I ordered the Essentials Tank in Tonic Sea. I’ve been waiting for that tank to upload since I got the Muted Mauve one and wore it to the gym. I love the coverage of that tank and the cut, and the Muted Mauve color is so incredible. Tonic Sea caught my eye in the Energy Bras so I hope the tank in this color is as nice as it is in the bras. If not then I will hope it comes in the Sculpt Tank as well. The Down For It Jacket seems really pricey but I just noticed it’s 700 fill (vs. the usual 650) and it’s DWR. I don’t think the increase should be as substantial as it is but at least for the increase we are seeing a bit of a function boost. I’m a bit bummed that the NULUX Wunder Speed Tight in Florence hasn’t uploaded yet. I’m eager to see if the darker more uniform print works better for me. 

Did you guys order anything? Since this seems to be the ‘big’ first Fall product drop with fluffy items and colourful prints, lets hear what you got. 

Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Midnight Bloom


Down For It Jacket


Down For It Vest

Wunder Under Pant/Diffusion White Black


Wunder Under Crop III


Wunder Under Pant III/Diffusion 


Hotty Hot Shorts

Rush Hour Long Sleeve


Essential Tank


Sculpt Tank


Free To Be Tranquil Bra

Free To Be Zen Bra


Soulful Bra


Soulful Crop Tank


Soulful Pant


Rush Hour Tank


Run All Day Backpack


Wunder Under Crop III Teeny Tooth 


  1. I think it's super silly that they are trying to sell grey Rulu tops when we still have some from last year on WMTM. Anybody else?

  2. I don't have much patience for the slow drizzle of product. I ordered the midnight bloom sculpt tank and mb backpack. Thru the crew neck love tee in there in empower blue. If the love tee ls had been on there at that time would of gotten it instead.
    I had the hotty hott skirt in mb in there also I loved the old version but the reviews are soo bad and it looks so short I took it out. Everything is just too high. First order in awhile.

  3. Lululemon should be renamed to CostcutLemon my goodness! All the fabrics are thinner than ever compared to their other versions, rulu light, pima cotton, "seriously" light luon, like if light luon wasn't thin enough already. CHEAP cost cutting fabrics with higher than ever price points! Who are they fooling, the quality is not what it used to be.

    1. yes, those were the times… They used to have a cute mesh with tiny dots, I think it was called star barre pants from last January, I liked that too. There were so many practical and nice mesh styles, apart from the cheap hooker mesh. I don't buy Pima cotton tops from Lululemon anymore either, they are painfully see-through, and so thin that they twist on my body.

  4. I got speed shorts in midnight bloom though not sure why with colder weather coming. I am thinking the wuc will be too busy…or maybe will look ok with black tops. I thought maybe a bra or sculpt tank but I not sure how boxy fit will be. I so wanted the florence wups….that's all I wanted. I contemplated paisley wuc in black white but think I may be tired of print already lol. Thank goodness they jacked prices so I don't jump on everything like I used to

  5. I'm surprised no one commented on the fact that there are many items in the upload that are from the previous week's upload so it makes it look like there are more new items that there really is?? It's been like that for many uploads now!

    1. I was thinking the same thing!!! How many weeks ago did the Layer Up jacket and vest come out – among other things! Just add it to the list of frustrating things!

  6. Just a tiny irked that only a select few were e-mailed about the Florence Nulux pants. I have been an online Lulu shopper for years. Why were some of us forgotten. The whole principle (by e-mailing a select few)& the advertising gimmick to add to the hype of these Florence & other Nulux pants (admist the deteriorating quality & cost-cutting measures & increasing prices) is upsetting. Not that I am entitled. Other retailers (Bloomingdales, Nordstrom's, Saks) show no differentiation amidst loyal customers..their is a fair reward tier for those who spend more. Anyway, it is a clear message from Lulu..take it or leave it(they don't need me),,and I leave it. Sorry for the rambling & complaining..it's just clothing.

    1. Thanks Lulumum for clarifying! Gosh I missed that link on the upload page last week.. it must have been subtle. When I read your post yesterday, I then misunderstood your post & some of the comments and thought only a few were e-mailed about the Florence Nulux pant.
      All these recent & not-so recent changes within the company (design, quality, rising prices, advertising/ pricing techniques, etc) have led me to question the company more & more.

    2. Did you get my response to your comment on the previous post? nobody has gotten the Florence Nulux. Nobody has been emailed. Perhaps lululemon is behind the rumour that a small handful of people got the florence tights.

  7. I didn't see much I wanted this week. I think I would like the midnight bloom print in a tranquil bra or the Sculpt tank, but I'm not sure yet. I'll wait to see them in store. I would have liked to see the Florence print pants that are coming (may be coming?) So, I bought the black/white paisley high times from last week's upload. I've been thinking about them all week and decide to give them a shot. I also decided to buy a fluffin' awesome vest off ebay since so far, none of the vests being offered have as much cute detail as previous years.

  8. I am interested in some items but that interest fades quickly because the prices are not making me hand my $ over. I'm only picking stuff out I really like. So while the midnight bloom print and paisley and the florence print are pretty, I'm a lot pickier than before! I like that the Soulful Crop has a waistband to keep the top down (?) but I'm not really one to bare my stomach and this top should be more like $42. Just little things keep putting me off.

  9. Nope nothing for me. I look at items and think that it's cute but then i compare that item to what i already own and the new item doesn't even come close. Luckily I own plenty of items and won't go naked.

    1. I did. I tried the size down as well and it fit well except I didn't like the way the pleats pouched out in the size down. The TTS is flowier and more streamlined in the back.

  10. I went in store and bought the midnight bloom inspire tights! The print is so cute and didn't fade too bad when stretched.
    Still eyeing the essentials tank in mauve and green, and the rush hour tank in heathered chilled grape… Still not used to paying $64 for a tank so need to sleep on it

    1. Yes, the prices are still high, definitely not much of a deal. To top it all off, it's just completely crazy that the items are final sale.

  11. Nope. Nothing for me…. I think I've purchased exactly one pair of Run Times shorts in the last 6 months. I used to be the fanatic customer who would buy everything in the store, lol. I've moved on to Bandier, some athleta, etc.
    People on this board (and others) say that they're not buying, but clearly people ARE buying because their sales haven't been hurt.
    Any insight on who that is? Are they covering up slow N. America sales with global expansion? Or are people really buying this stuff the same way the older merchandise used to fly off the shelves? Just curious… would love any intel!

  12. i finally tried on and BOUGHT AND LOVE the Speed Wunder Under in that Marble mix pattern. I read so many horrible comments about them being see thru… they are not see thru on me. I guess it depends on how much light pattern is on the back? Mine have mixed dark and light pattern on the butt. I can't see the rip tag or my butt skin. I did the bend test and all sorts of weird poses to make sure. I also tried them on with nude color thongs. I'm a size 4 and bought size 4. I think they run TTS. I'm 5'2" 26 inch waist and 35 1/2 inch hips . I wanted to post this in case anyone was wondering… I'm wearing them tonight for my run group. THOSE WONDERING- I AM NOT A SALES PERSON AT LULULEMON NOR DO I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM IN ANY CAPACITY

    1. For those people that the marble WU are see-through on, the actual butt would still be exposed with a thong.

      You couldn't pay me to wear these WU's, I think they are ugly and dirty looking.

    2. agree with you anon 5:25 pm. I wouldn't wear them if they were free and I was paid to, even if they weren't sheer. They are ugly and they do look dirty.

    3. TO YOGINITIFF 3:19pm- I did tempo run (7 miles) with my group tonight so a lot of sweating. I truly love Nulux for running. I wouldn't wear these Speed Wunder tight for yoga since there is a zipper on back waist. They felt really good on my skin and fabric seemed to dry quickly after a sweaty run. They felt cool and soft against my skin. They have pretty good compression. I sometimes wear 2XU for running and they sometimes have too much compression for me where I feel like I can't breathe.

      Sometimes Luxtreme or Full on Luxtreme feel too tight on my waist when I'm running. There isn't much give on the waist for these fabrics. I live in Westport, CT and it was a little humid out tonight after the storm. What I like about this Marble pattern also is it's hard to see the dirty water/dirt splashes on back part of legs 😉

      Everyone has their own opinions about patterns. I don't always like every pattern. As matter of fact, I normally wear solid colors or striped run and yoga bottoms. I thought these tights were interesting and to me they are not dirty or dingy looking. This is my 2nd pair of Speed WU tights. I also bought the blue ombre looking pattern when they first introduced these and am so happy I snagged a pair in size 4 at my store. I honestly didn't think I would like these, but I really like the Marble pattern. I also like Nulux and hope they come out with some solid colors in these. I just ordered the Nulux Energy bras in both the Marble pattern and the paisley pattern. I can't wait to try Nulux bras for running. I wear Run Stuff Your Bra, Energy Bra or Pack it in bra for running.

    4. anon 7:54 you are totally right about everyone's tastes and opinions being different! I personally do not like the marble print but if someone else does I am totally ok with that of course! I am guilty of bashing the marble print saying that it looks dirty, but know that is just my own personal opinion. I really would not think that they are dirty seeing someone else wearing them! I love the new Midnight Bloom print and know a lot of people really hate it. It is good that we all have different tastes anyway or else we'd all be wearing the exact same thing!! As for the new Nulux fabric, I don't like the Nulu either, I don't like the naked thin feeling, I like good coverage and definitely like to feel like I'm wearing pants if I'm wearing pants, lol. So these two fabrics do nothing for me, I don't like them. And for the actual new pants design Speeds/WUC combo, I don't like it personally. I prefer regular luon Wunder Unders (without any zippers or pocket or mesh of any kind, just regular plain WUs) and wouldn't wear luxtreme (or similar fabric) or zippers on pants for yoga.

  13. Split purple pullover is in stores, but is not online. I read in a blog that it was purchased in Dallas, Boston and Vancouver. I called the Boston-Newbury Street store and had it shipped to me. I got it today. I love it- great color and very soft and cozy. It is the first time in a while that I am excited and happy about a Lulu purchase!

  14. Well wonderful, money saved. My disinterest in LLL continues to grow and grow. With the exception of the sapphire colour only, there is nothing that appeals to me here.

    The Down for it Jacket and Vest are just wrong. Even on a petite person these items are making people look wide and big.

    More dirty, grungy looking WUs in the diffusion pattern. This is also a repeat of something they did not too long ago, except it had some pink it the pattern.

    Rush Hour long sleeve. What is with the looseness? Ick. I'm normally a sucker for Rulu, but not in these shirts.

    Soulful Pant , lol right when I saw it. There are no words. I don't care how "cool" or trendy thinks they are. Very, very funny!

    Midnight bloom, anything in this pattern is going straight to wmtm. I guess it doesn't matter if you wait for wmtm, as you'll only save about $4 now. haha

  15. I haven't ordered anything, but going to the store to check out Essential rank in Sea tonic, Down to it vest in silver, WU in Diffusion( I love full on Luxtreme ), and possibly new pink Speed shorts. Even though summer is pretty much over I feel I have to get these since I missed out on Vintage pink. I'm intrigued by Rush hour top as well.

  16. I bought the Sapphire Rush Hour l/s in size 4 because the size 6, my usual size, was too big and baggy and the shoulder seams fell well below my shoulders, not a good look at all. The size 4 was a better fit but just a tad too small and I just didn't love the look, only the colour. I ended up returning it the next day and was told by an educator that the size 6 was the proper size and look as it was designed as a looser fit and the shoulder seams were meant to fall below the shoulder to accommodate athletes larger shoulders. Well they lost a sale to me because I don't like shoulder seams that go well past my shoulders. If their purpose in designing this top was for a looser look they took it too far by putting pleats on the back that make it look even baggier when wearing what they would call tts. I really like the educators who work at the store I frequent the most but I was not impressed with this educator at all.

    1. Thanks for sharing! You just confirmed what I was thinking about this new rulu top. Goodness, I do not like this new design at all. I really hope they won't be ruining all the new rulu tops with this kind of design and fit… yuck!

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