1. Now I am torn. Do I get the speeds or wait to see if they come out with this color in the Pace Rivals…. I just got a pair of the brushed speeds a few weeks ago. Hmmm… it is winter and all.

    1. Did you get the brushed speed 5? I'm curious how they compare to the 4s. Just got my first pair of pace rivals on WMTM in Dottie Tribe but they seem to be a full size larger than my inspires (6). Not sure if I'll keep them, they are gorgeous but a bit big in me.

    2. I did yes. They fit similar to the pace rivals. I am usually an 8 in pants and they fit true to that size. I don't have the inspires so can't compare.

  2. so annoyed that they are so short. I am tall and I hate it when my tights do not cover my ankles.
    I mean, if you are short you can always roll them up. but when you are tall there is no way you can make something longer.
    well lulu, hope you are getting rich by shortening and making things thinner!

    1. Check out the runderland sock. Maybe that'll bridge your gap. I usually wear a smart wool running sock and then pull my leggings over my ankle. I have the opposite of your problem. I bought the runderland sock and love it. I am in Minnesota. Gets cold here.

    2. thanks!
      the thing is that it drives me nuts because I know they are shortening and thinning out stuff so that they 'save' money, while raising prices for no real. reason.

    3. I'm the same. I need more length and they keep shortening them. Last year the 28" length barely worked. Years before the 30" length was good. Now it's 26" and is almost a crop on me now. Seriously, I shouldn't have to buy special socks to cover my ankles to run in the freezing weather when that's what tights should be made for. You know, to cover the whole leg. Very frustrating.

  3. Can anyone tell me if the Runaway Jacket (on WMTM right now) is stretchy? It says it is made of Glyde and calls it 4 way stretch but I bought the Rush Hour jacket and the Glyde definitely wasn't? Thanks!

    1. Not stretchy…I actually size up for a looser fit as I found it snug on hips and bum. .I'm always a 6 in bottoms and bras…a 4 in crb but went to an 8 for more comfort. And the armpits aren't quite so sung. The jacket gives a super slim silouette…I'm ordered 3 colours black and the Alberta pebble as well as the pink that's how flattering g it is..I'm have a mummy tummy and from the side I look tall and skinny. I jumped on it as soon as it dropped to 99

  4. I too would love to get some Coco Pique Wunder Unders… and herringbone… both in the regular black colour they usually have 🙁 Plus along with the usual black, I was hoping to see these textures in some great colours…

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