1. the back of the high times looks like a bad stitching job that is splitting apart!!!!!! like I need another indication to onlookers that I may be too big for my britches!!???!! well, that is an easy pass for me 🙂

  2. Agree, the seams running down the legs are hideous, and the weird slit openings making it even more so. I don't like the horizontal seams under the butt cheeks either. There have been other styles of pants with this weird horizontal seam under the butt previously and it just looks ridiculous. I don't know why they're adding all these weird ugly seams to all the crops and pants these days. A bunch of ugly seams isn't the kind of "detail" I want to see more of.

  3. oh my! I was just getting excited in the previous post when I saw the Alberta Lake tank and thought 'finally, they are coming back to their sense'. then this happens! the HT SE look atrocious.

  4. This "splitting seam" design coupled with the black seams looks confusing to the eye in such a strong and large scale pattern. It looks a bit better in solid black. (Thank you for your Seawheeze recap, LLM, I really enjoyed it!)

  5. The seam splitting look is worsened with this busy print than on the black. I agree that it's confusing to look at. The extra seaming is ugly (below the butt). LLL could have done so many other designs (pant style, not the print) and they decide to pick this ugly one.

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