1. I received my teeny tooth high times today and they are absolutely incredible. I'm a big fan of textured high times and wunder unders and these are probably my new favourite!

  2. nada..a little irritated that only a select few were e-mailed for the Nulux Florence pant. I am a frequent online shopper for years. But it's okay..I am not entitled.. I don't need them and I find the marketing ploy (of "limited" quantity –but deteriorating quality– only for the select) more disturbing. Other regular retailers (Saks, Nordstroms, bloomingdale's) cater to their frequent flyers and don't differentiate amongst them. Sorry for the ranting. It's just work out clothes..not worth it

    1. The email link was put on the upload page last week for all to have access for sign up. It wasn't sent to a specific few but you did have to notice the little box on the landing page to sign up.

  3. What…some people got to buy the florence wup….what? I went to page when I clicked on email but I didn't realize I had to click on box again on website and fill in info….bummer…so only a few get opportunity to buy them?

    1. I don't think so. I haven't heard this. You just had to add your email address to the list. As far as I know nobody has gotten pants or a heads up about it uploading.

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