Well this is a much more promising upload. I like the look of the Down For It Vest in the heathered silver. The Midnight Bloom print is pretty. Looks like we now know the color of the Love Tee SS Crew that I tried on yesterday, Deep Fuchsia. The Sapphire Cool Racerback II just kills me. I really wanted a CRB in this color when the color first came out and now here it is, a year later in the CRB II. 

Down For It Vest

Split Long Sleeve

 Wunder Under Crop High Rise/Midnight Bloom Black Deep Fuscia

 Cool Racerback II/Sapphire

Split Short Sleeve

 Warm Your Core Long Sleeve

Rush Hour 21″ Crop/Deep Fuscia

Spray Jacquard Deep Sapphire


Essential Rhythm Crop

Essential Rhythm Pant


    1. I thought it was just me. It just looks…funny. Something really funky is going on with that photo. First thing I noticed.

  1. Im with you Lulumum, all these gorgeous colors coming in the CRB II, grrrr. I would love a Deep Fuschia CRB, but it has to be the original one.
    Split Short and Long Sleeve – these looks like a sack. I don't care it has a lulu logo on it, the shape is just ugly. Actually these are shapeless

  2. I think you are being kind�� I don't see anything cute here. Although the vest is totally nice but with the price increases I doubt I will be tempted.

    1. Well…I like the grey vest but I won't be buying. I like the ones I have more. I also appreciate the feminine print and bright colors vs. the prints we saw in yesterdays product drop.

  3. I don't like the flowers on her "lady business" in the close up but I don't mind that pattern. at least it is not just black and white. The vest looks beautiful too. Thanks for the preview!

  4. I would so buy that sapphire blue CRB if it were the original. And I would have bought super purple, and true red, and probably the rose quartz… I used to order from Lulu almost every week, but I haven't ordered anything since… DID THEY REMOVE PAST ORDER HISTORY?! I just went to look at my past orders and I can't find it anywhere! Is it gone? Ugh. I'm almost to the point where I won't even bother checking out the uploads each week.

    1. I thought it was gone too when I looked a couple days ago! turns out you have to click on "your closet" (wth!) and then click on any product and the option to see your order will show up as a drop-down/pop-out menu. hope this makes sense! (I still hate the new website…)

    2. I would have purchased the original CRB in the super purple, hounds tooth, Rose Quartz and grvvy in a heartbeat too! Can't wear the new one, makes my back look like a warped version of the hulk. Just spray me green and I am ready for the Avengers movie….

    3. anon 7:36, that is too funny! I know you're half joking here, but, you know, joking aside, it probably doesn't look as bad as you're thinking it does. But regardless, if you're not comfortable then it doesn't make any difference anyway, does it (I've been through this!).

  5. I couldn't agree more about the CRBll. It makes me so angry that these nice saturated colors are coming out in the version of the CRB that none of us wanted. They're trying to force our hand by bringing these beautiful colors out in the new unloved version of the tank after we begged for these kind of colors for so long. I'm standing my ground and not buying the impostor tank. Any why haven't any new colors been released online for the original crb? It doesn't even stand a chance.

    1. Totally agree! It honestly makes me so angry they are trying to force us to buy this tank in colors we very clearly wanted. And seriously new pants with still more mesh? Come on

    2. this is what I'm wondering too! this past Sunday I was at a lulu store and was talking to an ed. I was complaining about lulu discontinuing the original CRB. she said this item will be online only. so I asked her if new colors will be released? she only smiled back at me….. LULU, we want new saturated colors for the ORIGINAL CRB!!!

    3. let's all say NO to the impostor tank!! haha, love that name. maybe they should have named it this. that would have caught my attention for sure lol

    4. So very sad – I've been waiting and waiting for some lively deep saturated SOLID CRBs for the last few years, and now they put them out? The imposter tank (love that, btw) just does not work for me, and the seaming is really bad on the few that I looked at in-store. I need a classic tank that I can wear a regular bra underneath, with length for layering. So sad.

    1. Agreed. It does look to be on the extra puffy side, and not in a good way, it probably makes even the slimmest and tallest of us look like a tank. It looks like the kind of puffy vest you can get anywhere else (and most likely for a lot less money).

    2. Yes girl. Lululemon is helping me save money for my vacation to Antigua with this mess. I used to spend the most during fall/winter…. The last time I bought anything was a month ago and it was from WMTM. I just hope those tuck & flows from Australia come over and then I'll be happy. But I'm not holding my breath because clearly Lululemon hates its long time customers.

    3. Me too!!! I was buying something every week for a while and now nothing in over a month. I decided to put it towards a vaca in winter.

    4. Yep – I have a great functional vest from lulu from 2013?14? (can't remember – love it though). I just bought 2 Old Navy puffer vests for $15 each. And I like them better than this one. Yikes.

  6. There's nothing I like here, even if this sneak peek is better than yesterday's. I bet the CRB II will go on WMTM at this rate. I was kinda tempted to get the muave CRB II because I love the color so much but that review of the non-flat-lock seams fraying at the racerback and scratching uncomfortably at the skin makes me realize it's totally not worth paying an extra $6 for an inferior product. I will have to get these colors at Sweaty Betty. They have had pretty, feminine colors like Dusty muave.

  7. I feel like I'm the only one that likes the CRB II. That said I didn't buy it due to the price and the weirdly wide T that you guys mentioned. I like that it shows off my lats and has a higher rise on my chest. To be fair I also tried it in heathered slate which is my fave neutral.

    1. nope you're not the only one. I LOVE the new CRB II. I own it in all the colors and will buy the sapphire as well. I like it for the same reasons that you mentioned. For me, I like it better than CRB.

  8. Honestly I don't know why anyone would spend a cent on the CRBll. I got a good look at the seams on the inside of the racerback and was shocked that these are even allowed to be sold with such shoddy workmanship. I am surprised to see Warm Your Core l/s back, this must be old stock. They didn't sell well and ended up on WMTM for a long time.

    Lulumum, the colour of the Love Tee Crew HCHL can't be deep fuchsia with those initials, could it?

    Nothing of interest for me in this upload.

  9. I like the heathered silver vest but don't need. If this comes out on a zip up jacket I would have a good look at it. I wear the pullovers ( got a down for the run pullover in black grape last year, and then caved in the down right cozy pullover in bumble berry on MD) love them both but need a zip up for errands this year. My old one is falling apart and my fleece one from LL last year ( can't remember the name is not holding up well) of course that is assuming the "new price" doesn't give me a heart attack….

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