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Ready To Rulu Pant, Muscle Love Crop Tank, Divinity Scarf, Essential Rhythm Pant

Ready To Rulu Pant, Muscle Love Crop Tank, Divinity Scarf, Essential Rhythm Pant

Ready To Rulu Pant, Muscle Love Crop Tank

Divinity Scarf, Essential Rhythm Pant

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    • Well that's interesting and intriguing. Did the data input person make a mistake or did they realize the price was way out of whack? I don't recall this happening before so I tend to think it was not a mistake. I have to laugh when LLL responses in regard to price hikes is, we look at the value the garment brings to how we price it, and they thought $64. was appropriate??? The value thing garment brings to me the consumer is zilch.

    • I know! Their responses always come off as an eye rolling contrived spiel of BS. The one I laughed at the most recently was the response to a reviewer on Swiftly LSs asking why the prices have increased (on US side only, not long after price increase a couple months ago). What a load of BS that was.

  • The Muscle Love Crop tank is not only utterly hideous, it is useless. Any price for this top is absolutely hilarious. It is also a disheartening waste of resources.

    I do not like anything else, either. I like the colour of the Divinity Scarf and that is all. That thing is going to be an absolute snagfest.

  • Off topic, but I hope someone can help me with a sizing question. I was thinking of buying a Down For a Run pullover from ebay. I generally wear a 10 in pullovers (like the inspire pullover, star runner, etc.) due to broad shoulders, but wear a 4-6 in CRBs. Can anyone suggest what size I would be in the Down for a Run? Also, if you have any feedback about the pullover in general (how it washes, etc.) I would be much obliged. Thank you so much!!!

    • I have the Down For a Run pullover – i bought true to size and have washed it at least twice, machine wash, delicate cycle and then hung to dry. After it's dried fully i throw it in the dryer with some tennis balls and that fluffs it back up. It's holding up well. I hope that's helpful.

  • Very interesting article about LLL inventory on, I don't know how to do links but you can also google Lululemon shares and get the article.

    The article says their inventory is 55% higher in 2016 2nd qtr than 2015 2nd qtr and they plan to bring two-thirds of it to consumer this quarter at full price and the remaining 1/3 to be placed at outlets and warehouse sales. Their shares are tanking even further due high inventory levels. This answers why WMTM markdowns are not marked down very much as they are trying to get as much as they can for this inventory. I know there are items on WMTM that have been there for months without further reduction from when first put in WMTM. With current product not looking very promising by way of popularity with the consumer this could spell further troubles at LLL. Mr. Potdevin now is the time to bring back classics if you want to make some good full price sales.

    • Wow! One third of inventory on markdown is huge. This is going to really hurt their rep. I never pay full price at Gap or Ann Taylor, because they always, always, always have sales. It's like the full price is a little joke they make and then the 30-50% off is the real price, which is what it's actually worth and all you were ever going to pay anyway. Is that what Lulu wants? To be a deep discounter?

      It's probably not going to do that much good, though. People who are put off by the regular pricing are probably not even looking at the site or going in the stores. The ones who can afford it aren't going to buy crap just because it's marked down. They likely already have a closet full of Lulu and are looking for pieces they love, not just anything cheap that says "Lululemon" on it.

      Plus, many of the current styles are horrid, and won't sell even with a discount. I don't want mesh pants. I don't really care whether they're $108 or $88 or $38. I just won't wear them, so no amount of discount will tempt me into buying them.

      Man, these are dark days.

    • @1:27 you're so right! I don't care for any of the styles and colors on markdown and I'm only going to buy pieces I love. I am also put off by their price increases on everything.

  • Oops! This Anon 9:13a.m. The article I refer to above is an old article from 2015. I googled Lululemon shares this morning because I saw their shares were down quite a bit today and this article was the first thing to come up but didn't realize at the time it was old, sorry!

    • I concur, I don't recall there ever being over 170 items on WMTM. Those swiftys are a joke marked "down" to $69. You'd think someone over there would look at the bigger picture and figure out why the crap they're putting out is not selling, instead they continue to release more garbage?

    • on the WMTM Canadian side they have the Raspberry Glo LS swiftly. like, how old is this color?? and for SS they have the Jeweled Magenta or something like this. If I'm not mistaken these colors were released months and months ago. And all of a sudden they found some left over inventory and they put it up for sale.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if old inventory ended up on WMTM, since the 'sale' price now exceeds the prices those items would have likely sold for originally. Over 160 items on US WMTM is just crazy, especially considering how recently many of these items came out. I think they ended up pulling a lot of things off the site that weren't selling at the original price almost immediately over the last several weeks.

    • I think the Raspberry Glo items were only released 3 or 4 uploads ago? I was actually surprised to see them on WMTM so fast, but I guess that is the way that things have been going. Stuff seems to hit WMTM super fast now. I am excited that the Runaway Jacket has hit WMTM as I have been eying it forever!

    • so much babbling. I don't think anyone pays attention to what these guys say anymore. because we all see the results and they ain't pretty (nor functional, nor feminine, and so on).

    • Agreed, anon @ 8:08. It's great that they body mapped the prints to be flattering, but unfortunately, the prints themselves are not attractive. Or, in the case of Florence, they're attractive, but then they ruined them with dark seaming on the crotch.

      I'm wondering how that was mapped. I'm picturing people sitting around looking at a close up on a monitor and Holman says, "Turn up the contrast on the stitching. Oh, that's it! That's great. Now all you see is crotch. Mmmm, daddy like." So gross. Ok, so I never met the man, don't know anything about him, so I shouldn't slander him, but he's making crap designs and that makes me cranky.

    • Anon 3:04: I personally see nothing wrong with contrast stitching and don't think it ruins the pants imo. I tbelieve normal people don't stare at women's crotches , and pervs will be doing it stitching or not

    • I'm not anon 3:04, but just have to say that anything that draws major attention to the crotch area isn't really a matter of pervs or not, as it just draws *anybody's* eyes to that area regardless, even in a non-pervy way. As for contrast stitching, obviously I prefer not to draw attention to the crotch area, and it just depends on the overall look on me and how I feel about it when I try it on, if I feel it stands out too much and draws the eyes I don't like that obviously. But, those seamless crotch bottoms draw even more attention, imo, really don't like the looks of those, it just doesn't look right.

  • These pictures definitely don't say "workout wear" to me… a woman dancing in an alley wearing a crop top and another woman doing a "squat" in an oversized scarf?! No thanks. None of this is practical for the workouts I do.

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