Alberta Lake Align Crops, Outrun Long Sleeve

I really like the Alberta Lake Align Crops over the Nocturnal Teal Align Pants that Canada got. In the Pace Rivals and Fast And Free 7/8 Tight I prefer the more neutral Nocturnal Teal. Bummer that Canada didn’t get the Alberta Lake crops. 

I went to Lululemon today with my friend because she wanted to check out the new items and get my opinion on a few things, and she ended up purchasing the Outrun Long Sleeve. I really liked it on her a lot and she’d sized up in it so it was a looser fit. I tried on the LS in my size up as well and actually preferred it to yesterdays fit review in my TTS. I didn’t buy it today but I’m really tempted to go back later in the week to pick one up. I need to make a few return decisions before I do. Or I should wait till markdown. $108 is rather pricey for a RULU long sleeve. Another thing of note is that the Nocturnal Teal Fast And Free Tights where almost all gone. I wonder if they had a lot of phone orders after the upload since the teal didn’t get uploaded.  

Run For Cold Pullover

Run For Cold Vest, Free Runner Crop

Shibori Wunder Under Pants

  1. So I'm confused, I see on the Lululemon app that the Outrun Ls is made of Silverescent?? It seems more like RULU in the pictures and now that you're saying is RULU I think they got it wrong on the app

    1. I wonder if they added silverscent to it? it definitely doesn't look like it does. It's thick RULU. I believe in my Fit Review post from yesterday I included a picture of the hang tag.

  2. The alberta lake Aligns are beautiful – hopefully they come out in the 7/8! Also, you're making me want the Outrun LS more and more. I'm curious how thick the fabric is and if it hangs funny if it's too big (sized up)?

  3. Are there any comparison photo of Alberta Lake vs Nocturnal Teal aligns out there? I don't live near a store but loving both colors online. Although I really dislike the super similar colors released at the same time

    1. I checked both colors at the store. Alberta lake looks pretty much like the one pictured above. But the nocturnal teal is much much darker and I don't see much difference between deep indigo and nocturnal teal.

    2. Oh no 🙁 I was hoping Nocturnal Teal would be more greenish… I ordered the CRBII hoping for a nice teal green but think I will be disappointed if it is indeed more of a blue shade like Deep Indigo…

  4. Why are all the bottoms lately so ill-fitting? Even wearing over the heels it's clear there is a ton of extra/loose material around the ankles. Honestly, most of this stuff isn't even cute and looks like generic "errand mom" wear.

  5. Speaking of WMTM, nothing tempts me at full price. So I stalk the sale every Thursday. Bought three things already off WMTM over the weeks, ever since they have close to 200 items on the Canadian side. And what do I see today? The Real Quick jacket was put back on for $79.00 after they took it down for a while. What makes them think that they can sell it at this price when they couldn't sell it for months for $59.00? This company is full of interesting surprises.

    1. I literally just bought a second What the Fluff pullover off of eBay because I'm so disappointed with both the offerings and the random/thoughtless pricing strategy. This is usually the most fun time of the year for me, but all my favorite products have either been scrapped, changed to the point that they're no longer the same at all, or replaced with something inferior.

  6. I went to the store yesterday and saw some new items. Noncturnsl Teal is very beautiful, very dark and can be neutral. I think I like it even better than Alberta Lake. I'm debating if I should get Pave rivals or Aligns in it. I think I'll wait till CRB goes on wmtm like most of them seem to be going. i don't mind CRB II. I got Dropt pants ( leftovers) and new Baller hat. I kinda felt bad that now I'm ordering everything through ebates and thought I should buy something at the store

  7. Fingers crossed Canada sees Alberta Lake next week. I love that color. When the nocturnal teal items were uploaded this week I did a double take because I thought it might be Alberta Lake. It's still beautiful so I might pull the trigger on the CRB or a pant in that color.

  8. I don't mind CRBII either so went ahead and ordered the Nocturnal Teal one. Really hope the colour is gorgeous in person. I have been hoping for an Alberta Lake CRB for a while and this one is close (although would have preferred the less dark shade of Alberta Lake than the very dark Nocturnal Teal I think). I am probably going to regret not waiting for it to go to WMTM though.

    I noticed UK got a CRBII and a headband in Lush Coral and want those so much, really love coral shades. Hopefully they'll upload to Canadian site eventually.

    Never used to buy Lulu headbands but since trying a Fly Away Tamer II Headband this summer have become obsessed with them (LOVE them!) so hope to see lots more of those in new colours. Just recently tried a Fringe Fighter Headband and like it a lot too (although not as much as Fly Away TamerII) but will continue to add these to my headband "collection"(haha) once in a while.

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