1. My wallet is safe…needing a break anyway… wow more black and white….yes the marble one is interesting….thanks for all you do..I love reading your blog

  2. I am interested in how slow the wmtm is moving….wonder if they expected that? If the lower prices in wmtm /which are a bit insulting/ are not getting people to buy…are they getting many sales at full price? Other than the dottie tribe wup that sold out not sure if much is selling. Last week's upload was horrible.

    1. yup, thinking same here too. do you remember the times when they had 10 items on WMTM and that was all?! I think 100+ is quite telling….

  3. Isn't it weird that they're not moving those wmtm items to the lululemon outlet stores? In my opinion having that many items on sale takes away from the luxury image that LLL is always going for

    1. I was thinking about this too! somehow I am glad they are not doing this because there are no outlet stores in the Vancouver area! I mean this is where Lulu comes from and we don't have one single outlet here, bummer…. we used to have one in Burnaby years ago but they closed it down.
      there is another one closer to the border in US but it is US, not Canada.

    2. I'm sorry but this whole "luxury" image thing is so ridiculous, what a joke. Not just Lulu (although even more hilarious in it's own way), but everything. Just my opinion of course.

    1. haha I have conflicting feelings about this print. it's nice, but if you look closely it does start looking like mold.

  4. The marble/herringbone is interesting, in a way, because it is a unique print of marble mixed with herringbone. Personally I don't like it. I do love herringbone, but not in this print mixed with marble. And I have a number of herringbone pieces in my Lulu wardrobe now, so I really don't need anymore (Defines, Rulu tops, etc etc). I kind of feel like herringbone is hyped up and everyone jumps at anything and everything herringbone all the time just because it's herringbone, haha. But I'm not feeling any FOMO.

    Nothing of interest to me here, easily pass on everything shown.

  5. I'm not interested in any of these colors. I agree with Anon 3:04 with the huge amounts of items on WMTM. I think the discounts suck and they're non-returnable! A lot of the styles are either defected (performance or fabric as you can tell from the reviews) or come in ugly colors and prints. They need an additional 60% off sale to get stuff moving.
    As for the outlets not getting the items. I recently visited and outlet here in the States and the place is so packed with product I can't imagine them fitting any more. They even had additional discount on certain things but no one was buying them. A bunch of pieces range from even around 2014 or before. A lot of stuff from 2015.

    1. The outlets are getting flooded with merchandise. I was just at PHX yesterday they had whole store marked down to $49 and promos on crb $19/ run sun tank $24 /WUP & groove 2for50/ pace rival skirts & speed track shorts BOGO. They said they are expecting more stuff this week and needed to liquidate to gain floor space.

    2. wish they had an outlet store in the Vancouver area. unfortunately the closest one is US and with the currency exchange these days it does not make sense to buy there 🙁

    1. Of course as I look at it again, it's an awful light grey for heading into fall. I'll have to check it out in person before I buy.

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