1. Lulumum, do you think Alberta Lake will be a fall color and in the palette? This is my face color and I sure hope we see more of it!

  2. The only thing interesting here is the hope that perhaps there will be something that I actually like coming in Alberta Lake. There isn't much that I like left these days anyway so I won't be holding my breath. …and then there is the prices… for so so mediocre quality… I would have jumped at buying an Alberta Lake Define Jacket, but will think long and hard before forking over $150 (after taxes) now… the stitching quality hasn't been up to par and the fabrics have been more and more prone to pilling…

  3. Motherf*cker. Really?! An Alberta Lake CRBII?!? They couldn't have done this when they had the normal CRB?!? I love Alberta Lake but refuse to buy the CRBII. So annoyed by Lulu.

    1. Ah I missed the pocket. Hard to see details on my phone lol. Still sad they never made a CRB in Alberta Lake. It's one of my fave colours (after they killed Bordeaux drama and black swan/black grape by bringing them back year after year!)

    2. I am crying for an Alberta Lake CRB too (the original one)! but with our luck we will probably get a CRB II in this color.

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