1. am I the only one who thinks these jackets are starting to look the same? I feel I cannot tell them apart anymore. Releasing them in similar colors doesn't help either!

  2. Did anyone check out the WMTM upload? The picnic play dress is on there, which I believe was released last summer and sold quickly. Interesting how these things are getting uploaded again on WMTM!
    I wanted to savasana soft shell on WMTM but it's only on the American side… thumbs way down!

    1. I think that dress is even older than that because I bought it on deep discount at the outlet last summer! It's so random how the really old stuff is appearing.

      OT- If something is sold out on WMTM online and they are shipping from stores, does that mean it's sold out everywhere? Or should I still check my local store?

  3. Yikes! The shoulder seams on the rulu long sleeve top are really unflattering. So far really hate all the new rulu tops this fall/winter… boxy and unflattering… so sad because I look forward to purchasing many new rulu tops every fall and winter. This year haven't purchased any.

    1. I'm with you! Every year I look forward to the new Rulu top but so far, I haven't bought any since I also find them boxy and they lack nice details (LOVE reflective details). It also doesn't help that there's no color, only black and grey again. I might be the only one but I don't like the alberta lake or any color resembling that color (Heathered nocturnal teal) so I'm not even tempted! So sad 🙁

  4. I am really disappointed with the rulu tops this Fall/Winter so far as well. I am not liking the thinness of the fabric, the styles and the colours are not calling out to me. It's a shame that they seem to stick to a theme of white, black and one, maybe two colours that are used too much.

  5. The shoulder seam issue is just on the Outrun LS, I think.

    I'm also in the camp of not liking this year's rulu tops. Wish the Base Runner would make a return. That had detailing on the back that was actually flattering. Race Your Pace would also be fine with me. Again, there are so many great designs in the archives, but they insist on coming up with new stuff that doesn't work. Bad design is wasting a lot of money.

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