherpa mitts and hat that I had ordered. They feel luxurious but I am not exactly sure that the hat is cute on me. LOL. My head is average size but it fits tight….

  3. Not into Nulux at all. For me it's pretty much Luxtreme or nothing at this point. Their technical offerings are seriously falling by the wayside, and I just have no use for 'naked' sensation, no compression, sheer, ill-fitting bottoms. Too high maintenance for being active, too high maintenance to wear casually. I can't believe some of the Nulux bottoms have raw hems for $128.

    1. It's luxtreme or nothing for me too, and I am even picky about the luxtreme — it has to be the awesome lump-smoothing kind. Patiently waiting for more solid colored lux HT to come out. Blank cherry would be nice!

    2. Agree with these so much! I love full on luxtreme now that they got rid of the polyester in the prints. I need coverage, smoothing, and compression and Nulux doesn't do it. The "naked sensation" makes me personally uncomfortable.

    3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, perfectly said. No use at all for the "naked" sensation either. The only "naked" sensation I'm ever wanting is when I have on jogger sweatpants and just want to feel loose. Lulu has really lost me this year. The ridiculous offerings, "innovations" pricing and now it looks like the resell value is sliding downhill fast. I have drawers of old Lulu with tags I was going to resell but looks like people are so fed up with the brand. I keep coming back here with sad hope that things will turn around, but it does not look good. This LL Bean/Lands-end inspired look is a major turn off too.

  4. OT I was at a store today and the Embrace the Space Hoodie was on sale. I know you want one at markdown so hopefully they still have your size. I got mine at full price (size 2 was sold out fast anyway) and am really loving it.

  5. Thanks for this report! I'm finding it so hard to find pants that stay up in high intensity workouts. The waistband from sweaty Betty (their power 7/8 crops specifically) is the best, especially for double unders and burpees where my lulus drive me crazy. I definitely recommend checking them out – we have a similar body shape so they may be great for you too!

    1. I guess the ones I tried weren't the power leggings but the gravity leggings. Maybe they're different. I LOVED them though (aside from the sheerness). I don't think I had the wrong size either… size 4 in lulu, 5' 10" 135 and I tried the small and medium, but found both see through. Sigh. Maybe I'll give them (and the power leggings) another try.

    2. The salesperson told me some of their fabrics sadly aren't recommended for yoga or activities with squats and the like – that they're just good for running. Maybe you tried those kind on. The Powers are awesome at least for me!

  6. I have this problem with HT in general! I have a green luon pair that I love but have to constantly pull up, even in low impact classes.

  7. Actually I've worked out in dance, capoeira,ran in my high times iridescent and did not have to pull them up one bit! I have a smaller waist to hip so maybe they stay up better? I love it so much I want another pair! I'm a size 2 if that matters.

  8. Had to size down on the dazzle nulux I really love the print but I feel the naked feeling doesn't hold my butt in place
    I'm on the fence and haven't tried yet because of this I love these pants but why oh why not on full on luxtreme 🙁

  9. Count me in as another who has zero use for Nulux fabrics and feeling naked – nope, nope, nope, definitely not for me. I actually prefer Luon fabrics most of all for yoga, I like that they are cottony feeling, thick/feel covered and held in and not slippery feeling or shiny. Luxtreme is ok for run, but I don't have as much of a need for run bottoms as I do for yoga bottoms. Also, very much prefer the original Wunder Under waistbands and don't like the high rise waistbands.

  10. I ordered the Plume WUP…I think I have to return them as they seem too big in the waist in my regular size. I feel like they'd slip down all the time. Pretty print though and not sheer. Although they do fade to white a bit in a bend.

    1. If you don't have Facebook, I would say eBay. I've never tried posh or tradsey, but I think they take out a lot in fees. If my stuff doesn't sell on Facebook, I always have eventual success on eBay.

    2. Lululemon Buy Sell Trade or Lululemon 911 are both good options, but two different formats. On BST you can name your price but on 911, it's auction style with the seller able to accept or pass offers. There is a third, Lululemon Exchange, but it has been slow lately. Nothing is allowed to be posted above retail which is good for buyers, but if you have HTF unicorns, you'll want the BST audience.

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