High Times Pant *SE Peek

I was so tempted by these High Times in the Obscured Black Print (or Black Roses 2.0 for you OG’s). The material of these pants is the new printed luon which is breathable, none polyester and opaque. You do get print spread with this new luon but I find that acceptable as long as it’s a nice feeling luon and it’s opaque. My annoyance came with the realization that these where not regular high times and that they had the special edition peek feature in the back along with seams that cut across my legs. I decided to not purchase these in hopes that we see the High Times Wunder Under Crop in this exact print and material. Unfortunately looking at the UK website I see that the WU’s are Fulux and not this Full On Luon that I like, but there is a plain High Times Pant in this print. Those I will buy. Also, $118 is an ugly price for leggings.

Oh no! Contrasted seams cutting across  my legs. Boo! 

You can see the level of fade in this print isn’t too bad at all. Looking at this print zoomed in though I’m already feeling regret that I left these behind. 

Layer Up Jacket TTS 10

I didn’t like this jacket mostly because I found it extremely plain without any quilting detail on it. I didn’t realize it was reversible until I got home so unfortunately I didn’t try the red side out but the red contrasting was really nice on otherwise boring Bordeaux. It’s Primaloft and not down feather so I know there are many of you out there that will greatly appreciate that. It’s light water and wind resistant and for $198 I have higher function and design expectations for a jacket to have been tempted by this one. It also came in black and navy. 

Run Stuff Your Bra II

This was really nice but I haven’t purchased a Lululemon bra in ages so I passed on it. I think I need to clear out some of my unworn Energy Bras before I get anything new. 

Hotty Hot Shorts

My store had both the Hotty Hot Shorts and Speed Shorts in this print. I liked them both and was really surprised that the Hotty Hot Shorts are pretty much the same length as speed shorts. I brought home the Speed Shorts but have since decided I’m not going to ever wear them so I’ll be taking them back. 

Speed Shorts

Rose Quartz Cool Racerback II, Lavender Cool Racerback II *Peek

I liked Rose Quartz but it’s a Cool Racerback II so I’m not interested in getting it. I’m instead going to hold out for the Dusty Mauve Essential Tank. 

This is the Cool Racerback II SE *Peek and I really didn’t like the peek feature on it only because you have to adjust it to lay straight. As you move, that straight line will not lay straight so it really looks ‘off’ and unbalanced. And $64 for a Cool Racerback? No fricken way!

  1. I'm sorry to beat a dead horse but I'm so turned off by pricing I'm inclined to not purchase anything out of spite! you could get a nike storm jacket (with selectivity and all!) for an extra $50. way for them to ruin the design of the high times with the SE seams on the back. Those are really cute, seaming aside.

    1. agree, with both of you. For $198, the relative plain-ness of that jacket is just staggering. They're making it easy for those of us still holding out in protest…

    2. I got a really gorgeous, very functional and very fashion forward Barbour Jacket for $184 so I find $198 really hard to stomach when its not as warm, not water or wind resistant and nothing special design wise.

  2. Tried on the CRB II for the first time yesterday. Seriously hate it. I'll stick with swifty's, sculpts and essential tanks (especially if more colours start coming in for the essential tank).

  3. Llm did you find print larger on pant vs speed shorts…the rose print? I tend to like the smaller version on shorts…I'm thinking the large print is too much on the pant….imo I think you did good leaving them behind…I'm a print person but it looks like it is way too oversize….I'm am glad the crb in purple with peek is same as the lullaby crbs I just got….and the mauve crb is too dull for my skin tone…whew walleto is safe again

    1. I think the scale of the print is smaller in shorts and bras but I'm not 100% certain. I see what you are saying and I agree. A Cool Racerback in this print would be perfect for me.

  4. I know you don't like shorts but thank you so much for trying them on. I wasn't a fan of the new obscure print but from your post awhile back of the speeds in that particular print really changed my mind. I didn't like it in a pant but after seeing your try on, it looks really nice. I didn't like the seam but now it's growing on me. Why do you have to make it look so nice?? My wallet does not thank you!

    1. Awe thanks! Thats sweet. I did like them I just feel really self conscious in them. I don't know why. For some reason I'm ok in dressier shorts but in sport shorts I feel really self conscious.

  5. That obscured print is so pretty! I am annoyed that they have those 'peek' seems, just ruins the whole look! Even on the tank they look like the seams are busting open, who thought this would be a good idea! On another note, I tried the CRB II (or the knock of of the CRB) and actually like the fit in front, I found it fit better. in the back, hated it to much exposure. HOWEVER in protest I will absolutely not and I am sticking to my guns refusing to buy any of these tanks in protest. This is a completely other tank and very different from the CRB. CRB II in my opinion should have been reserved for a true variation of the CRB. Not only that, I find it insulting that they are releasing all these lovely colors in this tank to push us to buy it and not any of these colors in the true CRB. I'm tired of being lied to with this company. Sorry for the mini rant, I'm just so annoyed they keep telling us 'online only' they're so full of it, where is the 'online only' scuba hoodie? Where are the 'online only' skinny grooves?

  6. Oh darn it this Rose print looks very similar to Pixies that I had to angel from Australia 🙁
    LLM very important question for you: was the jacket fabric shiny like last years? I so hope not, I didn't purchase anything last year bc of that cheap looking material . Thank you for your post

    1. Hmmm. It was shiny but not glossy like the garbage bag jacket last year. It also was note matte like some of the other jackets. Shinier than I care for, but not glossy like the really terrible one last year.

  7. I too am boycotting the crb ii, the only (& I mean ONLY) exception would be for Alberta Lake.
    And even then, I would still be pissed that they never made a "real" Alberta Lake crb!

  8. just reading the tag for the peek high times and it says they are full on luxtreme? Was the pair that u tried luon?

  9. I don't know why they would have put those "peek hole seams" on the High Times with that print. The print is so busy and then to have the open peek holes down the back of the calf looks all wrong. I didn't like the peek holes on the CRB ll either and there is no way I would pay that much for it either. There is nothing about the Layer Up Jacket that would make me want to pay over $200. for it. Give me a great designed jacket with special details without it being reversible and then I will consider buying it. This has to be the worst year that I can recall for jackets.

    Wow I am really not liking any of the new stuff these days and the prices are crazy. I can't even buy DSP anymore as they changed the fit so they no longer work for me and it looks like they are priced now at $128. in store.

    1. I too hate the new Dance Studio Pant III. I have not and will not purchase them. Same thing with Scuba Hoodie III, I hate it too, and have not and will not purchase any. Really missing the DSP II and the Scuba Hoodie II, really wish they'd bring them back, but I won't hold my breath. Anyway, maybe it's just as well, the prices are at the point of being ridiculous now anyway. $128 for the pants or a hoodie of mediocre quality is insane.

    2. @anon 2:36 Every single thing you just said right down to the last paragraph about the DSP's I 100% agree with!!!!!

    3. I totally agree. I hate the new DSP and Scuba. (Actually, the Scuba II was most flattering on me personally. I have a few originals and several Scuba II jackets and not one Scuba III.) I agree with many others here that the CRB II should not even be named such. As I said in my 2 star review of the CRB II on the LLL site, I will not pay more for a less versatile tank.

  10. I'm standing in agreement with the comments above, I'm 100% boycotting the CRB ll. The only color I would get in a heart beat would be Alberta Lake. I'm mad the switched the CRB at all, it was fine the way that it was. But to move it to online only, have no new colors offered and now bring out all the new colors in CRB ll, hopefully all of us boycotters will show them where we stand with this. The might as well make all the original CRB's that will be offered online the patterned ones with the white backing.

    1. It should not have been named CRBII it's not the same with tweaking, it's completely different and should of had it's own name!

    2. I agree anon 3:30 PM. I actually like and prefer the new CRB II, but in no way should it be a replacement for the CRB. It should just be it's own tank along with the CRB.

    3. the reason why they named it crb ll is because they knew no one would have bought it if they named it something else. this product has less fabric, lower quality stitching and higher price. would you have bought it if it came in boring colors and had a different name? of course not. so they had to give it a name to draw attention to it. also discontinuing the original crb will ensure people will be forced to buy this new one.

  11. Off topic, purchased the hounds camo high times. They feel like a new blend too. Thick and opaque and not shiny. They are full on luon. Tag says 81% nylon, 19% Lycra. Nice fabric for fall. Was hoping the new floral print was the same!

  12. $64 is bonkers for a crb even if it does have that peek detailing, and I really don't find it appealing anyway. Also, I really hate that detailing on the back of the patterned crops. Visually, there is just way too much going on there.

  13. Thanks for the reviews Lulumum. Not liking any of these new items, personally. It seems like I'm in the minority but I actually like the CRB II, just not in that blah washed out mauve colour, and not that it is $52 for a basic tank with crap stitching quality. I got the Super Purple and the True Red ones (don't have many tanks and don't have any in purple or red), gorgeous vibrant colours. Hate all the Peek items and that seam on the pants is hideous for sure.

    I don't like the new jacket, it's so plain and blah and void of any detail, but I am very happy to see that they used Primaloft instead of down feathers.

    Agree with others, these prices are truly ridiculous for what this stuff is. …and both my CRB IIs have crap quality stitching 🙁

  14. None of this is in the least interesting or appealing. The peek detailing is their move towards trashy along with too much mesh, and I expect it to get worse. I wouldn't say I am boycotting anything. I'm basically done with LLL. Sorry, I know it's harsh, but the CRBii is for suckers. I will not buy it. Not for an inferior product at that price. I don't care how many bright or pretty colours they make it in. I decline to support their bonehead decisions with my wallet.

    1. I feel like the only one who really likes the CRB II! However, take into consideration that I've literally never worn a CRB. I'm a DD, and the cut was just too low for me so I never even bothered. I like that the new version is cut higher so I don't feel so exposed. Also, I have a short torso so the shorter length makes me happy. I'm totally apathetic about the width of the back-but if push came to shove, I'd say that I'd prefer the original version. However, it is nice to finally be able to buy some tanks!

    2. I agree, Courtney. I'm certainly not a sucker, but I do genuinely like the CRB II (except for price and that mine have shoddy stitching all throughout the inside). I love that they are higher cut in front (DD/E cup), they fit me better around the neckline and armholes than original CRB (the one thing I didn't like about the CRB and I was always pulling the front up in front which is distracting). I am short at 5'2" with shorter torso and didn't mind the length of the original, but this new length works for me too, not much difference, only about an inch. I don't mind the back being a tad lower cut or the narrower racerback, I think it looks flattering on me, except that the narrow back does make it impossible to hide bra straps for times you would want to, and in general I prefer the uncluttered look of having my straps covered or just a small peek. I bought purple and red because I don't have many tanks (I have a few original CRBs) and like Courtney said, it's nice to finally be able to buy some tanks.

    3. It's quite shocking that they didn't redesign the CRB with a lower front and armholes like the majority of their new tanks this year so I understand why this higher neckline is a plus. What I don't understand is Anon. 10:46a.m. is why would you buy this new CRB when you say it has shoddy stitching, would that not be a big deterrent?

    4. Yes, of course it is a deterrent. Honestly, I just haven't had time to go out and try out new brands yet. I know how Lulu fits me, I have always loved the way it fits me and I know how hard it can be to find that perfect fit, so for me that has been a big reason I have always loved Lulu. I am as fed up with Lulu as everyone else, I just haven't had time to look into trying other brands yet but I do intend to.

    5. Anon 12:24…I haven't noticed any problems with the stitching on mine. I've only been purchasing Lulu for about a year and half now, so a lot of the issues that people who have been buying it for a lot longer have aren't as noticeable to me. I'm a runner, and pre-Lulu I was running in stuff from Target, so anything was going to be a step up!

  15. Many things to say about this and Lululemon:

    1. I gave a review on the swiftly l/s heathered bali breeze about a week ago but LLL has not posted it yet.

    2. You are right Lulumum: the high times with those slits is way too busy — the pattern is already enough. They are too overwhelming and my eyes would not know where to go first.

    3. The new CRB II lacks balance. Where it curves in on the back, looses it's essence and balance of the old CRB. The black roses? pattern is nice but it has to be exquisite enough for me to buy anything from LLL these days because they are majorly screwing up on too many items lately.

    4. Increased prices do not match the quality of the product. Consequently, I am in & out of e-Bay like I used to be in & out of the LLL website.

    5. I stand behind what I say about the new LLL website: it's horrid.

  16. Black Roses déjà vu is right!!! You look adorbs in everything lulumum! Flashback – remember when this time of year Lululemon got in all sorts of amazing winter and fall jackets!?! #goodtimes
    I would be struggling with what colour what style… Lole seems to have my business now as Lulu has just gotten lost somewhere along the way….

  17. Dowdy floral prints? Check. Pastels? Check. What season is it, and why is LLL pretending to be cutting edge with this crap? Generic, frumpy, a little matronly…something is really wrong here.

    1. …and then there is cheap, trashy, and sleazy as well… something is definitely wrong here… I don't want generic, dowdy, frumpy, and matronly but I don't want cheap, trashy, and sleazy either…

  18. That jacket looks cheap and with all the style of a zip-out liner for shell. – Zzzzzz.

    The "peek" stitching up the back of the HT totally ruin them. Hold out for non-peek pants. The new, non-polyester full on luxtreme is 69 nylon/31 lycra and the new full on luon is 81 nylon/19 lycra.

    1. @LLA, completely agree with the "zzzzzz" jacket. ( that should be its name)
      I also don't like the peek items either, it ruined those perfectly good pants and on that "CRB II" it's as ridiculous as the price.

      On the positive I do like the Rose Quartz colour and if something interesting comes out in it I would get it. A race your grace in Rulu in this colour would be nice…

  19. The print reminds me of moody mirage….I think it was black greys and a touch of pink…and roses of course in the black grey blotting….I think I would tire of print quickly

  20. I am really enjoying your Monday Fit Day Reviews with all the great pictures and 411 on what is coming our way. I understand why you left the High Times behind because unless you are 100% in love with them it's pretty hard to drop that kind of money on leggings and feel good about the purchase. The seams and peek holes on the back of the legs is just too much. This is a clear case of a design that needed some editing before leaving the design table. The SE CRBll at $64. plus tax when all you get is a crooked line of holes down the back is not my idea of Special. I zoomed in on your CRBll pics and I still shake my head in disbelief at the changes they made to the back when IMO no change was needed. Sometimes things are better left alone.

    As for the jacket I completely agree that for $200. there has to be some nice design elements to not only justify the cost but to attract my attention in the first place. I expect a lot from LLL jackets because they set the bar high for making amazing uniquely designed jackets that you couldn't find anywhere else. This Layer Up Jacket does not look like a LLL jacket.

    I am going to check out the Inkwell Wrap you recently did a fit review on (I can't remember the name). That's the only item piquing my interest right now.

  21. I have not bought any CRB2s and I will not buy in the future because I also really hate the way the back looks. I don't like the v cut and also prefer more coverage of the regular CRBs. However, I did cave and buy the Deep Indigo Define. I was attracted to the colour, being a rich hue so I tried it on at the store and woah! What happened here?!?!? The Define feels different! I found out it's "soft luon". It is stretchier than my regular Defines and just feels nice on…..I Loved it! So it came home with me.

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