There have been numerous reviews about the new lululemon NULUX pants being sheer and here is another picture to share of a close up of the nulux material stretched over skin. It’s really a shame that Lululemon didn’t do more testing (or any it seems) on the opacity of this material. Had they judged it too sheer for tight pants, the material could still have been used for run pullovers, tops and tanks. The material feels really lovely and despite initially not liking it I actually do love the look of the print (It’s a very nuanced neutral) but it’s just a total function fail for tight run bottoms. That’s not to mention the fact that they can’t be used for yoga (back zipper) and are not compressive enough for distance running, and lack the function of run dedicated pockets. I was thinking about the compression issue today and realized that for my gym use, the lack of compression will equate to a lot of bounce with plyometric type exercises.  This is all based on my own observation and feedback from other readers, but that being said there will be a large segment of customers that will absolutely love these and will not be bothered by the sheerness. I am bothered by the price tag attached $138 ($154.55 with tax for me), and the marketing hype for these. 

Months ago Lululemon put out the Speed Wunder Tights in Deep Sea print which where Full-On-Luxtreme. I purchased those and loved them, and found them opaque but ended up returning them due to the price. $128 ($143 with tax). If you read the reviews on those pants though they are very negative with a lot of people saying they are completely sheer. I think for these premium price tags Lululemon really has to up their game and provide OPAQUE pants. This is the number one concern for women in athletic apparel. Will my pants be sheer at the gym? That’s not an issue of modesty, thats an issue of feeling decent and feeling confident and focused in your workout. That is a function of athletic apparel they need to be committed to addressing. No new marketing jargon of ‘pant sensation’, ‘naked feeling’, ‘hugged feeling’ will make most of us overlook the glaring issue that our pants are sheer during squats, bends, lunges, good mornings or whatever workout you use your athletic apparel for. 


First two Speed Wunder Tights NULUX reviews online

  1. I can't believe that all fabrics for bottoms are not checked for sheerness. I think they were betting on the busy print detracting customers from noticing the sheerness or overlook it because they love the print and will just wear a long top over them. I hope they get a whole s__tload of grief over these. Shame on you Lululemon, sheer fabric bottoms are not innovative, functional, or worthy of such a high price tag.

    I am getting so disgusted by what this company is willing to do to get their costs down. Poor quality construction, cheap details, cheap fabrics, cheap designs, sheer fabrics, high prices and thinking we are gullible enough to keep buying it because it has a lulu logo on it.

  2. OMG I tried these on today and oh boy! COMPLETELY SEE THRU! I'm a size 4 Luon but sometimes I wear 6 on Luxtreme. I tried on size 6 and holy moly! The sales person told me she can see my nude underwear and my skin….. I was mortified. The manager came over and she said her day has been like hell with numerous customers complaining about the see thru material and how they can justify $128. She told me and everyone else to call GEC. I told her GEC is totally useless. Manager is pretty sure they will be given instructions to pull all the Nulux Marble pants off the shelves.

    Anyway, I left there with a couple pairs of the new black and white print speed shorts which are very cute.

  3. It baffles me that they continue to make sheer pants. I bought a pair of WHITE crops made by Nux off of Carbon38 this summer and they are perfectly opaque. I can even wear hot pink underwear without any see-thru issues. The fabric feels like old luon to me. And on top of it all, they were only $68. So, it can be done!! Lulu needs to get it together!

    1. I absolutely LOVE old school Luon – by far my favourite Lulu fabric ever (I only buy Luon bottoms for yoga, do not like Luxtreme at all for yoga). I also really love white clothing and have been wishing for white Wunder Under Crops and white Groove Pants (both with the original waistbands)… but know that in reality these days white Lululemon bottoms would end up being sheer if they ever made them 🙁 Thanks for posting this, I'll have to check them out 🙂

  4. I'm torn. I actually love these pants and raved about the fabric…before I really checked the sheerness. I actually don't like compression and don't see the need for it considering I run in shorts in the summer…which have no compression, which is why I love the fabric feel. Compression just squishes me in the waist and that's not comfy. Aside from that, I love the print on these but now I've just gone back and checked them with nude undies. I can't see the nude undies but if I do an extreme bend over, I see the sheer. Does that bother me? Not SO much because I would never bend that way under normal running circumstances lol. But for that price, yeah it should NOT be sheer.

    I'm torn because I love the feel/fit of these and actually like the back zip. I don't like normal speed tights. But that's too much for sheerness 🙁

    1. I am by no means "super fit". I have athletic curvy behind and legs. Tried on my normal size 8 and actually really liked them. I was surprised. I did the bend over test and my friend (who is an educator and sometimes too honest in her opinions) said they looked great and couldn't see anything. If be curious to know if people are just trying too small of size.

    2. Hang on to them for the two weeks and see if they get recalled – and them decide. Regardless, if you love them and wear them but then they get recalled they will very likely take them back. The print is really gorgeous, and the material feels really great. I think for your figure the sheerness is much less of an issue since you are super fit, then for us mere mortals.

    3. They looked fantastic on you, and fantastic on Ms. R. If I had your figures and I was using them for running I would keep them.

    4. Do you think maybe the sizing is off on these contributing to the sheerness? I wonder if they run half a size small (allowance made because of the lycra) and that is contributing to sheerness. I am always a size 10 in pants, occasionally (seldom) depending on where I am with my fitness I have been a size 8. I am really curious to try a size 12 now to see if that eliminates the sheerness.

      I noticed more sheerness at home in day light vs. in store with fitting room lighting.

  5. I'm torn. I actually love these pants and raved about the fabric…before I really checked the sheerness. I actually don't like compression and don't see the need for it considering I run in shorts in the summer…which have no compression, which is why I love the fabric feel. Compression just squishes me in the waist and that's not comfy. Aside from that, I love the print on these but now I've just gone back and checked them with nude undies. I can't see the nude undies but if I do an extreme bend over, I see the sheer. Does that bother me? Not SO much because I would never bend that way under normal running circumstances lol. But for that price, yeah it should NOT be sheer.

    I'm torn because I love the feel/fit of these and actually like the back zip. I don't like normal speed tights. But that's too much for sheerness 🙁

  6. I tried these on in store yesterday and actually liked the fit and feel. I did not find them to be completely sheer as others have. What the educator told me about them is they are designed strictly for cardio…aka running and not for down dog (yoga). I am not certain this was advised as they designed the tights or if it was an after thought after getting the sheerness feedback. However, The people who are complaining about sheerness need to listen to the educators and use the products as intended. And besides, once you remove the rip tag…you honestly cannot tell any "sheerness". I don't understand the higher price point though. That I cannot get behind.

    1. I'm not a runner, but always thought stretching was considered super important for runners, and that a run included some kind of stretching session afterwards (or after some kind of warm up before the actual run). but what do I know.

    2. Then why are the pants being sold/marketed for basically all activities? I guess the automatons at LLL HQ must not engage in the full range of human motion. I like to, you know, tie my shoe, or stretch, or move…at all. The videos depict people doing Crossfit type workouts and other things that don't exactly lend themselves to being vertical at all times, and 'cardio' encompasses a pretty wide range of activities. I would have laughed my way out of the store if someone told me a pair of pants was designed for running and therefore didn't have to be opaque. I wouldn't even be able to do my job if I were instructed to tell that kind of BS to customers.

    3. this is ridiculous! are we supposed to run with our bodies completely straight? oh, something just dropped out of my pocket; never mind leave it there, I cannot bend. oops my shoe laces came undone; just keep running. wait, I need to stretch my legs; don't, you don't need to, you can do it later at home when no one is watching.
      brilliant lulu, just brilliant!

  7. What a trainwreck watching Lululemon turning into Nike. Hideous prints, thin material, generic look. Nothing looks special anymore. Nothing screams Lulu anymore. I log into the site and don't recognize the lulu of before. Yuck!
    Thumbs down for the new Lulu!

    1. Nike makes a lot that's unflattering. The head of design now for Lulu is from Nike I believe hence all the Nike-ish looking gear.

  8. Goodness, please stop defending this company and trying to rationalize the sheerness re: running a half size small, bad batches etc. It's simply ridiculous. I get so tired of reading this over the years; this vicious circle. Why can't you just leave it at "it's not acceptable, you should know by now, LLL." This is an "athletic" (quotes, because it is quite debatable these days) apparel company that should absolutely not have this issue if appropriate testing and quality control were done. Which we know by now, was not done (from years of observation and experience). This is the same old, same old from LLL. Let's go for looks, what's trendy and hot, and forget about substance. Who's accountable? The designers or Potdevin & Co.? All of them. The feedback falls on deaf ears because they are focused on top line growth, cost cutting, global expansion. They do not care about the true athlete anymore, they only pretend to.

    This BS line "they're designed only for running" has got to go. Yes, some items have features (lightweight, compressive, pockets, no pockets, etc.) that are geared towards a particular activity. Myself, I absolutely get it because I am a hard core runner and yogi. However, in today's current times, they know by now their apparel needs to serve many activities. Haven't they even made a point of saying they are now focused on gym goers, Cross Fit, Boot Camp, TRX participants and so forth? So don't give us this line that "they're really only for running." Way to not make the sale!

    It's no skin off my nose. I'm not dramatic about any of this. I actually do not like the print at all; I think it's dirty looking and overall it has zero appeal to me. The softness/feeling of the fabric may be its only positive attribute. The overall deterioration of LLL bottoms in particular, in the last few years, has meant they don't get my money for those items.

    And correct, there are many brands out there that offer great, technically sound (i.e. comfort, performance, no sheerness, great looking) apparel that costs less than LLL or even more, if that's the way you roll. I can think of a number of brands, which I actually won't mention here because you'll think I'm shilling for them, which I am not.

    Anyhow, I used to spend much more on LLL that I do today. The LLL rose-coloured and myopic glasses came off a long time ago. They still do some things well, but less and less (hello, CRB1 going/gone and this sorry excuse of the CRB2; final straw for me). I have come to expect far less from this brand and I won't be suckered by the crazy prices for crap quality or 'design', largely the vomitous amount of mesh.

    Sorry, comment is longer than intended. Thanks for reading it if you did.

    1. So true, I agree. (I actually went to the store to try on the new Nulux tights. The hand feel is very nice indeed. In deep bend, they were see-through. I'm not a runner, so I wouldn't be interested in buying it, but I think the sheerness and the price will doom this first Nulux batch.)

  9. I agree with Anon 3:18am that this is just not acceptable. Should LLL start a line called "skinny girl sheer" where product that is sheer can only be worn by skinny girls who won't stretch the fabric? This reminds of the Aligns Nulu fabric that everyone was raving about when it was first introduced. The feel of the fabric is fabulous but the quality/performance sucks due to excessive pilling and poor seams. Being that Nulux fabric is sheer I wouldn't hold my breath that it is going to hold up in the quality department especially with the track record of this company of late.

  10. Agree with you both anon 3:18am and 5:36am. I really don't understand how people are so quick to defend this company after all we've seen. It's just one thing after another, and yet, there are still many people (sheeple) willing to go along with it all.

    In the photos above it is clear that the pants are sheer with just a finger stretching the fabric minimally. I can't even imagine this working for the straight 'ruler' type shapes, even on those shapes the legs and butt going stretch the fabric more than what is shown in the photos above. And it makes no difference whether supposed to be for run or whatever, there is no excuse for sheer pants, especially at this price. I have to shake my head at anyone who tries to justify this, I just don't understand that at all.

  11. All this talk and prior knowledge about sheerness is almost laughable when you think about the digital lace print launching soon… will sell out over night and I plan to partake!

  12. Agree with 3:18. Amen sister.
    In particular, the "too small of a size" argument makes me want to scream. I am so sick of it. With athletic gear especially, size is such a personal preference. There is not a "correct" size. If someone is – according to lulu educators or their measurements or the opinion of others on the blogs – a size 8, but they prefer a 4 because they personally feel that a 4 is more comfortable and provides extra function (i.e., compression, etc.), then that makes a 4 their size. Size for athletic performance gear is not an objective stat like height or weight. I can't even count the number of times that I have been told I had the "wrong size" by lulu educators (I prefer a size up from what they think I should be cause I don't like tight clothing). It makes me want to smack them. Although, honestly, almost everything the educators do lately makes me want to smack them. They can't all be THAT weird and excessively happy naturally…. It has to be the way they are trained or something. It makes my skin crawl. Thank god for online shopping. When I go to return things I seriously consider taking a shot first just so I can survive the in-store experience without being rude or violent. Ha.

    1. Agreed. …and yes, the *educators* and all the weird Lulu jargon are so cult like, it makes my skin crawl as well, seriously, it has always been a huge turn off from the brand for me as well. I mean, I love a lot of the clothes (although not so much these days… discontinued favourites, generic looking overpriced crap, all the mesh, downhill quality overall, designs clearly designed with cost cutting in mind over all else, etc etc, I sound like a broken record, haha) but hate that (the weird cultish) aspect of it all, as well as the way this company does what it does.

    2. Right. Or lululemon is manufacturing sheer pants, as they've done before. Here is some information on their past official recall

      here is a picture of the level of sheer pants they are willing to manufacture and send to stores for educators to sell, and promote. This recall was followed by many remarks just like your own here.

      If the pants are good for you, then wear them happily and proudly.

    3. "The ingredients, weight and longevity qualities of the pants remain the same but the coverage does not, resulting in a level of sheerness in some of our women's black Luon bottoms that falls short of our very high standards," the company said in a statement.

      ^these remarks where made after months of customers complaints being met with 'these are not meant for working out in', 'you are wearing the wrong size', and my personal favourite, relabelling Wunder Unders that where sheer and renaming them 'unders' with instructions that the pants are meant to be layered under longer tops and skirts.

  13. This is no surprise to me, which is sad. I think running is more forgiving on sheerness but this lacks compression and pockets like you said!

  14. by no means am I defending Lululemon's latest shenanigans but is it possible these sheer running tights are made smaller to accommodate runners' body sizing. I find in most running brands like Asics, Adidas Adizero/Supernova clothes are made smaller than other sub-brands for training or lifestyle. ie. I wear LLL4 = Adizero/Supernova S but extra-small in all other Adidas. HTH

    1. From what I am reading there have been no comments or reviews stating these are running small or are not tts. Some have stated they have sized up but still get the sheerness.

  15. For those of you who want to read how Lululemon is responding to poor reviews of the Speed Wunder Under Tights go read the reply by LLL to YogaAtheltic Sept. 7 review. I am at a loss for words after reading it.

    1. I just submitted a response to LLL's response calling them out on the fact that the website says they're designed for yoga and asked if they'll claim the pants aren't for running if/when it turns out this Nulux fabric pills. We'll see if they actually post my comment.

    2. LOL that reply is amazing. Also, sweaty cardio sessions could include burpees…. which require great coverage. Lulu just blows my mind sometimes. At least it's entertaining! 🙂

  16. Sorry they did not give you the coverage you were after???!!!! Are we not all after covering our panties and rear end when buying pants? This remark sounded like a Shill review. I tried these pants on and the feel of Nulux is amazing… Geez a person just states the pants are sheer and you get a digital team member expounding on how great they feel. I guess we should all be rushing out to buy these high priced sheer pants because they feel so amazing.

  17. I had tried to post a review twice of the speed wunder tights – each time for some reason it was never posted. Lucky for me, I work with programming and was able to run a couple tests and found out that lululemon does indeed filter out reviews with negative feedback. Shame on you, lululemon!!

    1. try writing a review using affirmative statements. like, these pants are amazingly sheer, if you want your panties to be exposed please buy these, etc
      let's see how that works for them lol

    2. I heard thru the grapevine that lululemon was trying to sell as many of these speed wunder tights to their 'sheep customers' (a term that an actual lululemon employee used) prior to issuing a recall so that they can make as much money as they can off of this blunder….LLM would you happen to know anything about this?

    3. Yup indeed they are trying their best to push them on customers. I'm not falling for it. They tried that on me and I asked them why I would pay $128+ tax for something that is sheer? I tried them on for shits and giggles. I'm a sz2 and tried on 4. YUP VERY SHEER! She said "oh shit"

  18. Some of The sales girls at Lulu are the biggest idiots I know. I went into one of the stores in CT and inquired about those see thru tights. She told me to try them on and see what I think. I indeed tried them on and had my light pink thongs on. No bend over test needed. I can see they are sheer where I see th light pink color of my thongs, my skin and the rip tag. The idiot proceeds to tell me they are completely opaque!?!? I asked her if she needs glasses and she said she has 20/20 vision and they look great on me. I'm a sz4 5'7" 25 waist and 35" hips and weigh 112 lbs. I'm pretty thin and lean. I'm a marathon runner (I run two full a year and do 2 half ironman a year) and I would never wear those for running. I'm a serious runner and train all the time. Lululemom tights unravel at the seams and i have to treat them as I do my lingerie. NO THANKS!

    1. Sales girls are sales girls. just because they have been nicknamed 'Educators' does not make their job anymore glamorous, or require any higher level qualifications for that matter. By giving their sales team names like 'Educators', it boosts the esteem of their employees, makes it more desirable to work there, and all the while the company does not have to provide them with any 'real' incentives, like good wages, benefits, etc…. Very smart HR move, actually.

    2. anon 9:16AM considering the high amount of running time you do, what running gear would you recommend? do you have a favorite brand for tights/crops/shorts?

    3. Anon 10:27- I wear a ton of 2XU, Sweaty Betty and Nike running tights. I can wash them w towels and they still look perfect. I don't dry them tho. I just hang dry them. I use Arm and Hammer and Tide Sport liquid detergents which work great.

  19. LOL the 'benefits' that lululemon gives to its 'Educators' are pretty embarrassing for a company of that size. I'm surprised this actually hasnt been a bigger issue within the employees themselves

    1. I've worked on the business side of Lululemon. Let me tell you – after moving on to another company, I can tell you, the benefits they offer really are an embarrassment.

  20. I have a pretty good relationship with eds at local stores and some have been very direct in their response to 'have people been complaining about sheerness' and others have been indirectly saying the same. The party line is 'these are for running, not suitable for gym workouts'. I wouldn't put an Ed in a position of answering a question that hurts their employement so I drop it but it is clear there is a lack of confidence in these pants, in this particular print.

  21. Note to LLL which increases its prices for lesser quality and design, and thinks it can compete in the luxury retail sector:

    "The latest statistics underpinning the sector aren’t all that encouraging for upscale apparel retailers. Overall sales of women’s clothing and accessories grew by a threadbare 0.5 per cent between June 2015 and June 2016, according to Statistics Canada, while men’s clothing fell by 0.1 per cent during the same period. Footwear sales rose two percent.
    Meanwhile, sales of home electronics, including cameras and computers, were up 6.5 per cent. 'The luxury market is stuck in a holding pattern for the foreseeable future,' said Claudia D’Arpizio, lead author of the study, predicting continued, measured growth of 2 to 3 per cent through 2020."

    Quote from:

  22. Just out of curiosity went to one of my local stores to check out these pants. Guess what they are completely sold out in all sizes. They had some kind of event with one of the cross fit gyms which gives participants 20% off . With 20% off sheerness wasn't an issue I guess

    1. I'm not surprised, and I'm sure the discount didn't make much of a difference. I am currently and Educator, and we were instructed by upper management to aggressively push these pants as much as we could to sell them prior to a recall (if it will happen). I don't agree with this but…oh well!

    2. omg, what is wrong with people… I wouldn't wear these pants if they were free and/or paid me to…

      Anon 6:15, I'm not surprised that they are trying to push the pants… this company truly disgusts me.

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