1. I feel like a broken record here, but this stuff is so generic looking. like, there is nothing that says lululemon. I could buy similar items anywhere else (for less the price and sometimes better quality too!)

    1. I agree. Nothing looks like LLL anymore. All the cute details and designs have been replaced with the same mass-produced stuff available anywhere.

    2. Totally agree with both of you. And you're not alone in feeling like you sound like a broken record, I feel the same way in most of my comments these days. …generic looking, nothing special that used to separate LLL from the rest, ridiculous prices, downhill quality, enough with the mesh, etc etc, etc, haha, I've been saying it over and over again so many times …but not really funny though 🙁 I'd rather be saying positive things, but not much positive to say…

  2. I think the bra straps showing in the first photo look odd! I get the concerpt of the wild bra… but those random 2 lines look odd & rather uncomfortable imo

  3. I tried on the wrap and it was hideous on my short frame. I tried on a size 2 even though I'm a size 6 on top and I was swimming in it. I also didn't like the feel or look of the cheap plastic snaps for closure and think for such a high price tag they could've put on a classier metal snap at the very least.

  4. I was at one of the stores today and didn't find anything interesting. Thought of buying a Free To Be Bra or a Define Jacket in one of the new prints but with the ridiculous price increase, I ended up not getting anything.

    I miss the days when duffel bags, Dance Studio Pants and Remix/Scuba Hoodies were $98.

    1. My four pairs of DSP from 2011 and 2013 are still in great shape. The pant bottom which rubs against the shoes does pill, but the waistband doesn't roll and the styling looks better. The best part is, I got them all at $98. 🙂

    2. I miss the days when I didn't have to try on DSP before I bought them knowing they would fit. Thanks to either a major screw up by the manufacturer or cost controls the DSP has changed in fit and now gives me a camel toe and wedgie. How could this happen to the most comfortable pants I have ever owned? They wonder why we are so angry, are they freaking clueless? First they take away the most amazing Dance Studio Crops then redesign and mess up the fit of the DSP so that they no longer fit me properly and I can no longer buy them. Thanks Mr. Potdevin for ruining another classic.

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