1. Sad that they nerfed the Speed tights by adding MESH. UGH. Every pair that's come out for months has had mesh panels. They really loathe their existing customer base. I'm only 29 but wow am I sick of mesh.

  2. Honestly, I've saved what feels like thousands of dollars lately on the extremely boring releases from Lululemon (it makes me sad and happy at the same time)….but…that spray Jacquard emperor blue is…wow! I'm really loving it, just hoping it's that fantastic in person. Hoping for a tight in that colour (in Canada).

  3. This is super boring. The mesh isn't even for functionality at this point and it just means those pair of pants will have an even shorter wear life. I really don't like the Nike look LLL is bringing. I can just go to Nike for that.

  4. I can appreciate runners wanting a light airy running top but I am sick of seeing the same plain styles, short length, long arm holes in boring heathered colours. I have been a runner for years now and would never spend my money on what the designers have been giving us this year. It's not that there is one thing that turns me off but a multitude of things. It is just so easy to say NO to what I am seeing.

  5. I could like the Rush Hour tank if it was a few inches longer. I am tall and this length just doesn't do it for me.
    At this point it is pretty clear that the mesh is being added to save costs. I am sure it is cheaper to have more mesh than solid fabric. Another cost saving measure at the expense of consumers.

    1. Agree with you about the mesh. And now it looks like they're even finding ways to make the mesh itself cheaper and cheaper.

  6. I like the spray pattern, in both blue and black/white. I'm not a runner, so I would like to know if the new short length on tanks, etc. is useful to them, or is it a fad (or maybe a cost-cutting measure)1? I personally will not buy crotch-revealing attire – when it was in fashion the last time, I was a lot younger and still stayed away from it.

  7. I'll take or leave the mesh, but seing the swiftly in bali breeze makes me wonder if it will be the same itchy cheap feeling nylon that LLL has been using lately?

  8. Please stop with the new ugly bras people like the staple bras, bring new colours out in them for gods sake! And why is it Australia is the only country I can't buy a single pair of tracker shorts???

  9. How can you decide to increase the prices with these boring release?? ! First time I heard the prices increasing I thought because they are about to get out some real fancy stuffs that everyone wants, but now, I won't even bother if they go to wmtm.

  10. I thought since they switched over to the awful version of website that there is just nothing exciting in products now. No colour. All the bags are black. The thin sheer shirt and legging material is a turnoff too. At the trunk sale shows there is nothing either. Barely bought anything in the last year and not coveting anything at all.

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