1. I don't own a Scuba II and every time they bring out a new hoodie I'm thinking, 'Whyyyy?' I wish LLL would give us the good basics back and add whatever new products they want. I love the rose color CRB II but I'm not buying it because I don't like the new version.

  2. Agree, bring back the good basics and add along with that all the new stuff they want. There have been a bunch of generic plain looking hoodies since the Scuba II has been discontinued. If there is room for crap like that then why not make room for the Scuba II…

  3. I couldn't agree more Anon 6:26pm & 6:37pm I just can't understand the logic behind their decisions to shelve so many classics FOR WHAT??? How many times did we see Dance Studio Crops on WMTM and yet every last swift fabric crop they have released since the demise of the DSC have ended up on WMTM. If Mr. Potdevin et al can't respect, embrace and nurture what made LLL so great in the first place just get out and start your own fitness clothing store and take all your mesh, holes, slits, peeks and uninspiring designs with you and see how well you do without the LLL logo to back you up.

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