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Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve/Brave Olive, Divinity Scarf, Sattva Sweater, Rush Hour Jacket, Like Nothing 7/8 Tight

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve/Brave Olive, Divinity Scarf, Sattva Sweater, Rush Hour Jacket, Like Nothing 7/8 Tight

As I mentioned in the post bellow, Ebates Coupons and Cash Back now has Lululemon listed as offering shoppers 2% cash back (but only for americans on the .com site, not the .ca site – BOO!). If you sign up, use my referral button or this link []. If you use my referral link I get a small commission. Not sure what that is exactly as I’ve never used Ebates before but I’ve signed up years ago through a friend who told me it was well worth my while. And then I kicked myself this last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale when I was reminded after checking out that I could have received an additional 7% back.

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve/Brave Olive

Divinity Scarf

Sattva Sweater

Rush Hour Jacket

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    • I stepped into my local lulu at lunch and asked, they are freshly displayed on the pant wall (and the folding table is still there!! eaton centre, toronto). the girl proudly told me that "new generation" inspire crops have the mesh, i had to resist chuckling in her face. she was probably 2 when Lulu was at peak quality LOL

  • It says this on the us ebates site…Lululemon is no longer affiliated with Ebates and does not sponsor or endorse Ebates services. I do not think they participate anymore.

  • That LS Swiftly is gorgeous in some pictures and drab and blah in others. I ordered it so I can check it out in person. Although I'm sure I will regain sanity between now and when it arrives and realize I can't justify spending nearly $80 on what is essentially a long-sleeved t-shirt, no matter how pretty it may be. I'll probably return it but don't live close enough to a store to check it out there. I'm worried that since it's one of the few attractive items uploaded this week it might sell out before it makes it to WMTM, but I'll probably take that risk. I noticed the Swiftlies in WMTM aren't selling either, probably because a meager $9 discount is insulting given the recent price hike.

    • I noticed that too, WMTM Swiftlies are still there. I thought the true red one will sell out. weeks later it is still there available in pretty much all sizes (at least on the Canadian side).

    • I was so tempted by the true red one but went back and forth long enough that I realized I don't love it enough to justify the price tag, even on WMTM. Plus I have no idea what my Swiftly size is since I'm between sizes so didn't want to risk being stuck with a $69 shirt that's the wrong size. If the discount were greater I'd probably bite the bullet and buy, but at $69 it isn't a great price.

      I hope Lulu learns a lesson from these price hikes and realize that people simply aren't willing to pay the inflated prices. Not that I really expect them to back track and lower the prices but I can dream.

    • I love how the true red looks online and would have seriously considered getting all three versions, but in reality, it's a rather orangey red that I don't find attractive.

    • agree anon 10:43 and anon 10:44! I have seen True Red in person and it is more of an orangey red (will admit though, that I do love True Red in the Luon fabric, but not so much in any of the other fabrics). The black that's heathered in with the True Red in the Swiftly tops makes it look more "rusty" colour overall and was disappointing in person.

      Personally I'm on the fence on how I feel about the new Brave Olive Swiftly tops… looks like it could be kind of a yucky colour from what I can tell in the close up photos online and it's hard to tell what the pattern is… not sure how I'd feel if I see them in person, may be nicer in person… I adore Swiftlies and also floral and lace patterns, just not sure about the Brave Olive colour… Also – the prices – yikes! Maybe they'll end up on WMTM …for 9 bucks off, a dollar more than their old regular price… sigh…

    • I agree with the others that the True Red is an orangey red and in person I did not like it all. I actually went to my store this a.m. to buy the Black/Olive Swiftly s/s but in person I just didn't love the colour so I didn't buy. I got the Rush Hour Jacket in Deep Magenta and I love it.

    • aliswanson, let us know what you think when you get it! Hope you end up loving it. 🙂

      I caved and ordered it with fingers crossed it will be really nice and I'll love it. Swiftly tops are a staple for me and I wear them daily so thought I'd take a chance since I love beautiful floral and lace patterns. I would love one like this in the new Deep Fuschia colour, or Tofino Teal, those would be really beautiful with this pattern!

    • I was in love with the Dark Olive Swiftly when I first saw it on LLM's fit review post. I was even more excited when I saw it in the s/s version on the Tuesday drop. I went to my store Wed. a.m. fully intending to buy it but I didn't. I just didn't love the colour in person and that's not saying it isin't nice, maybe it was the store lighting and I should have taken it home to check it out in different lighting. When I start humming and hawing over something I tend to say No don't buy it, especially with the higher prices. I do like the print and hope they will bring it out in some other colours.

  • Hi! Lulumum, I was wondering if the the new nulu fabric has a similar feel to luxtreme. I am looking for a black pant that is matte and does not attract lint and hair like luon. Thanks to anyone who has any insight.

  • I purchased it but I haven't worn it yet. to be honest I haven't even washed it out yet. I didn't notice it to be thinner than other switftlies I have. the color is gorgeous!!
    my thought process was this – if it snags or stretches out I will just return it. Lulu accepts returns for quality issues, at least that's what they keep saying.

    • Try actually returning something for quality issues though – you will be treated like a terrible person that ruined expensive clothes on purpose.

    • I know my store isn't too bad but I have a hit your stride skirt in watermelon I wore for the first time and it ran when I handwashed it in cold water. I also have a backpack that I used carrying pants and a small lunch to work x 10 that the metal hardware on. Sometimes they are ok but still dread it.

    • if I ever need to return something due to quality issues (I've never done it before) I will make sure I put my 'bish don't mess with me' face on, haha.

  • LuLu being on eBates is about 4-5 years too late for me. I could've made a ton if they had been on there for the past five years. I am pretty much done with them now. I might buy one or two things a season now.

    • I agree. It's too little too late. Now their new designs don't appeal to me at all and I rarely buy anything now vs. even 3 years ago where I bought every single upload.

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