High Times Pant/Antique Paisley White Black TTS 10

I really liked these paisley printed high times in the black/white version. I found them ever so slightly sheer in a deep squat where you could see the rip tag. Because the print is busy and uniform I found these flattering and visually appealing. 


Split Pullover TTS 10

I liked this pullover a lot and if I didn’t already have the Stress Less Hoodie from last year this would definitely be a consideration. I liked the color a lot and liked how loose and relaxed the fit was on this, and I like that the neck is nice and wide so it doesn’t feel like it’s choking. 


Split Long Sleeve TTS 10

This was comfortable on and very soft but I find the boxy cut and short length unflattering on me. I hate what the shape does to my shoulders. 


Split Short Sleeve TTS 10

This was horrible but I had to try it on just to see. There are a few women that are tall and lean and will pull this off well making it look like a cute cropped dress but on me it looks really bulky at the arms and shoulders. 


Cool Racerback II Sapphire Blue

This color is so pretty. If this was a regular Cool Racerback I would have snatched it up but I didn’t feel like paying the premium price tag for it when I have older colors like Pigment that are very similar. 


  1. Thanks so much for your fit review, we are a very similar shape and it's awesome to see things on you before I get them shipped to NZ and find out I don't like them after all .

  2. I just ordered the FTBW in true red. I have waited 3 years for a solid red bra and love FTBWs. Why does lulu take so long to make items in colors that would obviously sell? If they read feedback they wouldn't have so many items on wmtm…….

  3. Is the Split Pullover in Black Grape? That's what it looks like but that color didn't upload so just wanted to check! 🙂

  4. Hi LLM The HT Paisley Print look really nice and are a much better look on you than the Speed WU. I also really like the Split Pullover l/s and is the colour Zinfandel? I know stores sometimes get colours not available online so I hope to see that colour in my store. The only thing that would hold me back is the Canadian price tag of $128. As for the Split s/s that is just plain PLAIN and so not a flattering style for most people, myself included. I don't like the style of the Split l/s either, such an easy pass. I love the Sapphire colour of the CRBll but will never buy one mainly because I just don't like the look of the back plus the higher price tag. I am curious to know if you looked at the inside seams to see if they are done nicely or poorly like the ones I saw on the Dusty Mauve? I don't know if this is an issue with all colours or just the Dusty Mauve.

    Thanks LLM for the great fit reviews.

  5. I'm really liking how Antique Paisley HT look on you, very flattering. Thank you for trying on Split short sleeve even though you didn't like it. I was considering it , but not so sure now. I'm a different size, but same hight as you are and think it'll look like a tent on me.

  6. I tried the split pullover and longsleeve on and hated them both. Loved the color but thought the fit was off for both items for me. The pulliver sleeves were short and the longsleeve was boxy and not long enough. I wouldn't even buy them on markdown.

    The surprising thing is that I came home with the marble winder speeds. They were not sheet in me. I will try Them on again in natural light to be sure. I loved the fit and the pattern.

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