1. Savasana jacket is cute from the front(just received mine). It would be the perfect raincoat BUT the back poufs out and looks like I have a bubble butt! :((

  2. Tried the Savasana jacket and it was amazing until I turned around. The back is ridiculous. Why oh why do they have to overdue things by over designing them or the opposite is true sometimes when they under design. Can't there just be an amazing middle. And I don't mean boring middle I mean classy, functional, well made middle………..

  3. I absolutely agree with everyone who commented above about the Savasana Jacket, the back is horrible. This is the very reason I didn't buy the Belle Wrap because it has the same open pleat. I think this is a cheap detail that looks worse than having no detail at all.

    1. yes! Totally agree with you. I too, think it is a cheap 'detail' they are using and that it is for sure worse than no detail at all.

  4. Down for a run vest is exact same from last year which went on MD lmfao! I saw three colors in the shop today. Lulu- you ain't foolin anyone! These didn't sell from last year so you are selling at full price!?!!

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