Speed Wunder Tight Nulux


Interesting blog comment from a reader that has tried these on. They are really quite sheer. I wonder if they will be pulled. It’s a shame though because the material is so nice. I really wonder why they didn’t develop this material for something like a long sleeve pullover or a run tank. For bottoms, they really need to be darker, and well tested for opacity before they attempt a light/white print. 

City Bound Wrap, Dropt Pants, Muscle Swing Tank


Dropt Pants, Muscle Swing Tank

 Hotty Hot Shorts, Locarno Long Sleeve

Two Ways Bra


  1. Ok am I seeing things or is the seem on the hood not lining up with the seem on the back of that wrap coat thing. If it doesn't line up thats just not right! Poor workmanship and no excuse.

  2. LLM you wrote this 'and well tested for opacity before they attempt a light/white print' – 100% agree!! are there any female lulu employees?? did they think to have one of the ladies try them on before manufacturing hundreds/thousands(?) of pieces that are see-thru??!! What a waste of money, resources, fabrics, time, energy….. I just cannot with this company nowadays.

  3. They really mean "naked sensation" literally. To me, when it comes to bottoms, nice material and see-through are mutually exclusive. You almost have to admire the audacity of offering something of that quality at that price.

  4. ugh Speed Wunder Tight NULUX 100% see through. I tried them on this morning and even the Educators admitted they are very see thru. I hate this fabric also. Am I supposed to run in these or do yoga? Very odd fabric. I also hated NULU which pilled like hell! Complete shit quality for $128+tax on US side! NO THANKS!

    1. There's a lot of white in the print so you probably can't wear hot pink striped underwear with them but they didn't seem exactly sheer to me. They should have started with nulux tops, where compression and opacity don't really matter.

  5. A lot of the time if pants end up see-through or have pilling, the wearer needs to go up a size. Yes, it is stretchy material, and you can probably "fit" into a smaller pair, but each fabric has its stretch limits.

    1. I'm the Anon 2:41. I am normally a SZ 2 and tried on Sz4. Sz4 was sheer on me! I can see my ass cheek on a bend test. I'm not a sz8 and tried on SZ 6 CHIP!!!

    2. I Love when they blame the customer for poor quality! Such a great sales strategy!! You can buy $130 pants but if your legs run together sorry the fabric deteriorates! Awesome!

    3. Thanks Chip!
      Just teasing, I appreciate your comment. Please look at my following post of the pants minimally stretched over a hand.Keep in mind that I have a lot of tolerance for print fade and white back showing, but when you see flesh tone through the material that is a big problem. While acknowledging that your comment is sometimes true, I urge you to try these pants on for yourself and see if they are sheer. Specifically, this NULUX is very different from luon and I think the stretch limitation/opacity is much more sensitive for this pant than luon or luxtreme.

    4. @Anon 5:08 – instead of paying employees to comment on blogs with incendiary comments to force support for your product, it's probably a better use of your money to go back to the drawing board on these pants and invest in something called *quality*.

    5. the turnover rate for Lululemon sales people is pretty high these days. I used to know ladies who worked there for 3+ years. Every time I go into one of the NJ stores, it's always someone new…. The good ones are all leaving. I was told in private that company has changed and the store employees are treated like crap. There goes their MANIFESTO LOL

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