Sorry about the blurry photos today. It was partially the prints, and partially my iPhone having some weird glitch. 

Spray Jacquard Define Jacket – Size up to 12

I typically size up to a 12 in the Define Jacket and I remembered this last week after I ordered the size 10 Mauve Define. Luckily I was able to exchange the 10 for a 12 in another local store that is carrying the Mauve items (my store isn’t!). The Spray Jacquard definitely feels looser and stretchier but it’s also a knit material so warmer and with a different type of fabric drape. I don’t care for this print at all. I find it very widening and if you are broader this will really accentuate it, especially in pants. 

Spray Jacquard Cool Racerback II

This print was ok in a Cool Racerback but it just looks like a fur pelt to me. It’s a knit material just like the Define. I’m not gravitating to it. 

Love Tee SS Crew TTS 10

This Love Tee Crew is the answer to those of you that haven’t liked the deep plunging v of the regular Love Tee or just prefer a crew neck. I was surprised at how relaxed in fit this 10 was. I’m not sure what color this is but the code is ‘HCHL’. I believe there was also a heathered navy and heathered black. I could be tempted in this tee in a unique color but for $64 I’m just not feeling tempted. I also prefer a v neck to a crew neck. 

Maze Jacquard Wunder Under Crops TTS size 10

These where a nice thick knit material with the print woven throughout as you can see in the below picture of the reverse side. It’s a nice print but it’s also visually widening, especially if you are broad, and it’s very busy. I liked this print a lot more than Spray Jacquard but I see myself getting tired of this pretty quickly especially since it’s so busy. I like a neutral print like herringbone where it is subdued and more quiet but this one is very loud for a neutral print. 

Outrun Tight TTS 10

I hate these so much. I wanted to burn them. That circle seam detail over the thighs paired with the widening Spray Jacquard and black mesh paneling was just horrible. If you are long and lean this will look much less horrible on you but I just don’t like this fur pelt print. Winter is coming.  It’s very, very contrasted and very loud. I very much appreciate a black/white neutral print like herringbone or coco pique but I’m not loving these optical textured prints. I’m glad I was able to enjoy Mauve last upload and I’m sad I didn’t order the Mauve Wuder Under Crops before they sold out.

  1. The Maze Jacquard Wunder Unders look decent but every time I see the Spray jacquard print, i just think "Mold." No two ways about it.

  2. Lol winter is coming. Dang these pieces are such a mess! I hate visually widening prints. I don't see why I should buy something that isn't figure flattering! At least in the photos, all that seaming looks like some moldy mummy wrap (I'm thinking of Halloween already). Thank you so much for trying these on and for the fun reviews. 🙂

    1. Wow!! Thanks!! I'm pretty sure I'm sporting a summer vacation extra 5lbs or so and I'm afraid to try on my jeans but I have been doing tons of lifting. I hope to clean up my eating September 1.

  3. I don't buy any of their T's because the v's are just too low so this would work for me but the price doesn't at almost $70. The only colour I can come up with is heathered cherry but can't figure out what the L stands for. Those Outrun Tights are just a hot mess. The only thing I liked in these pictures was your CRB!

    1. I was guessing Chilled Grape… just a shot in the dark though… it doesn't look as purple as the chilled grape Swiftly tank…

  4. Had to laugh out loud at the fur pelt comparison. That is SPOT ON and hilarious. I don't mind winter coming as long as north America gets some winter tuck & flow long sleeve tops as well as some colorful items!

  5. LOVE all your fit/try on reviews. waiting for the day LULU and Other retailers start to show their clothes on various body types (say in size 2, 6 & 10?). Cosmetic companies have started to display their lip colors on light/med/dark skin tones to give a better view of the true lipstick shade worn ON different skin tones; wondering if clothing companies will follow suit with body types. I always value your reviews & pics for this reason. this would be especially helpful in your most recent example of the Run Tights. on the lulu model, they look like your typical speeds (in my opinion) but the do not justice on you! one can only hope

    1. Thanks!!!! <3
      So true about makeup companies. I was just looking at Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks this afternoon and I noticed they had about 12 models of different skin tones trying on each color. I was able to determine that the color I was looking at would be a bit tough for my coloring.

  6. Thank you so much for this review! On the good side, I tried on one of the new Love tees about a month and a half ago and gave it a no. The educator asked what I didn't like and I said "They finally got the arms right but it's still WAY too low cut." So, YAY! I can finally get a love tee. I like the one I got as a volunteer but the arms are rolled up and I hate that. I hate capped sleeves too. So nice to see a real short sleeved crew in one of the women's styles. It's very rare we get longer short sleeves.

    I don't like any of the rest. I do like how the maze pants are knit and I hope we see more of that in different print and more colors. You look good in them!

  7. I tried the maze WUP today in store and loved them. They made my quads and booty pop but unfortunately also made my (relatively small) love handles look huge and felt a bit weird to my skin. Overall I'm currently not buying anything that isn't super functional (can run in them, pockets galore, no pilling, neutral-ish) so they stayed at the store. The marked down purple hotty hot shorts at $39 (plus my R&D), on the other hand, were a no-brainer.

  8. Haha! The "I want to burn it" comment had me rolling!! The spray print looks like dirty Sherpa, yuck! I love how you have your kiddo in the background, that is totally how I roll as well!

  9. There was a V-neck Love Tee in this colour in the EU. If I rember right it is the same purple as the Seawheeze purple gear was, heathered of cause

  10. So many years running this blog and your pictures are terrible and out of focus. : I do agree that print is not doing anyone any favors.

    1. Omg! What a horrible comment! You must be jealous of lulumum because she has such a large, loyal following that appreciate her truthfulness. Lulumum- you are Beautiful inside and out! Btw- I love the 'animal pelt' description- your great! Don't pay attention to ugly comments.

  11. Anon 4:24am Really? Your comment is terrible and out of line. LLM apologizes up front about the poor photos and yet you find it necessary to be critical. I always look forward to your Monday Fit Reviews, thanks so much.

  12. 4:24, I am shocked and saddened by your rudeness to LLM. Why would you be so ungrateful? As 5:23 said, LLM EXPLICITLY apologized for the picture quality. Moreover, although the prints are not great, I think LLM looks amazing! 🙂

    LLM, I think I speak for most people who frequent your blog. We appreciate all that you do.

  13. Lol to comment of poor quality pics…..can't believe people can be so unhappy in life to focus on something like that….thanks for all you do llm….I look forward to your Monday Tryon so I can see what's coming Tuesday. …keep up the great work….did you find the fabric of maze pants to be similar to the pant released a month ago that was grey with silver stripes. …it was thick non stretchy weird fabric….reminded me of stretchy pants from the 70 or 80s lol

  14. The photos didn't bother me at all, and it isn't the norm for LLM to post photos like this. Also, LLM looks great in everything she tried on (as usual!) despite a lot of the items being not so great on their own. I really appreciate that she took the time to try on and report to us a lot of the new items, especially since I do all my Lulu shopping online, it helps a lot.

  15. Ya know, if she can't take the constructive criticism, then that's too bad. I happen to agree with the poster above. LLMs photos are always out of focus and terrible quality. After running this blog for so long, you'd think she would improve. Take a note from Agent Athletica and even Lulu and the Box on how to actually run a blog.

    1. Words have meaning. Try learning what constructive criticism is before attempting to use it in a sentence. Lulu and the Box literally has a typo in the first sentence on the first entry, but I guess their readers are more the type to be woo-ed by pretty pictures anyway. And there are plenty of low-quality, garbage selfies there just like every other blog. Agent Athletica exists to generate ad revenue, hence the generic listicles and "how to" articles and even more generic stock-looking photos. Bland content, bland photos. Some of us have real lives and don't spend all our time curating BS lifestyle blogs for clicks. LLM doesn't have to blog, and if you have a problem with her blog, feel free to go elsewhere! Don't let the door hit you on your way out!

    2. Oh yea, LLM doesn't have any ad revenue on her blog at all, I forgot about that. Ha. I mean there are no affiliate links on this post at all right? Sounds like some jealousy is peeking through your comment Anon 7:27.

    3. anon, 6:39 AM, guess what? I don't like the Agent Athletica blog. It is too "done" (or should I say overdone) in a way that makes it come across as being more unrealistic and not as genuine to me and I tend to avoid it. It's more like (so called) fashion (but more like brainwashing) magazines (which I can't stand, btw, they're like a book of ads that you pay for – and I don't mean the actual ads I mean the actual content like the articles, fashion photos etc). I don't even know the other blog and don't have any interest in looking into it tbh. Lulumum's blog is my favourite, although I do read LuluAddcits blog as well, I tend to gravitate towards Lulumum's most of all. I love this blog because it feels realistic and genuine to me.

    4. Come on 7:27, I love lulumum's blog, but her blog is full of ads and affiliate links. And why is it ok to defend LLM for someone else criticism while at the same time being mean spirited about other bloggers? I don't get that.

    5. Oh my goodness anon 7:27 AM, you said it very well, way better than I could have articulated! This is exactly how I feel!

    6. [email protected]:27….words have meaning yet you go and insult 2 other bloggers. Hypocrite. Speaking of typos, LLM always has them with her usage of "where" when she means to use "were". All the blogs bring different things to the table, no need to get snarky.

    7. Not sure who exactly you are refering to, but if it was me, then, nope, I'm not at all jealous. I just prefer realistic, flaws and all, wabi sabi, haha, that's all.

  16. Wow I can't believe how some people lack respect in providing feedback. Doesn't appear that llm has an issue with posting critical comments.
    Love your blog…and no the comments can be quite amusing.
    Ofelia Patterson ..feel free to contact me on Facebook.

  17. It amazes me that a blog that is most likely visited by women, as opposed to girls, can result in such childish behaviour. As women we should be empowering others. We teach our children not to hide behind computers and bully, and that their words hurt whether you see the reaction of the other person or not. Personally, I think if you have some concerns with the way the blog is run, contact LLM directly and offer some helpful suggestions as I'm sure she would appreciate it, as opposed to being called out in a negative manner. As someone who frequents all the Lulu related blogs (LLM, LuluAddict, LuluandtheBox, Agent Athletica and Petite Impact) I feel that I get a little something different from each of these women. I appreciate all that they do and it helps me to make informed decisions on a product I love. Despite the "direction" that Lulu has seem to have taken over the last year or so, their core mantra is one of positivity and empowerment, which as women we should emulate.

    1. I also frequent all 5 of those lulu blogs because I like that they all have different things to offer. I like the variety. but since they are different, I don't compare them. I appreciate the blogger's time and effort put in their posts. even though I may sometimes be critical of a post or don't like the content or presentation, I will not comment on the post just to be mean. if I do feel that my thoughts are worth being shared, I try to make my comment as constructive and helpful as possible. bloggers want their readers to keep coming back, so I feel that providing them with good and relevant feedback from time to time can be beneficial. just my 2 cent!

  18. To the comment written at 8:15 who spoke of childish behavior and bullying: You are way off base here, and yes, you do not have to leave unsettling comments to the ones that feel the need to express their concerns, good or bad, with Lululemon. This has nothing to do with empowering — that is something I did with my children, and not commenting about yoga clothes.

    Lulumum: thank you for your awesome work in keeping me informed!!! Keep up your great work!!! 🙂 Love ya'! 🙂

  19. A passing thought! Could it be people working at Lululemon or in support of Lululemon that are taking jabs on this blog??? It's a new pattern on these boards — been here a long time — along with a new pattern at Lululemon and the way they are doing business lately.

    1. I was thinking this too… glad to see I am not alone in thinking it, but sorry it has come to this (all the unnecessary nastiness).

  20. Wow! Good morning. Please don't feed the trolls. I don't want to have to censor comments or close off commenting for this post.
    As I mentioned above I've been having iphone issues since seawheeze. I also mentioned it on my seawheeze post. Maybe one of you know a quick fix for it. When there is any noise happing in the background my screen vibrates and photos will not focus. I'll bring in my camera for next Mondays photo shoot (I'll also bring in my light reflector and special lights and then I'll use photoshop) No seriously.
    These are meant as quick in store snap shots to show you what just arrived in store and to give you an idea on fit.I try not to take too long in the fitting room and wear out my welcome in the store. It's not serious business. I like using my iPhone because I pop into the store when I can – it's not a hugely planned event and it's very discreet. I feel a bit skeevy walking in with a big camera bag. No big deal. Next week I will bring my point and shoot camera in if I can remember to take it with me in the morning.
    I'm just doing what I do on my blog here and if it's not good enough for someone then I'm sure there are better options for you elsewhere.

  21. So I just tried on the spray jacquard in the WU and define jacket and absolutely love it…so the print isn't that great, but it's a soft stretchy material that I just love!!! I am pretty small, so I don't think it has any widening effect? If so I don't care, the print is so comfy, almost like the align pants! 🙂

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