1. I am glad I have LLL jackets from the past (more than 3 years old) because this jacket is sad and a sorry excuse for a LLL jacket. I haven't bought a jacket in the past 3 years because that's when they started to make them less often and anything they did put out, I disliked and determined each one was not worth the price (ugly, frumpy, etc.) Now I can see that as the last few years progressed, their jackets have just cheapened and cheapened.

    I don't like anything else in the above pictures either. Frumpy, unimaginative, and extremely overpriced.

  2. That Bend and twist tank is a terribly executed design. It looks awful from the front and the back. I'm not even interested in the price.

  3. I have to agree that 2016 has been a horrible year for jackets and in the last 3 years I have only bought the Fleecy Keen Jacket and the Kanto Catch Me Jacket, both of which I absolutely love and had so much wear out of both of them. Do I prefer the jackets from the past, absolutely so I was glad to buy the Rush Hour jacket that is more reminiscent of styles I prefer over all the jackets this year with cinched waists and the horrible open pleated backs. I am also glad they finally gave us some colours other than black and white. The Deepest Magenta and Sapphire Blue are both gorgeous colours. What I like about this jacket is that it is perfect for Fall, the rulu is cozy and warm and the glyde helps to block the wind. It has almost all the features I look for in a technical jacket except I wish it had cuffins instead of just thumbholes for cooler days. Overall I am very pleased with this jacket and know that just like the Kanto Katch Me Jacket I will get lots of wear out of the Rush Hour.

    1. The new Rush Hour Jacket is so close, but no cigar, imo, now of course, this is coming from someone who hasn't tried it on so just going off what I can see in photos. It just seems to be lacking something (compared to jackets of the "good old days") that I can't quite put my finger on. I do love that it comes in Black, White, Sapphire Blue, and Deepest Magenta, and I love glyde/rulu jackets and vests. But yes, compared to all the more recent jackets this one is much more acceptable. I wonder why they haven't had any new glyde/rulu vests this season? I like the one I got a couple years ago. In fact, I bought two (in need, and got two basic go with everything colours) One in Black (glyde with floral petals embossed tone on tone pattern on the front/heather black wee stripes rulu for the back) and one in Ghost (plain glyde front and heather grey/ghost stripe rulu on back), can't remember the name of it but it's a nice vest with a flattering fit. I tried on the Kanto Catch Me Vest (didn't try the jacket) last year and it was ok, I can't remember the reason I decided against purchasing it though (pretty sure I just ended up buying other stuff instead that I wanted more). Anyway, I used to love all the jackets Lulu used to make with all the special details (ruffles, ruching, etc, even the overall shape of the design and fit was more feminine and flattering), all the things that made Lulu extra special and unique and stand out from all the rest.

  4. Hi Anon 8:16a.m. I am Anon 5:51a.m. A friend of mine has the down jacket with rulu panels from either last year or the year before which I love and wished I had purchased it, although at little too warm for Fall. I love my Kanto Katch Me Jacket and I like it better than the Rush Hour mainly because the workmanship and finish is better than the Rush Hour but because I have worn it so much I thought it would be a good idea to get the Rush Hour Jacket as a second choice option. I still get compliments on my Kanto Katch Me and will wear it until it falls apart. I wore my Rush Hour Jacket yesterday and was very pleased with it as far as fit, feel and technical aspects of the jacket. The vests you describe sound really nice and you were smart to buy two especially when you like them so much. I have learned to do that with a few items I really love and am so happy I did. I have been wanting to buy another Hustle Jacket so badly and that is one item I wished I had bought of at the time. There are so many beautifully designed and detailed jackets from the past that I would love to buy but sadly this new management team wants nothing to do with designs before their time.

    1. They both sound like a really nice jackets and glad to hear you're loving yours. Hearing how pleased you are with your new Rush Hour Jacket makes me want to give it a try on see what I think! If I loved the way it fits and feels then I'd love a White one, or the purple or blue (such beautiful colours!) I really do love the Glyde/Rulu combination for jackets and vests, very nice feel and function. Enjoy! ps The Hustle Jackets are beautiful! I too wish they would bring those back! from Anon5:51am.

  5. I look at all these pictures and everything just looks frumpy and ill fitting. Another LLL addict that used to spend hundreds each upload, and now I spend all my time trolling ebay looking for old classics. 🙁

  6. Honestly, lulumum, I'm not even sure why you do this anymore. I have been a die hard Lulu fan for years. I actually became a fan during the pantsgate scandal & it didn't even matter to me. The brand was so special. The clothing was so special and detail oriented. Everything fit beautifully. The weekly uploads were exciting, But I heard nothing but weekly complaints about quality. Even though I thought it was great & could still feel the difference between Lulu & other brands. Every upload was still exciting. Since they changed the website, it feels generic. Unexciting. Not special Nymore. I no longer look forward to Tuesday's. They have become generic. Random colors here & there. Nothing that really matches anymore. Sporadic. I can honestly say that for the first time in 5 years, I have completely forgotten about the upload the last 4 weeks in a row. Sad. We had a good run.,,,,

    1. I hear you. I completely understand. I hope you stick around though because I have several posts I've planned for the coming weeks talking about other things. A lipstick review (found something amazing!), a Zara haul, a consignment find of high end shoes with a coupon code to share, an athletic brand boutique that is sharing a coupon code with readers, more Karma reviews. My creative juices are flowing and I really, really hope you stick around. Blogging is fun for me because it's a conversation with a community of women that are just like me.

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