1. Yes, very strange. I don't like the pants and crops that are seamless around the crotch area… looks so weird. Definitely an easy pass for me too!

  1. What is going on with the fit? LLL hates women over a certain size yet thinks their target customer wants to wear a bunch of overpriced, shapeless sacks? The pants are see-through but the tops are frumpy and matronly – wtf? Who are they designing for at this point?

    1. omg, yes! Glad I'm not alone in thinking this! Was looking forward to the Rulu tops this year, but looks like they're all shapeless so far. Looks like tons of loose fabric all around the misection area. No thanks, definitely not a very flattering style for me. Looks like I'll be saving A LOT of money on Rulu tops this year if they're all going to be like this. Just like I've been saving A LOT of money on Scuba 2s and Dance Studio Pants 2s since they changed them for the worst (have not and will not purchase ANY Scuba 3s or DSP 3s).

    2. I know. My LLL buying is dropping off fast. I so miss the original DSP (DSP 2 have a mom jean cut) and CRB (CRB II has unflattering back and is less versatile IMO) as well as the Scuba II — which I actually found softer and more flattering than even my oldest school Scubas; the new Scuba is just bleh and boxy on me.

      I still like Defines, but I have already amassed so many of those over the years; admittedly, I picked up a few this summer on WMTM.

      Personally, I REALLY hope LLL brings back the BE PRESENT jacket since my friends and I (of various shapes and sizes) found it extremely flattering. Moreover, I personally can wear the BP to work on a more casual day in a way I can't quite with the Define. (I can't figure out why that is, but such is the case for me.)

  2. I'm liking the kind of Rulu they used for Rush hour top, just not sure if I like the style. I'm seeing zippers/pockets there that I usually don't use. It's like they put those useless hidden pockets in dresses that either poke you or stick out. Also liking Silver down jacket with contrasting zippers, but will probably wait for vest. Darkest Magenta looks good as well as the new variation of teeny tooth print.

  3. I felt the Rush Hour top in store this morning – it is thick and soft. Over $100 for a sweatshirt is too spendy for me so I didn't even try it on.

  4. Nothing for me here but I'm liking that there are colors. I wish the Rush Hour top were less boxy, at least in the photos here.

  5. I am quite certain I am going to like the Rush Hour Jacket. I like the design as well as the colours. Wow we finally got some great jacket colours and a jacket without an entirely cinched waist or open pleated back. I have the Black Kanto Catch Me Jacket from last year as well LLM and I love it and have had lots of wear out of it so far.

    I bought the Rush Hour l/s in Sapphire this a.m. and it doesn't look boxy and baggy as the model pic here. She is wearing a larger size making it look baggy and the shoulder seams go past her shoulder. I had to size down from my usual size 6 because it looked like the model pics but the size 4 fits nicely with no boxy baggy look. I am very happy with this top. I would like the 1/2 zip in Darkest Magenta, finally a more purple plum than pinky plum. I know the price is steep but they won't be getting any cheaper so if I can get a couple in colours I love than I will pay the price. I am actually looking forward to this upload…

    1. I wear a size 2 in Rulu tops normally, so, unfortunately, it isn't going to be possible for me to size down. This is what I'm upset about seeing that the rulu tops all look a lot looser fitting now.

  6. I tried on the rush hour long sleeve today. The pattern grey one felt slick not like rulu at all. I tried in a blue. Didn't look at the hang tag maybe sapphire….I only tried it on because it had cuffins and I live me some cuffin's but it didn't fit so good. The band around the bottom was snug and made the rest of it a little puffy so i tried a size down and that was no good either. I rarely run in my rulu tops anyway because I over heat. Easy pass for me. I did like the belle long sleeve but NOT for $98. I left the store with a pair of socks. I just don't like the fabrics on anything right now. I did buy the vintage paisley winder unders in fuschia and really like those. The tiny tooth interests me too. I agree a pullover in that print would be awesome. I also breezed thru athleta…they have a lot of lulu''esque items right now. Herringbone, black and wine and navy. Some really cute pants though.

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